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Govan Housing Association Limited is a Registered Scottish Charity - No SC009055

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           Appointment of Chief Executive


   1. A letter from the Chair
   2. Govan Housing Association Background Information
   3. The Recruitment and Selection Process
   4. Chief Executive Role Profile
   5. Chief Executive Person Specification
   6. Summary of Terms and Conditions
   7. Employment Policies
   8. Job Advertisement

Downloads available from the Eglinton website
include the following Govan Housing Association documents;

               Annual Report 2010 -11
               Winter Newsletter 2011
           Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

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A Letter to Applicants from the Chairperson of Govan Housing

Dear Candidate

Thank you for your interest in the position of Chief Executive of Govan
Housing Association, based in Glasgow.

Govan Housing Association has achieved a solid track record of success
since we were formed in 1971 as the first community based housing
association in Scotland.

We are seeking a Chief Executive to lead our organisation in challenging
times, and we will require energy, enthusiasm and a commitment to making a
difference to peoples’ lives and the community in which they live. We are
committed to improving the quality of life and living conditions of tenants and
residents of Govan.

We are committed to continuing to work with our partners and contribute to
the development and regeneration of Govan.

To inform and assist your consideration and encourage your application we
have prepared this candidate information pack about Govan Housing
Association and the recruitment and selection process.

For a confidential discussion please contact our recruitment adviser, Jim
Rennie, Director of Eglinton on 0131 623 2343 or email

Your completed application should be submitted by email to Eglinton by 5pm
on Wednesday 15th. August 2012. It would be appreciated if you could also
complete and return the Equal Opportunities Form.

We look forward to considering your application.

Yours sincerely

Anne Irvine

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Background Information

Govan Housing Association was formed to tackle the housing problems of the
centre of Govan, through rehabilitation of the traditional Victorian tenement
properties in the area.

Registered as a charitable housing association in 1971, Govan Housing
Association was the first community based housing association in Scotland
and became the model for the development and growth of housing
associations in Scotland. The Association is run by a Management Committee
of local people, mainly tenants of the Association.

It is no longer designated a community based association, but in practical
terms continues to operate with the local community at the heart of its service.

Govan Housing Association operates exclusively in the G51 postcode area of
Glasgow. Our houses are located in Central Govan, East Govan and Ibrox on
the South Side of the City.

The Association has developed and the types of property it now owns and
manage range from refurbished traditional sandstone tenements to newly built
flats and townhouses. By next year we will have 1,900 properties in
management, including 410 properties for domestic owners and 66
commercial premises.

The Association presently has a £9.1m. development progressing on the site
of the former St Gerard’s school. Over the next 9 months we will take
handover of 61 units for rent and 20 for sale under the Scottish Government’s
New Supply Shared Equity (NSSE) scheme. There are no further
development projects in the pipeline.

The Association has promoted low cost owner occupation in Govan with the
development of shared ownership properties and work with developers to
provide housing for outright sale.

Govan Housing Association works closely with 3 Tenant and Resident
Associations to promote participation and resolution of concerns.

The Association is committed to the regeneration of Govan and has been fully
involved in the development of the Central Govan Action Plan. As a
consequence of this there are a number of housing and wider role projects
being taken forward.

The Association has also developed accommodation for particular client
groups. This has included accessible accommodation for wheelchair users,
sheltered and very sheltered housing for older people.

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The Association has, in partnership with specialist agencies, provided 24 hour
supported accommodation for people with learning difficulties and a project for
people with mental health problems. Both projects have been successful and
highly praised as well run.

The Association wishes to promote equality in housing and holds “Positive
about Disabled People” accreditation.

Downloads available from the Eglinton website
include the following Govan Housing Association documents;

    Annual Report 2010 -11
    Winter Newsletter 2011
    Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

Further information is available from

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The Recruitment and Selection Process

   1. All applicants should submit a CV, which includes details of your
      present salary and benefits package.
   2. Each application should also include a supporting statement which
      demonstrates your suitability, competence and experience to perform
      as a Chief Executive of Govan Housing Association with specific
      reference to the role profile and person specification.
   3. Please note the key dates listed below and advise if you would be
      unavailable and suggest any alternative dates.
   4. Please also supply full contact details of two referees whom we may
      approach, one of which should be your present employer and the other
      a previous and recent employer. We will only take up references on the
      candidate selected for appointment, however we may contact them
      prior to inviting you to attend an interview unless you specify otherwise.
   5. Completed        applications    should     be    sent   by    email    to

Key Dates

To assist applicants to plan their availability for the selection process the
following key dates should be noted.

