POST TITLE:            Principal and Chief Executive

RESPONSIBLE TO: The Corporation of Fareham College


       To work with the Corporation to further develop the vision and strategy to take the College
        forward to achieve ‘outstanding’ status, and to further develop its position as the first choice
        provider of 16–18 education, 14-16 vocational education and 19-24 learning and skills and
        workforce development in Fareham and Gosport.
       To be responsible to the Corporation for the strategic leadership and development of the
       To promote a culture of empowerment, supporting effective organisational operation and
       To maintain a high profile as a champion for the College, promoting and representing the
        College locally, regionally and nationally and ensuring current partnerships with key
        stakeholders are maintained and enhanced.
       To anticipate changes in the external environment, to explore the implications for the
        College and to make recommendations to the Corporation in order to best position the
        College for the future.


Corporate Strategy and Policy

To make proposals to the Corporation about the educational character, activities and Mission of
the College and to implement the policies and decisions of the Corporation ensuring that:

   The College identifies the major issues facing it in the medium-term and long-term future and
    that it prepares an appropriate response;
   It incorporates this analysis and response into a Strategic Plan which clearly outlines the action
    the College must take in the environment in which it finds itself;
   It closely monitors its progress against this plan and takes appropriate action as the plan
   College policies, procedures and practices, including those relating to safeguarding and
    equality and diversity are promoted and implemented

Leadership and Management

To provide effective and inspiring leadership for the College, ensuring that all staff are working in
collaboration to achieve the highest results for learners by:
    Ensuring that the overall management, internal organisation, and discipline of staff and
     learners are consistent with the Instrument and Articles of Government and policies approved
     by the Corporation, and that they are applied fairly and effectively;
    Ensuring that appropriate targets are set and agreed throughout the College in order to
     achieve the agreed strategic aims and objectives, that performance against these targets is
     monitored, and that the College meets the targets;
    Fostering positive internal and external communication, ensuring staff and learners are made
     aware of key developments and decisions of the Corporation and the Senior Management
     Team, relevant national and local policy developments and new initiatives arising in the sector;
    Demonstrating a commitment to the personal growth and development of staff and students at
     all levels, enabling them to develop the skills necessary to achieve outstanding outcomes;
    Being an outstanding ambassador for the College, promoting and representing it at local,
     regional and national level.

Students and Teaching

To determine the College’s academic activities, in consultation with the Academic Standards
Committee ensuring to:

    Promote and facilitate the innovation and development of the curriculum and to offer routes for
     progression into, within and beyond a comprehensive, flexible and accessible service for the
     whole community served by the College;
    Continue the development of relevant and appropriate student support services, including
     advice, guidance and counselling to support the curriculum provision;
    Support effective operation of all student-related systems including the maintenance of student
     discipline and, in accordance with the Articles of Government, the suspension or expulsion of
     students on disciplinary grounds and implementing decisions to expel on academic grounds;
    Ensure that there are mechanisms in place for effective dialogue with learners and consult
     actively and engage with learners in a positive way.

Corporate Resource Management

Acting as the College’s Accounting Officer in accordance with the Articles of Government, to
secure compliance with all rules and regulations and advise the Corporation fully in accordance
with the Financial Memorandum, YPLA, and/or SFA guidance ensuring that;

    Annual estimates of income and expenditure are properly prepared for consideration and
     approval by the Corporation;
    The College acquires the maximum financial resources in a manner which is consistent with its
     stated aims;
    These resources are allocated and controlled in an equitable and open manner based upon
     criteria which are clearly stated and which support the Strategic Plan;
    There is an effective strategy for income generation from sources other than SFA;
    All resources are used efficiently and effectively and that the College continues to develop as
     a financially viable institution;
    College assets are effectively managed and, particularly the College estate is planned,
     developed and operated to produce the maximum benefit to the College within the context of
     the Strategic Plan;
    All budgets and resources are managed within the estimates approved by the Corporation;
    Information systems are in place to provide timely robust data to support the management of
     the College, and to ensure accurate and timely reporting to the Corporation and external
    Corporate responsibility for Health, Safety and Wellbeing is embedded and that a safe and
     healthy environment for learners, staff and visitors to the College is promoted.
January 2012
Quality Systems

Ensuring the development and operation of systems for review, monitoring and evaluation of all the
College’s activities in such a way as to secure continual quality improvement and guarantee
equitable treatment for all students and staff.

    Promote the evaluation of the quality of education, respond to learner and employer views and
     other feedback, and ensure that action is taken in response to that feedback to enhance and
     enrich the learner experience.

External Relations

Ensure that the College maintains existing partnerships that are currently in place with the
partnerships and relationships that are currently in place with local authorities, the SFA, key
employers, members of the Fareham and Gosport Consortium, feeder schools, universities,
community organisations. Forge and develop new relationships with other prospective partners
from within the community.

Governance and Management

Working closely with the Corporation and its committees so that they can make the maximum
possible contribution to the success of the College;

Ensuring that the College formal committee structure is managed successfully to derive maximum


    Undertake any personal development necessary to ensure effective performance in the role.
    Undertake any additional duties that the Corporation may require within the scope of the post.
    This post is subject to an annual Performance Review within a framework agreed by the
     Corporation. Targets will be set within the context of the College’s overall plan. The
     postholder will also undertake appropriate reviews with other senior staff.

The Job Description is current at the date shown, and is a guide to the work the Postholder will be
required to undertake. In consultation with the Postholder, it may be amended from time to time by
the Corporation to meet changing circumstances.

Safeguarding and Promoting Welfare of Children.

All work in the College involves some degree of responsibility for safeguarding children, although
the extent of that responsibility will vary according to the nature of the post. Fareham College is
committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all
staff and volunteers to share this commitment. The post holder must be aware of the College’s
policies which safeguard and promote the welfare of children, and adhere to their guidelines.

January 2012


   At least a first degree and evidence of continued commitment to personal and professional


   Substantial and successful experience of managing at a senior level including promoting and
    managing change.

Understanding, Perceptions and Motivation

   A thorough grasp of the major issues in Further Education and Education in general;
   A commitment to Curriculum Innovation and the development of new methods of teaching and
   A commitment to sound and innovative financing;
   A clear vision of the direction in which a major post-16 College should be led and how to
    achieve this;
   An understanding of the relationships between Corporate Governance and Executive
    Management and the appreciation of a high level of accountability.

Personal Qualities and Skills

   The ability to communicate clearly, concisely and persuasively in speech and writing;
   The ability to think creatively at a strategic level and deliver solutions within a financial
   The ability to motivate, encourage and give support to staff and students;
   The ability to nurture and develop effective external relationships to promote the College
    locally, regionally and nationally.

January 2012

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