Proposed 2011 BYLAWS by 3s0SZiA



 2                   The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
 4                                     ARTICLE I NAME
 5   Section A.
 6   The name of this state organization shall be Washington State - Alpha Sigma State of the
 7   Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, hereinafter also referred to as Washington
 8   State, the State, or, in general terms, the Society.
 9   Section B.
10   Each chapter in Washington State shall be designated by a Greek letter or a combination
11   of Greek letters and a city/geographical area. Each chapter shall be named by the State.

13                           ARTICLE II MISSION AND PURPOSES
14   Section A. Mission Statement
15   The mission of the State shall be to
16   1. Promote the mission and Purposes of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
17      as found in the current International Constitution;
18   2. Act as liaison between chapters and International;
19   3. Organize and assist new chapters within the State;
20   4. Provide leadership training for state and chapter leaders;
21   5. Define and develop policies for the State; and
22   6. Set standards of record keeping for the State and chapters.
23   Section B. Vision Statement
24   Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide

25                               ARTICLE III MEMBERSHIP
26   Section A. Membership
27   All membership practices are in accordance with the current International Constitution.
28   Chapters within the State shall have full power to act in matters of chapter membership.
29   1. Membership in the State shall be by invitation. A member initiated into the Society
30      becomes a member of a chapter, the State, and the international Society.
31   2. An individual becomes a member of the Society when she is initiated. An individual is
32      initiated only once.
33   3. All chapters will keep membership records and share those records with the State.
34   Section B. Classification
35   1. An active member shall be a woman who is employed as a professional educator at the
36      time of her election or has been retired from an educational position. An active
37      member shall participate in the activities of the Society.
38   2. Reserve membership shall be granted only to a member who is unable to participate
39      fully in the activities of the chapter because of physical disability and/or geographic
40      location.
41           a. Reserve status shall be granted by the majority vote of the chapter.
42           b. A reserve member, so requesting, shall be restored to active membership.
43   3. A chapter honorary member shall be a woman not eligible for active membership who
44      has rendered notable service to education or to women, and is elected to honorary
45      membership in recognition of such service.

     Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                      1

46   4. An active member not living within the geographical proximity of a chapter may be a
47       state and international member.
48   5. Members who have lifetime membership are recognized as either active or reserve.
49   6. A state honorary member shall be recommended by chapters and elected by the
50       Executive Board. A four-fifths (4/5) vote of approval is required. Initiation of
51       honorary members shall be conducted at the convention. The state president and the
52       membership chair shall organize the orientation session and the initiation.
54   Section C. Election
55   A candidate for active membership shall be voted upon at a chapter meeting in a manner
56   to be determined by the chapter.
57   Section D. Transfer
58   A member in good standing may transfer from one chapter to another upon notification to
59   Society Headquarters.
61   Section E. Termination of Membership
62   Membership in the Society is terminated for non-payment of dues and fees, resignation,
63   or death.
65   Section F. Reinstatement
66   A former member shall be reinstated to membership by the chapter receiving the request.
68                                   ARTICLE IV FINANCES
69   Section A. Annual Dues
70   Each active and reserve member shall pay annual dues.
71   1. State organization dues shall be an amount determined in accordance with the
72     Washington State Standing Rules.
73   2. Chapter dues shall be an amount determined in accordance with the rules set by the
74      chapter.
75   3. A chapter may choose to waive chapter dues for a member who has financial need. In
76      addition, chapters may accept confidential donations from other members to assist
77      members who need financial support in paying the remaining state and international
78      dues.
79   4. State dues may be increased one year after the international dues are increased for
80      COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) at the same COLA amount as international OR by
81      a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of members present at the state convention for unique
82      state needs.
84   Section B. Fees
85   1. Initiation Fee: An active member shall pay an initiation fee at the time of initiation.
86   2. Scholarship Fee: Each active and reserve member shall pay annually a scholarship fee
87      with her dues.
88   3. Honorary Fee: The initiating unit of the Society shall pay a one-time fee for each
89      honorary member at the time of initiation.

     Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                        2

 94   Section C. Payment of Dues and Fees
 95   1. A member shall pay to the chapter treasurer annual dues and fees no later than October
 96      31 of each year. On November 1, a member shall be dropped for non-payment of dues
 97      and fees.
 98   2. A member initiated on or after July 1 and before April 1 shall pay to the chapter
 99      treasurer an initiation fee, dues, and scholarship fee at the time of initiation. A
100      member reinstated on or after July 1 and before April 1 shall pay dues and scholarship
101      fees only. Immediately thereafter, the state and international portions of the dues and
102      fees shall be sent to the state organization treasurer.
103   3. A member initiated on or after April 1 and before July 1 shall pay to the chapter
104      treasurer only an initiation fee at the time of initiation. Immediately thereafter, the state
105      and international portions of the fees shall be sent to the state organization treasurer.
107   Section D. Financial Assessments
108   Financial assessments may be levied only by the chapter.
110   Section E. Other Income
111   The Society shall receive and utilize income from sources other than dues and fees —
112   including but not limited to gifts, bequests, and royalties — in accordance with policies in
113   the Washington State Standing Rules or as determined by the Executive Committee.
115   Section F. State Funds
116   1. The Available Funds shall be the operating fund and shall require a budget.
117   2. The State Grant-in-Aid Fund
118          a. The State shall maintain a grant-in-aid fund (known also as Alpha Sigma State
119              Scholarship) for the benefit of members. A chapter may maintain a grant-in-aid
120              fund.
121          b. The scholarship fee paid by a member shall be divided as follows:
122                    (1) twenty percent (20%) to the international fund.
123                    (2) eighty percent (80%) to the state organization fund if the chapter does
124                         not maintain a chapter grant-in-aid fund or twenty percent (20%) to
125                         the state organization fund if the chapter does maintain a chapter
126                         grant-in-aid fund.
127                    (3) sixty percent (60%) retained by the chapter having a chapter grant-in-
128                         aid fund.
129          c. Rules governing the grant-in-aid fund shall be recommended by the State
130              Grant-in-Aid Committee and approved by the State Executive Board.
131   3. The Permanent Fund
132          a. The State shall maintain a permanent fund.
133          b. The State shall set aside for its Permanent Fund twenty-five percent (25%) of
134               its initiation fees and annual dues until the total of the assets in its Permanent
135               Fund is not less than thirty percent (30%) of its available fund annual income,
136               at which time the Executive Board may reduce or discontinue further
137               allocations.
138          c. Investment income from the Permanent Fund shall remain in the Permanent
139               Fund until the thirty percent (30%) is reached. When the thirty percent (30%)
140               is reached, additional investment income shall be moved to the available fund
141               if approved by the Executive Board.
142          d. The principle of the Permanent Fund shall be used for the following:
      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                          3