Applications should be received by Wednesday 15th. August 2012

A personal acknowledgement will be sent by email within one day of receipt of
the application

Short Listing Decisions

Applicants invited for initial interview will be notified on Wednesday 29th.
August 2012.

Selection Interviews

The initial interviews will be held in Glasgow on Monday 3rd. and
Tuesday 4th. September 2012

Candidates may also be invited to a further interview to be held on
Monday 10th. September 2012

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                 POSTS AND ALL STAFF


Reporting to the Management Committee and working closely with the Chair
to lead the executive management team and staff effectively to ensure that
the organisation’s strategic vision, business plan, and goals are delivered to
tenants and residents.

The purpose of all staff employed by the Govan Housing Association is to
promote and serve the Vision, Values and Aims of the organisation. The
Association operates in a dynamic environment and flexibility by staff is

The specific purpose of the post of Chief Executive is to lead the Association
in the provision of a robust organisation, which delivers a high standard of
service and ensures performance and quality is at the core of the
Association’s work. This post is the first tier management position within the
Association’s staff structure and as such requires the post holder to play the
leading and proactive role in developing and achieving strategic aims.

The Chief Executive must comply with Performance Standards as agreed by
the Association’s Management Committee and undertake any duty
appropriate to the position. The position of Chief Executive requires the post
holder to comply with the remit and delegated authority of the Chief Executive
set out in the Association’s Standing Orders.

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   Advise the Management Committee on key management, housing, social,
    economic, political and operational factors and assist the Management
    Committee to develop and maintain strategies, policies and services.

   Direct and manage work to ensure provision of high quality homes and
    excellent services.

   Prepare, develop and sustain the growing role of the organisation, in the
    regeneration of local communities, establishing and developing
    partnership working and building strong and effective relationships with all

   Ensure that the duties of Secretary, which are delegated from the
    Management Committee, are discharged efficiently and effectively and
    provide advice on issues of governance and control to the Management

   Ensure that the organisation carries out its operations in accordance with
    the business plan and policies established by the Management
    Committee, meets the requirements of the Scottish Housing Regulator,
    [the Financial Services Authority, Companies House] and legal duties.

   Develop, manage and implement a Human Resources Strategy that will
    include the development of all staff. Ensure that there are mechanisms in
    place to enable staff to fulfil their duties, responsibilities and full potential
    whilst achieving the organisation’s business plan and objectives.

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Provide strategic lead and direction from the Management Committee, to the
executive management team and staff to improve operational services, whilst
demonstrating a thorough understanding and commitment to the business
plan, vision and values of the organisation.

Maintain the organisation’s registration with the Scottish Housing Regulator;
translate the organisation’s corporate vision and values as a major landlord
into realistic targets and objectives identifying what needs to be done in order
to achieve excellent status.

Define, develop and implement effective performance management and risk
management strategies, support the Management Committee in meeting their
duties of having appropriate reporting and control mechanisms in place.

Develop and review in consultation with the Management Committee and
Staff, the Association’s Internal Management Plan.

Be responsible for formulation, implementation and review of strategies and
policies, and financial frameworks, ensuring that-short/medium/long term
plans comply with the Scottish Housing Regulator’s guidance, legislation,
good practice and corporate aims and values.

Direct and promote the implementation of tenant and resident participation,
ensuring that the structure for delegated decision making to area committees
and registered tenants’ organisations is developed effectively and sustained in
response to changing needs and circumstances.

Leadership, Management and Governance
Provide leadership, purpose and direction for the staff and organisation,
ensuring that clear and tangible ongoing improvements in performance and
quality of services are achieved.

Attend meetings as required out with normal office hours.

Carry out the duties of Secretary to the Management Committee, advising on
issues of governance, conduct, rules and financial probity and ensuring
efficient administration and servicing of the Management Committee. Ensure
that there are effective procedures in place to protect the organisation’s
reputation and financial security.

