Executive Summary: Sector Plans

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					Executive Summary: Sector Plans

1.          Introduction
This report summarises the contents of the Indaka Integrated Development Plan’s sector plans. The sector plans report is made of components from
the Municipal analysis reports, the projects report and the development strategies report. As these reports have been summarised in the relevant
documents they will not be repeated here but focus will be on the sectoral vision, applicable objectives and stratgies.

Sector           Vision                                                     Objectives                                               Strategies
                      Institutional reform will enable local authorities       To improve the capacity of Indaka Municipality           Implement       the      Amalgamation         Plan
                       to perform a developmental role, encourage                to deliver on its constitutional and statutory            recommendations for Institutional restructuring
                       participation in developmental process, co-               mandate                                                  Capacity building for Councillors and officials
                       ordinate service delivery and foster economic                                                                      Formation of a service providers forum to
                       growth in the municipal area.                                                                                       foster development linkages and partnerships
                                                                                                                                          Market the municipality for external funding
                                                                                                                                           and resources

Sector           Vision                                                     Objectives                                               Strategies
Infrastructure   Indaka municipality will improve the quality if life of        To provide potable water to residents in                 Water schemes for all identified areas
                 the people of Indaka region through the provision of            conformity with the minimum standards                    Irrigation schemes in areas identified for small
                 basic services and addressing infrastructural                   prescribed by the Department of Water Affairs             scale farming
                 backlogs. Key issues to be focused on are access to            To provide adequate water for agricultural               Upgrading of dams for livestock drinking water
                 water and sanitation, access to electricity, and the            purposes                                                 Maintenance of existing springs and boreholes
                 provision of all weather access roads .                        To ensure       that every household has                  in all wards
                                                                                 acceptable toilet facilities                             Address sanitation backlogs by using the
                                                                                To extend the electricity reticulation network to         settlement grants from the DLA and DoH
                                                                                 all settlements within the municipality                  Electrification of all community facilities
                                                                                To improve transportation networks linking               Electrification of all houses in Indaka
                                                                                 settlements                                              Develop access roads in all settlements
                                                                                To improve access roads to communities                   Maintenance of existing access roads
                                                                                                                                          Build bridges and river crossings in identified
                                                                                                                                          Improve transport routes linking settlements

Sector                             Vision                                                    Objectives                                               Strategies
Poverty reduction/ social sector
                                   The social infrastructure of Indaka municipality will         To improve the level of health facilities offered       Building a hospital at the Ekuvukeni hub
                                   provide the people of the municipality with the                in the municipality                                     Add more mobile clinics
                                   necessary life skills to engage productively in the           To improve the condition of schools in the              Community health worker programmes
                                   local economy. A rich and vibrant cultural life will be        area                                                    Schools upgrading programme
                                   encouraged in an environment that is safe and                 To improve the levels of skills that currently          Building toilets at schools
                                   secure. A network of social support will be provided           exist in the area                                       Provision of drinking water at schools
                                   for vulnerable groups.                                        To promote Zulu culture practice and                    Ensure that the municipality has an institution
                                                                                                  awareness                                                for higher learning
                                                                                                 To promote various sporting codes in the                Improve the skills base of the people within
                                                                                                  municipality                                             the municipality by providing opportunities for
                                                                                                 To reduce the high levels of crime in the area           skills development
                                                                                                 To provide facilities for the aged, youth,              Build libraries in the settlement webs
                                                                                                  disabled and people living with HIV/AIDS                Promote and support cultural activities within
                                                                                                                                                           the municipality

Sector        Vision                                                  Objectives                                             Strategies
HIV/ AIDS                                                                 To reduce the rate of new infections in the           Improve the          Community Based Health
              Indaka municipality is committed to containing the           area                                                   workers programme
              spread of the HIV/AIDS. Facilities and programmes           To improve the level of health and other              Build a hospital or a community health centre
              aimed at dealing with this disease will be among the         facilities for this group.                             at Ekuvukeni
              priorities of the municipality.                             To ensure that people suffering from HIV/AIDS         Increase the capacity of mobile clinics to deal
                                                                           are not unfairly discriminated against in terms        with this epidemic
                                                                           of economic opportunities and other activities

Sector        Vision                                                  Objectives                                             Strategies
Land Reform   Land reform will contribute to the development of the                                                              Facilitate state land redistribution within 12
              area by improving greater security of tenure,               To transfer state land to people                       months`
              resolving land claims and by broadening access to           To develop agriculture on Ingonyama Land              Promote LRAD on Ingonyama and State land
              land for communities and individuals through                To reduce the current levels of soil erosion          Ensure extension of Department of Agriculture
              redistributive processes.                                    and land degradation                                   support to emerging small scale farmers
              The land reform process will provide beneficiaries          To improve tenure security
              with opportunities to better themselves economically
              through    the    LRAD      programme   and   ensure
              sustainable land use management through better
              land use planning..