143                  (1) purchase of initiation paraphernalia; and
144                  (2) purchase of articles and equipment of a permanent nature.
145             Expenditures shall be approved by the Finance Committee and authorized by
146             the Executive Board.
147   4. The Rachel Royston Permanent Scholarship Foundation, also referred to as “RRPSF”
148          a. The RRPSF of the State is incorporated by the State of Washington under its
149             own charter.
150          b. The fund is administered by a Board of Trustees of five members, each serving
151             a five - year term. One candidate is nominated by the Nominations Committee
152             and elected annually by the Executive Board, which forms a membership
153             rotation on the board.
154          c. Contributions are received from members and non-members.
155          d. Scholarships are awarded annually to women educators who are Washington
156             State residents, members or non-members.
158   Section G. Financial Accounting
159   1. The fiscal year of the State shall be July 1 – June 30 inclusive.
160   2. The Available Fund budget shall be prepared annually by the Finance Committee with
161       input from committee chairs and the Executive Committee. The budget shall
162       enumerate sources of dues and non-dues revenue. The proposed budget shall be
163       reviewed by the Executive Committee and approved by the Executive Board.
164   3. All expenditures must be approved by the state president.
165   4. The financial records of the State shall be reviewed annually by an ad hoc committee
166       appointed by the president. The state treasurer will make available a record of all
167       receipts, bills, and bank statements.
168   5. Reimbursement shall be provided for state leaders as specified in the Washington State
169       Standing Rules.
171                              ARTICLE V ORGANIZATION
172   Section A. Levels of Organization
173   The business of the Society shall be conducted at the chapter, state, and international
174   levels.
176   Section B. Chapter Level
177   1. New chapters shall be organized according to the Washington State Standing Rules
178      with no fewer than twelve (12) members. The Society shall grant the charter.
179   2. Charter members shall be those who become members of the chapter at the time of
180      installation of the chapter. Any member who transfers her membership to the new
181      chapter at the time of its installation becomes a charter member of the new chapter.
182   3. Each chapter shall have chapter rules that are consistent with the International
183      Constitution and the Washington State Bylaws.
184   4. Area coordinating councils may be organized in areas where several chapters exist.
185           a. Members include the appointed liaisons and two representatives from each
186              chapter in the area, one of which may be the chapter president.
187           b. The purpose of each council is to plan activities for the benefit of all chapters
188              and members within its area.

      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                          4

192                                   ARTICLE VI OFFICERS
193 Section A. Officers
194 1. State Organization Officers
195    The state organization officers, all of whom must be members of the Society, shall be
196    a president, a first vice-president, a second vice-president, and a secretary,
197    (elected by the convention), as well as a treasurer, and an executive
198    secretary (elected by the Executive Board). A parliamentarian (member or non-
199    member) shall be appointed by the president.
200 2. Chapter Officers
201    Chapter officers, all of whom must be members of the Society, shall be a president, a
202    vice-president, a secretary (all elected), a treasurer (selected by the officers), plus the
203    option of a second vice-president and/or a corresponding secretary (both elected).
205    [Note: The term “executive committee” is used to denote the Washington State
206    officers or chapter officers as named above.]
208 Section B. Duties
209 1. President
210         a. The president at the state and chapter level shall
211                 (1) act as presiding officer at regular and specially called meetings and
212                      direct the activities of the organization;
213                 (2) act as chair of the respective Executive Committee (state only),
214                       Executive Board, and the Advisory Council;
215                 (3) appoint a parliamentarian;
216                 (4) appoint standing and special committees e.g. ad hoc task forces, and
217                       area liaisons;
218                 (5) serve as member ex officio, with vote, on all committees except
219                       nominations;
220                 (6) approve for payment all expense claims;
221                 (7) approve publications;
222                 (8) fill by appointment all vacancies in office;
223                 (9) represent the Society at meetings, conferences, and other events;
224                 (10) take action, with the advice and approval of the Executive Committee
225                       (state only) or of the Executive Board, on matters which cannot be
226                       deferred until the next convention or meeting;
227                 (11) initiate recommendations to the Executive Committee (state only),
228                       the Advisory Council, the Executive Board, and the Convention; and
229                 (12) promote leadership training.
230                 [Note: The Advisory Council is comprised of past presidents and meets at
231                 the request of the state president or Executive Committee.]
232         b. The state president shall serve as a member of the International Executive
233             Board.
234         c. The state and chapter presidents shall
235                 (1) execute, with the executive secretary or treasurer, legal documents
236                      pertaining to the organization. A legal document may be executed
237                      only when it has been authorized by the state convention or Executive
238                      Board; and
239                 (2) serve as members of the state Executive Board.
240 2. Vice-presidents