Maintain the quality and membership of the organisation’s representative
structures and governance arrangements.

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Ensure that the organisation’s financial affairs are properly managed and
controlled and that effective financial strategies are in place to support and
sustain the organisation’s functions.
Ensure that the organisation provides high quality affordable homes and
responsive services to tenants and residents, in line with the business plan.

Establish, develop and maintain a culture of excellent customer service,
participation, continuous improvement and quality management.

Ensure that the service commitments made to tenants, residents and service
users are met and that services develop and change in line with requirements.

Advise the Management Committee on staff structure and policy. Promote,
manage and develop a positive organisational culture by directing the work of
staff through the executive management team.

Establish effective performance management and appraisal systems that
enable staff to assess their personal successes and afford the opportunity for
empowerment and personal development.

Deal quickly and appropriately with any internal conflict and poor

Uphold the organisation’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunities.
Ensure that equalities are reflected in all policies and are followed by staff in
every aspect of their work, including the work of contractors and consultants.

Planning and Control
Set targets and performance management measures, review and monitor
progress, and organise resources to ensure successful performance
outcomes across the organisation.

Keep performance against the business plan under review. Ensure that
performance is reported properly to the Management Committee and take
appropriate steps to ensure that corrective action is taken where necessary,
and that the business plan, goals and targets are revised as required.

Lead the assessment of risk and the design and operation of risk
management systems.
Be responsible for ensuring that there is an effective Internal Audit function in
place, which has full access to the Management Committee, and that
Management Committee decisions flowing from internal audit reports are
properly implemented. Be responsible for provision of good financial planning,
reporting and control arrangements needed to manage risk effectively.

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Ensure appropriate provision of health and safety resources, policies and
procedures and ensure that statutory requirements are achieved.

Community and External Relations
Develop strategic partnerships, negotiate and develop good relationships with
the organisation’s stakeholders. Direct, develop and promote partnership
working across the organisation and with external stakeholders to ensure that
the goals of the organisation and its business plan are met.

Liaise with local authorities, the Housing Regulator, and the voluntary and
statutory sectors, ensuring that the organisation’s best interests are promoted.

Seek out new strategic relationships that will benefit the organisation’s future
and add value to its business. Ensure that participation arrangements
amongst tenants and residents build capacity within their communities.

Sustain the good reputation of the organisation; liaise positively with the
media and in a timely manner promote and communicate corporate goals,
new developments and activities to enable the interests of the communities
and social housing sector to be heard.

Undertake any other reasonable duties that may be asked of you by the
Management Committee.

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       Person Specification

                       Essential                                       Desirable
   Senior management level experience leading                Experience within a successful
      an organisation through significant and                  Registered Social Landlord or
      effective change.                                        housing related organisation.
   Track record in developing people, strategic              Familiarity with Wider Role
      planning and managing and minimising risk.               potential of Housing
   Experience of creating effective strategic                 Associations.
      partnership arrangements                                Previous work experience gained
   Experience of delivering continuous service                as a Chief Executive’s or
      improvement in an organisation.                          equivalent role.
   Creative and innovative management style
      and substantial experience of effective staff
   Preparation, promotion and implementation of
      business plans and other planning/bidding
   Experience of effective working with voluntary
      Board or Management Committee

Knowledge and Understanding
   Significant knowledge of housing issues,                  Understanding of and
     legislation, regulation and financial operation.          commitment to performance
   Significant knowledge of strategic, policy and             management
     financial issues affecting social housing                Awareness of Performance
   Understanding of governance issues                         Standards for Registered Social
     including charitable status.                              Landlords.
   Understanding of financial accounts,                      General knowledge of
     management accounts and investment                        commercial finance.