Sector                 Vision                                                    Objectives                                              Strategies
Environmental Sector   It is the vision of this municipality that greater            to reduce the current levels of soil erosion and       Facilitation    of   the    establishment     of
                       environmental awareness will exist in the area.                land degradation                                        conservation areas
                       Sustainable land use practice and the rehabilitation                                                                  Promote sound natural resource management
                       of degraded environments will ensure that future                                                                       practices
                       generations are not deprived of the natural beauty of                                                                 Ensure rivers and catchment management

Sector                 Vision                                                    Objectives                                              Strategies
Tourism Sector         Tourism will be grown as one of the lead sectors in       To promote tourism as one of the lead sector in the         Develop the tourism industry based on the
                       the municipal economy. Facilities that will cater for     municipal economy                                            recognised, but unexploited, potential of the
                       tourists will be prioritised. To ensure the safety of                                                                  historic, cultural and natural resources present
                       tourists security measures will be increased in the                                                                    in the area.
                       municipal area.                                                                                                       Improve security in the area
                                                                                                                                             Improve transport routes to ensure easy
                                                                                                                                              accessibility of the area

Sector                 Vision                                                    Objectives                                              Strategies
Agriculture Sector     Agriculture will be promoted in the region as both a
                       subsistence and a commercial venture. Programmes              To develop agriculture on Ingonyama land               Promote LRAD on Ingonyama and state land
                       linking agriculture to poverty eradication or reduction       To develop small scale farming on state land           Ensure extension of Department of Agriculture
                       will be given special emphasis. Sound agricultural            To reduce the current levels of soil erosion            support to emerging small
                       practices to avoid land degradation will be adhered            and land degradation                                    scale farmers
                       to.                                                           To improve the economy of the municipal area

Sector            Vision                                                       Objectives                                              Strategies
Economic Sector       the economic integration of the municipality be             to construction of new roads and rail and the          Establishing sound approaches to economic
                       improved through the development of the road                 upgrading of the existing roads to reduce the           development
                       and rail infrastructure                                      economic cost of moving goods and services             Systems supporting economic development
                      the    provision     of     basic    services     and       to meet the basic water, electricity and               Economic Development Activities
                       infrastructure be improved and that it will                  transport requirements of the communities
                       improve that ability of the communities to
                       participate fully in economic life;
                      the natural resources of the municipal area be              to utilise the agricultural and environmental
                       developed and utilised to their full sustainable             resources of the municipality to the full
                       use;                                                         sustainable capacity
                      the necessary legal framework are established               to remove and facilitate the legal framework to
                       that will enable the release of land and the                 overcome conditions restrictive to economic
                       addressing of the land needs of the people.                  development
                      health and welfare of households improved so                to provide primary health and education
                       that the people are able to fully participate with           services to all the peoples of the municipality
                       all their senses in the economic life through;
                      the increase to full employment where all                   to reduce to unemployment levels by 50%
                       people that want to work are able to find                    from 75% to 35% in 15 years
                      the income of households are increased to a                 to increase the income of all households to be
                       position where all households are able to meet               above the minimum subsistence level of
                       their basic bodily and psychological needs;                  R1800 pm within a period of 15 years
                      the economic welfare of the communities and                 to   introduce    libraries   and    Information
                       households improve to the extent that they are               Technology expertise into the municipality for
                       able to afford modern developments and                       all people to gain access to new technology
                       systems       without     compromising       on   the        and information systems
                       traditional    and      cultural    values   of   the

                         the role of government will be such that is         to introduce management and information
                          contributes positively to the creation of an         systems in the local, district and provincial
                          environment that is conducive to economic            government      that   are      transparent   and
                          development; through                                 accessible to all
                         the establishment of processes and                  to market and advertise the needs and
                          mechanisms that attracts investment and              potential of the municipality
                          the facilitates the approval of development
                          applications and development concepts;

Sector           Vision                                                   Objectives                                               Strategies
Spatial Sector   A clear spatial framework for the municipality will be       to ensure proper and sound land use                     Facilitate the establishment of conservation
                 in place. Such framework shall be a clear and                 management                                               areas
                 explicit guidance for development. This will be done         to reduce the current levels of soil erosion and        Promote sound natural resource management
                 by encouraging the development of a network of                land degradation                                        Ensure rivers and catchment management
                 centres in which a wide range of services and                to develop the identified settlement webs in a
                 economic activities will be encouraged. A land use            manner that is sustainable economically and
                 management plan will be prepared so that it will              environmentally.
                 guide    investment   decisions    whilst   protecting
                 sensitive environments.


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