      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                     5

241         a. The first vice-president shall
242                   (1) serve as presiding officer in the absence of the president. In the event
243                       of the resignation or death of the president, the first vice-president
244                       shall succeed to the presidency and serve until the next regular election
245                       of officers.
246                   (2) serve as the chair of the Educational Excellence Committee.
247                   (3) facilitate the committees’ development of action plans for each year of
248                       the biennium with final approval by the Executive Committee.
249                   (4) perform such other duties as the president or the Executive Board shall
250                       assign to her.
251         b. The second vice-president shall
252                   (1) serve as presiding officer in the absence of both the president and the
253                       first vice-president. In the event of the resignation or death of either
254                       the president or the first vice-president, she shall succeed to the office
255                       of first vice-president and serve until the next regular election of
256                       officers.
257                   (2) serve as chair of the Membership Committee.
258                   (3) perform such other duties as the president or the Executive Board shall
259                       assign to her.
260   3. The Secretary shall
261         a. keep minutes of each meeting of the organization and furnish a copy of such
262              minutes to appropriate members (Executive Committee minutes to Executive
263              Committee members and state committee chairs; Executive Board minutes to
264              executive board members, state committee members, and the Alpha Sigma
265              News editor to post on the website; and convention minutes to the Executive
266              Board and state committee members, and the Alpha Sigma News editor to post
267              on the website).
268               b. prepare and share correspondence as needed.
269   4. The Executive Secretary shall
270         a. train the incoming executive secretary during the final year of the term;
271         b. assist the secretary as directed by the president and the Executive Board;
272         c. receive for safe keeping, original copies of all state minutes;
273         d. retain the electronic master copy of each decade;
274         e. maintain a file for each decade of minutes and all other permanently valuable
275              documents of the state organization;
276         f. prepare all state contracts and oversee facility requirements for all state
277         meetings;
278         g. attend the International Executive Board meeting, transportation funded by
279              Washington State;
280         h. produce annually the State Directory; and
281         i. perform such duties as are assigned by the president.
282   5. The Treasurer shall
283         a. at each level
284              (1.) receive and pay out all monies belonging to the organization;
285              (2.) keep an accurate account of receipts and expenditures;
286              (3.) maintain a record of receipts, bills, and bank statements;
287              (4.) present a report at each regular meeting;
288              (5.) file required tax reports;
289              (6.) submit for annual audit/financial review accounts of the organization; and
      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                       6

290              (7.) serve as a consultant in the process of budget development and
291                   supervision of finances.
292         b. The state treasurer shall provide information necessary for a fidelity bond, for
293             an amount specified in the standing rules, the cost to be paid by the State.
294         c. The state treasurer shall serve as treasurer for Fall Board, Convention, and any
295             special retreats (Creative Arts, Leadership, etc.).
296         d. The chapter treasurer shall follow appropriate procedures to ensure the safety
297             and proper handling of chapter moneys as established by the chapter finance
298             committee.
299   6. The Parliamentarian at each level shall
300         a. act as advisor to the officers and to the members in matters pertaining to
301              interpretation of the International Constitution, Washington State Bylaws,
302              Washington State Standing Rules, and to parliamentary usage;
303         b. serve as a member ex officio, without vote, on the respective Executive Board
304              and the Executive Committee; and
305         c. serve as a member ex officio, with vote, on the Bylaws Committee.
306   7. The Immediate Past President shall serve as
307          a. the U.S. Forum Representative;
308          b. the Achievement Award Special Committee chair;
309          c. the Expansion and Dissolution Committee chair; and
310          d. an advisor to the Executive Committee.
312   Section C. Election and Term of Office
313   1. State organization
314           a. The state officers shall be elected by the state convention in odd-numbered
315              years.
316           b. The term of each elected officer shall be two (2) years or until a successor is
317              named. No one may serve in the same office longer than two (2) terms in
318              succession. Officers shall take office on July 1 following their election.
319           c. The treasurer and the executive secretary shall be elected by the Executive
320              Board in even-numbered years.
321           d. The treasurer and the executive secretary shall be elected every four (4) years
322              or until a successor is named by the Executive Board. They may only serve two
323              terms in succession. They will take office on July 1 following their election.
324           e. The state officers as designated above shall serve as the Executive Committee.
325   2. Chapter
326           a. The chapter officers, except the treasurer, shall be elected in even-numbered
327              years.
328           b. The term of each elected officer shall be two (2) years or until a successor is
329              named. It is recommended that no officer except the treasurer may serve in the
330              same office longer than two (2) terms in succession. Officers shall take office
331              on July 1 following their election.
332           c. The treasurer shall be selected by the chapter Executive Board each biennium.
334   Section D. Vacancies
335   In the event that a member holding an elective or appointed position at the state or
336   chapter level is unable to perform her duties, the position shall be declared vacant by the
337   respective officers, and a successor named by the state or chapter president.