Skills and Abilities
    Excellent leadership and motivational skills             Ability to support the Company
    Strategic thinking and planning ability                   Secretary
    Ability to foster empowerment                            Financial      awareness   and
    Decisive                                                  budgetary control.
    Political awareness                                      Good IT skills
    Ability to challenge in a constructive manner

       Well developed communication skills
        (including listening, written, influencing and
       Innovative approach to problem solving
       Ability to engage with different groups, clarify
        complex issues and generate respect.
       Sound business planning and analytical skills.
       Integrity and credibility

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Education/Qualifications                               Management qualification
   Relevant professional qualification                 and/or degree level qualification
   General management training                        Membership of Chartered
                                                        Institute of Housing

Special Conditions
   Availability to attend evening and weekend
   Resilience and stamina required to fulfil a
      demanding and high profile position.
   Driving Licence.

Commitment to:
   housing and equity of access
   delivery of quality services to
    tenants and the wider community
   the environment and environmental sensitivity
    in developing housing
   enjoying a positive and productive
    relationship with the Management Committee
   a performance and quality culture
   developing staff capacity and capability
   good governance and supporting the
    development of the Management Committee

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Summary of Conditions of Service

Salary Scale:          £63,043 - £65,387

Hours of Work:         35 hours per week, Monday to Friday. The Chief
                       Executive is however expected to work such hours
                       as required for the full performance of their duties.

Leave Entitlement:     25 days per annum + 15 Public Holidays

Place of Work:         Offices of Govan Housing Association Limited
                       35 McKechnie Street
                       G51 3AQ

Notice Period:         3 Months

Pensions:              Scottish Housing Associations Pensions Scheme
                       (SHAPS), which is administered by The Pensions

                       Staff are presently offered two pension options,
                       either the Final Salary (with a 1/60th accrual rate)
                       and Career Average Revalued Earnings (CARE
                       with a 1/70th accrual rate). The employee
                       contribution rates are currently 9.6% and 7.5%
                       respectively. The employer’s contribution rates are
                       9.6% and 7.4% respectively.

Sick Benefit Scheme:   Entitlement is dependent on service, with
                       continuous service with fully affiliated members of
                       EVH (Employers in Voluntary Housing) being
                       recognised. The scheme provides that for any one
                       period of 52 weeks the following entitlement to full
                       and half pay allowance;

                               Service            Full weeks    Half weeks
                       Up to 1 year                    5             5
                       Over 1 year & under 2           9             9
                       Over 2 years & under 3          18           18
                       Over 3 years & under 5          22           22
                       Over 5 years                    26           26

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Employment Policies

The terms of appointment to the post of Chief Executive includes a three
month period of notice of termination of employment.

The appointment is subject to satisfactory employment references and
satisfactory Disclosure Scotland checks.

As part of the selection process for the vacancy, you will be asked to provide,
in confidence, evidence of entitlement to work in the UK, any criminal history
information and references.

You are invited to complete and return the Equal Opportunities Monitoring
Form to assist us in monitoring our Equalities Policy. The provision of this
information is voluntary.

The information provided by you on the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form
will not be made available to the selection panel. Statistical and anonymous
reports will be produced for monitoring purposes from the information
contained in the document.

The information provided by you on the application and any supplementary
forms will be used for the purpose of selection, recruitment and any further
subsequent employment administration if the application is successful.

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Chief Executive
Govan, Glasgow
£63,043 - £65,387

Established in 1971 as the first community based housing association in
Scotland we are looking forward with confidence to continue providing good
quality homes and contributing to the regeneration of Govan.

We own and manage 1900 homes including refurbished sandstone tenements
and newly built townhouses. We are financially sound and well regarded for
our wider action role. We are committed to developing and improving our
services and to work with our partners and contribute to the development and
regeneration of Govan.

We require a first class leader who will build on our reputation as a good
landlord and property manager to our customers and enable us to maintain
growth in a difficult economic climate. You will have senior management
experience leading successful and effective change, preferably with a housing

You will be an influential ambassador, skilled at working in partnership and be
an effective communicator. Your business acumen will ensure that we remain
financially strong. Above all, you will bring a passionate commitment to quality
housing services, judgement, leadership and energy to deliver innovation and
service improvement.

For more information on this exceptional opportunity visit
or call our adviser, Jim Rennie at Eglinton on 0131 623 2343 for a confidential
chat. Closing date: 15th. August 2012.

A Disclosure Scotland check will be required for the preferred candidate.

Govan Housing Association Limited is committed to equality of opportunity.

Registered Scottish Charity No. SC009055.

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