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25 June 2009

  Institute of Risk Management Director wins Risk Manager of the Year Award

Joachim Adenusi, Head of Risk Management at Essex County Council and a director
of the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) won the ‘Risk Manager of the Year’ at the
2009 Alarm Annual Awards. He is now an Associate Director at Conrad Clark
Associates (a risk and performance management consulting firm).

The award acknowledged that he has transformed the approach to risk management
at Essex County Council, the second largest county authority in England. He has
redesigned the Council’s risk strategy, embedded a new risk management framework
and introduced new software to support the process.

Joachim has made risk management a key performance management and decision
making tool throughout the Council and introduced annual Risk Management Awards
to recognise employees who have implemented risk management with definite

IRM Chief Executive, Steve Fowler, said “We are delighted that Joachim has won
this award which acknowledges the significant contribution he has made.”

Notes to Editors
The Institute of Risk Management was founded more than 20 years ago and is the
leading professional education and training body, providing courses on risk
management at a range of levels from introductory to expert. With 2,750 members in
more than 50 countries, drawn from a variety of risk related disciplines and a wide
range of industries, the Institute is governed by practising risk professionals and has
strong, global links with academia and other risk and strategy organisations.

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