      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                         7

339                  Article VII BOARD AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
341   Section A: State Executive Board
342   1. The members of the state Executive Board shall be the elected officers, the immediate
343      past state president, and the chapter presidents. The treasurer, executive secretary, and
344      the parliamentarian shall be members ex officio--the parliamentarian and executive
345      secretary without vote, and the treasurer also without vote if under remunerative
346      contract for her services.
347   2. The State Executive Board shall
348           a. recommend policies and procedures for consideration by the state convention or
349               the chapters;
350           b. examine, modify--if necessary, and adopt the state budget;
351           c. elect an executive secretary, treasurer, and other such personnel as may be
352               needed and assign their duties.;
353           d. establish the procedures for budget development and approval for the
354               supervision of state finances;
355           e. approve dates and sites of state meetings;
356           f. act in the interim between conventions upon matters requiring immediate
357              decision;
358           g. review proposals for amendments or revision of the bylaws;
359           h. provide for balloting on state and international issues by electronic or other
360               appropriate methods; and
361           i. suggest items for executive board meetings.
362   3. Washington State’s Executive Committee composed of the elected officers shall act on
363      behalf of the Executive Board between board meetings.
365   Section B. State Executive Committee
366   1. The Executive Committee shall
367          a. meet as needed for planning and decision-making;
368          b. act in matters requiring action and decisions between state Executive Board
369              meetings;
370          c. recommend policies and procedures for consideration by members;
371          d. establish rules for budget development and approval and for the supervision of
372              chapter finances; and
373          e. provide participatory workshops in four (4) Washington quadrants with input
374              from the quadrants’ chapter presidents. State leaders will provide workshops
375              for two (2) quadrants each year.
377   Section C. Chapter Executive Committee Board
378   1. The chapter executive committee board shall include the elected officers of the
379      chapter, the immediate past president, and such other voting members as shall be
380      determined by the chapter. The treasurer and the parliamentarian shall serve as
381      members ex officio--the parliamentarian without vote, and the treasurer without vote if
382      under remunerative contract for her services.
383   2. The chapter executive committee board shall
384           a. select the treasurer for the biennium;
385           b. act in matters requiring action and decision between chapter meetings;
386           c. recommend policies and procedures for consideration by members; and
387           d. establish rules for budget development and approval and for the supervision of
      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                      8

388             chapter finances.
390                                  ARTICLE VIII COMMITTEES
391   Section A. Committee Structure
392   1. State committees
393        (Chapters may modify the committee structure to meet their local needs as long as
394       the state and international duties are clearly designated in the chapter structure and
395       the titles used.)
396                a. Standing committees
397                    (1) Society Business
398                             (a) Bylaws and Standing Rules
399                             (b) Communications and Publicity
400                             (c) Expansion and Dissolution*
401                             (d) Finance
402                             (e) Leadership Development
403                             (f) Membership
404                             (g) Nominations (elected)
405                    (2) Society Mission and Purposes
406                             (a) Educational Excellence
407                             (b) Scholarship
408                                                             * State committee only
409   2. Elected committees
410           a. The state Nominations Committee shall be elected by the Executive Board.
411           b. The composition of the nominations committee shall be specified in the
412                committee description. A member shall serve no more than three (3)
413                consecutive years.
414   3. Appointed committees
415           a. All other committee chairs and members are appointed by the president.
416           b. Each appointed committee member shall serve no more than two (2)
417                consecutive terms on the same committee.
418           c. Each committee shall be composed of a maximum of two members and the
419                chair, except the Educational Excellence Committee.
420           d. Special committees or ad hoc task forces may be appointed by the president at
421                any time with the written/electronic permission of the executive board. This
422                authorization may be given at any time during the biennium. Members will be
423                appointed on the basis of expertise as determined by the needs of the
424                committee. No expenses may be incurred for said committees unless budgeted
425                or specially designated by the Executive Committee with input from the
426                Finance Committee.
427           e. An election committee shall be appointed by the president at the state
428                meetings to count written ballots in the event that two (2) or more nominees
429                are on the ballot for a single office. The committee shall be responsible for
430                the distribution, collection, and tally of the ballots as well as reporting the
431                results to the executive board or convention.
432   4. Executive Council
433           a. The Executive Council shall be composed of all state officers, all state
434                committee chairs, area liaisons, and such other members as the president may
435                designate.
436           b. The purposes of the council shall be to
      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                      9

437                    (1) serve as an avenue of communication between the president, the
438                        officers, the committee chairs and any others who are deemed
439                        necessary by the president to carry out the work of the State; and
440                    (2) develop, implement, and evaluate progress toward the state goals.
441   5. Committee responsibilities
442            a. The work of each committee is under the direction of the committee chair who
443               develops the agenda, orients the committee to its responsibilities, presides at
444               the meetings, and keeps committee members informed of committee progress.
445           b. Overall responsibilities of each committee shall be given in the committee
446               description. Detailed duties shall be specified in the Washington Bylaws and
447               Standing Rules. All state committees except the Education Excellence
448               Committee shall be comprised of three members.
449           c. Action plans shall be developed by the committee and approved by the
450               Executive Committee. Any proposed committee projects outside of the
451               committee’s budget allocation shall be considered by the Executive Committee
452               and, if recommended, shall be sent to the Finance Committee for budget
453               revision. Budgetary changes must be approved electronically (or by other
454               means) by the Executive Board.
455           d. Committees shall annually submit actions plans within their approved budget
456               for Executive Committee approval. Vouchers with receipts for all expenses
457               incurred in the performance of committee duties shall be submitted to the
458               committee chair and then to the state president for approval.
459           e. Official committee meetings may be face-to-face or through electronic
460               communications. The mode of each meeting shall be set by the chair as
461               authorized in the budget. Exceptions must be approved by the state president.
462           f. All members being notified, matters requiring immediate committee action may
463               be voted upon by mail (postal or electronic) that provides a valid receipt of
464               each responding committee member’s vote. A majority vote of committee
465               members shall be required for action.
466           g. The president or her designee shall serve as a member ex officio, with vote, of
467               all committees except the Nominations Committee, unless otherwise
468               designated in the committee description.
469           h. State and chapter committee chairs and area liaisons shall complete their
470               reports on time.
471           i. State committees are expected to attend Fall Executive Board and the chair is
472               expected to attend the convention with some state financial support. Committee
473               chairs reimbursement for Fall Executive Board and convention includes early
474               registration, mileage at smallest rate, and one-half of double occupancy
475               lodging. Fall Executive Board reimbursement for committee members includes
476               one scheduled meal, mileage at smallest rate, one-half of double occupancy
477               lodging. Committee members are not reimbursed for the state convention
478               unless the entire committee is called by the state president to attend the state
479               meeting for a specific purpose and then members will be reimbursed for the
480               same items as the fall board.
481   6. State and chapter organization
482           a. The State and chapter organizations shall be responsible, at respective levels,
483               for any state and/or chapter duties represented by the international committee
484               descriptions. [Constitution, Article VIII, Sections B and C]

      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                    10

485          b. The State and chapters may fulfill their constitutional responsibilities by
486             establishing committees as needed.
487          c. Reports of the work of the State and chapters shall be prepared on forms
488             supplied by Society Headquarters and submitted to the persons designated on
489             the forms.
491   Section B Society Business
492   1. Communication and Publicity
493          a. The committee shall include the state editor of the Alpha Sigma News, the state
494             webmaster, and a committee member with expertise in communication.
495          b. The committee is to link member to member, chapter to state, and the state to
496             international; to encourage communication with external groups; and to
497             suggest ways to market and promote the Society.
498          c. The committee shall have responsibility for setting/reviewing editorial policy as
499             well as state and chapter websites.
500          d. The committee shall evaluate the effectiveness of state and chapter publications
501             and report its effectiveness to the Executive Committee after the first year of
502             each biennium and at the end of the biennium.
503          e. The committee shall oversee the state website and provide training for chapter
504             editors and web masters.
505   2. Bylaws and Standing Rules
506          a. The committee shall receive all proposals for amending Washington State
507             Bylaws, make recommendations for changes to the executive committee,
508             submit them to the state president for publication in the March/April newsletter
509             if they are not in conflict with International governing documents and
510             parliamentary procedure, and present approved proposals to the state
511             convention for vote. Washington Standing Rules shall be reviewed by the
512             Bylaws and Rules Committee chair on Friday of the state convention so they
513             may be accurate and aligned with International governing documents, inform
514             the Executive Committee, so they may be considered by the Executive Board,
515             and then the member may propose them on the convention floor.
516          b. Notification of proposed bylaws changes shall be published no later than the
517             March/April issue of the Alpha Sigma News and published on the state website.
518             After the convention approval decision and prior to July 1, the committee shall
519             ascertain that the bylaws and standing rules are in concordance, and then the
520             final changes will be printed in the next state newsletter after the convention.
521          c. The parliamentarian shall serve as a committee member with a vote.
522          d. The committee shall submit the Washington State Bylaws and Standing Rules
523             to the International Constitution Committee whenever changes have been made
524             and with the changes marked.
525          e. Once each biennium, chapter rules shall be reviewed for consistency with
526             international and state governing documents.
527   3. Expansion and Dissolution
528          a. The immediate past president shall serve as chair of this committee. If needed,
529             the chair will collaborate with the membership chair and the appropriate area
530             liaison.
531          b. The committee, in consultation with the state president and executive secretary,
532             shall be responsible to promote state expansion of new chapters.

      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                   11

533          c. The committee of three, in consultation with the Executive Committee, shall
534             provide support and assistance to local chapters to avoid dissolution.
535          d. The chair shall report the committee’s recommendation for chapter dissolution
536             to the Executive Board for action. The committee shall retrieve the Society
537             charter and paraphernalia as listed in the international documents and any
538             remaining funds that shall be submitted to the state treasurer. The state
539             treasurer must receive a chapter budget with a zero balance prior to dissolution.
540   4. Finance
541          a. The committee shall be composed of three members, with the president and
542             treasurer serving as ex officio members with vote and the executive secretary
543             serving as a consultant.
544          b. The committee shall propose guidelines, prepare the Available Fund budget,
545             and provide an annual financial review. The budget shall be submitted to the
546             Executive Board for approval.
547   5. Leadership Development
548          a. The committee shall be composed of past state presidents and/or other state
549             leaders.
550          b. The committee is responsible for leadership development and shall provide
551             training sessions for state and chapter leaders in concert with the Executive
552             Committee.
553   6. Membership
554          a. The second vice-president shall serve as chair of the membership committee.
555          b. The committee shall study and make recommendations to the Executive
556             Committee related to membership issues and challenges.
557          c. Necrology and membership reports shall be the responsibilities of the
558             committee. The Celebration of Life Ceremony shall be directed by the
559             committee.
560          d. The committee shall receive and evaluate recommendations of persons
561             proposed for honorary membership and submit the names of qualified
562             candidates to the state executive board for vote.
563          e. The committee chair shall attend the regional conference to receive
564             membership training.
565          f. The committee shall provide training sessions for chapter membership chairs.
566          g. The committee shall correspond with state members who are not affiliated with
567             a chapter at least twice annually.
568   7. Nominations
569          a. The elected committee shall solicit nominees by print and electronic means for
570             the positions to be filled at the subsequent state convention.
571          b. The Nominations Committee shall present in election years the report of
572             nominees for publication no later than the March/April issue of the Alpha
573             Sigma News and published on the state website. The report shall contain the
574             name of at least one (1) or more nominees for each of the following: president,
575             first vice-president, second vice-president, secretary, and vacancies occurring
576             on Nominations Committee and Rachel Royston Permanent Scholarship
577             Foundation. The treasurer and executive secretary nominees shall be presented
578             when vacancies occur.
579          c. The committee shall present its report of state nominees to the convention.
580             Nominations may be made from the floor.

      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                   12

581          d. The committee shall follow the eligibility, qualifications, and guidelines for
582             selecting nominees as set forth in the Constitution and the International
583             Standing Rules.
584          e. The committee shall prepare the ballots for the elections committee to
585             distribute. Ballots must provide sufficient space for nominations from the floor.
587   Section C. Society Mission and Purposes Committees
588   1. Educational Excellence
589          a. The committee shall be chaired by the first vice-president.
590          b. The committee shall promote programs and projects for excellence in
591               education.
592          c. The committee shall be composed of a chair and six members, a representative
593              for each of the following areas: personal growth and services, professional
594              affairs, legislation, research, music, and international projects/United Nations
595              representative.
596          d. The committee shall be organized to function as a committee of the whole or
597              (at the discretion of the chair) in smaller groups, to accomplish its
598              responsibilities. The committee may involve other members with a
599              commitment to educational excellence; however, no added financial
600              remuneration will be provided and no voting privileges will be permitted.
601          e. The committee shall identify long-term and short-term programs and projects
602              that focus upon topics adopted by the Society and Washington State. The
603              committee shall transmit suggestions for study and action to the state and
604              chapters.
605          f. The committee shall support programs of action that promote the personal well-
606              being, intellectual growth, and global awareness of women educators;
607              encourage a focus on the arts; and develop strategies that will enable chapters
608              to encourage members to become leaders in these areas.
609          g. The committee shall study and recommend action on professional issues and
610              urge the state to initiate, endorse, and support desirable legislation or other
611              suitable endeavors in the interest of legislation, women educators, and
612              children’s issues.
613          h. At the direction of the president, the music representative shall facilitate the
614              music for state meetings with reimbursement for travel as outlined in SR 3.75
615              b.
616          i. The committee chair shall attend the regional conference to receive training.
617          j. The committee shall provide training and program ideas for chapters.
618   2. Grant-in-Aid
619          a. The committee shall promote the collection of grant-in-aid funds and select the
620              recipients of the Washington grants-in-aid (scholarships).
621          b. The committee shall provide information to chapters on the grant process for
622              members.
623          c. The committee shall encourage members to contribute to the International
624              World Fellowship Fund and provide information on World Fellowship
625              recipients attending universities in our state.
627   Section D. Special Committees—Special committees shall be appointed by the president
628   as authorized. After submitting the final report to the body that authorized it, the
629   committee shall be dissolved.
      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                    13

630   1. Financial Review Committee: An ad hoc three-member committee appointed by the
631      president shall be composed of a chairman and two other members to conduct the
632      annual financial review of the treasurer’s records.
633   2. Minutes Review Committee: The state president will appoint an ad hoc three
634      member committee called Minutes Review Committee from the body attending the
635      Executive Board and the convention, to review the minutes. Upon completion of the
636      review by the committee and the state president, the noted corrections will be sent to
637      the state secretary for revision; the state secretary shall then distribute the minutes.
638   3. Election Committee: An ad hoc three-member committee shall be appointed by the
639      president from the body attending the Executive Board and/or the convention to serve
640      in the event two or more candidates are nominated for any elective position. In such
641      instances the committee will be responsible for distributing, collecting, and tallying
642      ballots as needed. The committee will make a report to the president before
643      completion of business.
645                               ARTICLE IX. AREA LIAISON
646   Section A. Area Liaison
647   1. All area liaison representatives shall be appointed by the president and serve a
648          two-year (2) term consistent with the biennium in which they were appointed.
649   2. An area liaison may be re-appointed to successive terms.
650   3. Area liaisons shall be reimbursed for convention and Executive Board in the same
651      manner as committee chairs. (Committee chairs get reimbursement for Executive
652      Board and convention that includes early registration, mileage at smallest rate, and up
653      to one-half of double occupancy lodging, see SR 3.75 b.) There is no state
654      reimbursement for attending one’s own area workshop.
656   Section B. Duties
657   1. All area liaison representatives shall communicate with chapters on a regular
658      basis.
659   2. Liaisons shall serve as resources and visit when possible all chapters in their
660      areas.
661   3. Liaisons shall attend their area workshop, area coordinating council, and any quadrant
662      state workshop.
663   4. Liaisons shall collaborate with the Expansion and Dissolution Committee and the
664      Executive Committee, as needed.
665   5. Liaisons shall assist the executive secretary in collecting current, accurate
666      information from the chapters for the state directory in a timely manner.
667   6. Liaisons shall provide support as appropriate for hosting area workshops and state
668      meetings.
669   7. Liaisons shall network with other area liaisons to provide inspiration and support.
670   8. Liaisons shall provide training and the turnover of documents to the newly-
671      appointed successor.
673                                 ARTICLE X. MEETINGS
674   Section A. Chapter Meetings
675   1. Regular meetings
676          a. Regular chapter business meetings shall be held at least four (4) times a year.
677             Additional meetings may be held at the discretion of the chapters.
678          b. A quorum for chapter business meetings shall be determined by the chapter.
      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                       14

679          c. There shall be no proxy voting.
680          d. Meetings are open to the public, including initiations.
682   2. Meetings of the Executive Committee
683         a. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held at least twice annually. The
684            committee may meet at other times upon the call of the president either
685            electronically or face-to-face as long as all the members may simultaneously
686            hear one another and participate during the meeting.
687         b. A quorum shall be a majority of the voting members of the committee.
689   Section B. State Meetings
690   1. State Executive Board
691          a. Members of the executive board shall include members of the Executive
692             Committee and chapter presidents. Committee chairs/members, area liaisons,
693             and general members may attend but have no vote. Motions must be made by
694             voting members of the Executive Board.
695          b. Meetings of the Executive Board shall be held twice annually.
696          c. Chapter presidents who are unable to attend the state executive board may
697             appoint in writing an official designee who shall have full privileges of
698             participation. In the event of an extreme emergency, the requirement for a
699             written signature shall be waived if verbal approval can be made.
700          d. A quorum shall be a majority of the voting members of the board. Each voting
701             member shall be entitled to one (1) vote. There shall be no proxy voting.
702          e. The Executive Board may transact business by mail (postal or electronic).
704   2. State conventions
705          a. The State shall hold a state convention annually, the date and site to be
706             determined by the Executive Board.
707          b. A quorum shall be a majority of the members who have registered at the
708             convention.
709          c. Any member attending the state convention during the general session, may
710             make motions, enter discussions, and vote, (except in cases where a roll call
711             vote is taken).
712          d. In the case of a roll call vote, the process shall include
713                  (1) A roll call vote shall be taken when sustained by a majority vote of
714                      those present or when requested by five (5) chapter presidents.
715                  (2) The chapter president or her official representative shall cast a vote for
716                      the chapter, one (1) vote for each five (5) active and reserve members
717                      or a major fraction thereof, of the chapter.
718   3. Quadrant workshops
719          The Executive Committee with other state leaders will provide participatory
720          workshops in four (4) Washington quadrants. They will provide workshops for
721          two (2) quadrants each year. Expenses are to be paid by the state and with support
722          of the area chapters. The program will have input from the area’s chapter
723          presidents so that chapters may be strengthened through this meeting.
727                               ARTICLE XI. PUBLICATIONS
      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                      15

728   Section A. Publications
729   1. The State shall publish a news periodical, Alpha Sigma News, three (3) times a year, in
730      print and electronic form. Printed versions will be mailed to members.
731   2. Purpose of Alpha Sigma News
732           a. To provide members with timely information on issues of concern based on the
733              Society’s seven (7) purposes and including
734                   (1.) Washington Bylaws and Standing Rules interpretations/explanatory
735                       notes;
736                   (2.) proposed changes in the Bylaws and Standing Rules;
737                   (3.) approved amendments; and
738                   (4.) nominations committee reports.
739           b. To promote communications within the State; and
740           c. To focus on Delta Kappa Gamma as an action organization;
742   Section B. Rituals and Ceremonies
743   Washington State may provide examples of initiation and installation ceremonies. These
744   may be adapted to meet needs at the chapter and state level. A Celebration of Life
745   Ceremony shall be conducted at each convention.
747   Section C. Electronic Communications
748   Washington State and chapters may establish and maintain various types of electronic
749   communications to facilitate meetings and to communicate with members.
751                                   ARTICLE XII AWARDS
752   Section A. State Awards
753   The State provides an annual achievement award for recognition of outstanding
754   contributions to the Society, education, and community. A member or chapter(s) may
755   nominate candidates for consideration by the Achievement Award Special Committee.
756   The immediate past president will chair this committee and will present the award at the
757   state convention.
760   The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (current edition) shall
761   govern state and chapter proceedings in all cases to which they are applicable and in
762   which this authority is not inconsistent with the Constitution, the International Standing
763   Rules, the Washington State Bylaws, and Standing Rules, or other adopted Society rules,
764   and any statutes applicable to this organization that do not authorize the provisions of the
765   governing documents to take precedence.
767                             ARTICLE XIV AMENDMENTS
768   Section A. Amendments to the State Bylaws
769   1. Proposals for amending the Washington State Bylaws may be submitted on the
770      proposal form to the chair of the Bylaws and Rules Committee by any member,
771      committee, board or chapter every two (2) years, in the second year of the state
772      biennium. The chair shall receive proposals within two weeks following fall
773      Executive Board when possible, but postmarked no later than December 30th. All
774      proposals must be accompanied by a statement of fiscal impact on current and future
775      budgets.

      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                     16

776   2. All proposals for amendment or revision shall be studied by the Bylaws and Rules
777      committee. Fiscal impact should be reviewed by the Finance Committee when
778      appropriate.
779   3. Recommendations for change shall be submitted electronically by the state president
780      to the Executive Board for electronic approval prior to being submitted for a vote by
781      the convention.
782   4. Notification of proposed amendments: All amendments to be voted upon by the
783      convention shall be presented to the membership in printed form no later than the
784      March/April issue of the state newsletter.
785   5. Any member, committee, board or chapter that has submitted a proposed amendment
786      or revision which has been rejected must be notified of the rejection and the reason
787      for the action by the state president/designee no later than ten (10) days following the
788      date of rejection or at least seven (7) days prior to the convention.
789   6. Any proposed amendment or revision that has been rejected by the Executive Board
790      shall be submitted to a vote of the convention when such a request is made in writing
791      by at least one-third (1/3) or more of the chapter presidents. Such request shall be
792      submitted to the state president.
793   7. Approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the votes cast, a quorum being present, shall be
794      required for the adoption of an amendment to the bylaws.
795   8. The adopted amendments take effect immediately upon adoption unless a proviso
796      states otherwise.
797   9. Under special circumstances and if the Executive Board is notified of the proposal
798      prior to the start of the Executive Board meeting, a rule or portion of the Bylaws may
799      be suspended for a specific purpose and period of time by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of
800      the members present.
802   Section B. Amendments to the State Standing Rules
803   1. Proposals for amending the Washington State Standing Rules may be considered at
804      each convention.
805   2. Proposals may be submitted to the chair of the Bylaws and Rules Committee by any
806      member, committee, board, or chapter on forms provide by the Bylaws and Rules
807      Committee.
808   3. Proposals submitted to the committee shall be accompanied by a statement of fiscal
809      impact on current and future budgets which may be confirmed by the finance
810      committee, if needed.
811   4. Proposals will be studied and edited for correct form by the committee before
812      presentation to the Executive Committee for review by January. The state president
813      shall ask the executive board members to vote on the proposal by mail (electronic or
814      postal) to recommend, to adopt, not to adopt, or not to recommend no later than
815      February 1.
816   5. The proposer of any change that is rejected must be notified by the state
817      president/designee no later than ten (10) days following the rejection or at least ten
818      (10) days prior to the convention.
819   6. All proposed changes will be published no later than the March/April issue of the
820      State newsletter with the recommendation of the Executive Board.
821   7. Vote for adoption
822          a. A standing rule may be amended or rescinded by a majority vote of the
823              convention, a quorum being present, if the notice of the proposed change has
824              been published in the state newsletter.
      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                    17

825          b. A change that has not been published will require a two-thirds (2/3) vote, a
826              quorum being present, to be adopted or rescinded.
827   8. The adopted change will take effect immediately upon adoption unless a proviso
828      states otherwise.
830                            ARTICLE XV INDEMNIFICATION
831   Any director, officer employee, or agent of the state who has been or is threatened to be
832   made a party to any threatened, pending or completed action, suit, or proceedings, shall
833   be indemnified for all expenses and liabilities actually and reasonably incurred in
834   connection therewith to the extent permitted by Revised Code of Washington.
836                         ARTICLE XVI CONFLICT OF INTEREST
837   The purpose of this conflict of interest policy is to protect the interests of the state when
838   the state organization is contemplating entering into a transaction or arrangement that
839   might benefit the private interest of a member of the Executive Board, a state officer, a
840   chapter officer or a member of a committee with powers delegated to the Executive
841   Board or a state officer. This policy is intended to supplement but not replace any
842   applicable state and federal laws governing conflict of interest applicable to non-profit
843   and charitable organizations. No one in the above roles shall take action for the state if
844   they have any conflict of interest or would benefit from the transaction.
847                                ARTICLE XVII DISSOLUTION
848   In the event of a dissolution of
849   1. The State organization- the net assets shall be distributed as follows: All liabilities
850       and obligations shall be paid and satisfied or adequate provision shall be made
851       therefore in accordance with the Statutes of Incorporation for the State of Washington
852       as they are applicable. The Executive Board shall determine specific procedures for
853       liquidating remaining assets and shall supervise disbursement of funds.
854   2. The Chapter organization - for dissolution of a chapter, the chapter first must seek
855       assistance of the state president and the immediate past president who serves as
856       expansion and dissolution chair. After assistance has been given, if the chapter still
857       plans to dissolve the following steps must be followed:
858           a. Obtained the approval of the Executive Board.
859           b. Consideration shall be given to the manner in which those desiring to maintain
860               membership transfer to other chapters. International procedures must be
861               followed.
862           c. Any remaining funds in the chapter account shall be sent to the state treasurer
863               and deposited in the available fund. The chapter’s final books must show a
864               zero balance and a clear listing of all disbursements.
865           d. Chapter paraphernalia, Society publications, and chapter records shall be
866               retained in the Washington state archives and made available for use.
867           e. The charter must be returned to the state’s executive secretary to be forwarded
868               to the Society Headquarters.
869           f. The state Executive Board shall decide whether the Greek name shall be
870               reused.

      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                       18

873                                         FOUNDATION
874                                         An Enabling Act
875   Section A. As a means of furthering the state’s educational purposes, consent is given to
876   the establishment and operation of an educational foundation to be named, “The Rachel
877   Royston Permanent Scholarship Foundation.” The Foundation is formed and operated in
878   such a way that it will be exempt from federal income taxation under the Internal
879   Revenue code now or which shall hereafter be in effect; and the proper officers of the
880   state are authorized to advise the Secretary of State of Washington that Alpha Sigma
881   State approves and consents to the use of such name by said Foundation.
883   Section B. Such officers of the Foundation as are or may be designated in the Rachel
884   Royston Permanent Scholarship Foundation Bylaws are authorized to act as officers and
885   trustees of the Rachel Royston Permanent Scholarship Foundation. The Executive Board
886   of the State is authorized to elect trustees of said Foundation, according to the bylaws of
887   said Foundation. In the event that no Rachel Royston Permanent Scholarship Foundation
888   officers are elected, the Washington State officers may act in their place, if authorized by
889   the Executive Board.
891   Section C. This enabling act shall not be subject to revision or amendment. The act shall
892   become void only upon the dissolution or liquidation of the Rachel Royston Permanent
893   Scholarship Foundation provided for in Article II, Section 2 Procedures and Limitations
894   of the Articles of Incorporation of said Foundation:
895         “In the event of dissolution or winding up, the Board of Trustees shall
896         transfer all the assets of the corporation for identical uses and purposes to
897         the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington or Washington State
898         University, Pullman, Washington. In the event of such dissolution and
899         transfer, the recipient university shall maintain the assets as a perpetual
900         fund, under the name of the Foundation, and use only the net income
901         therefrom for the stated purpose.”

      Adopted April 2, 2011                                                                     19

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