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This agreement describes the arrangement between
                                               and Victim Support Scotland.

We appreciate your commitment to volunteer with us to achieve our objective to support
people in Scotland affected by crime. We will do the best we can to make your
experience of volunteering enjoyable and rewarding.

Victim Support Scotland commits:
    To provide you with the induction and training necessary to meet the responsibilities
     of your role.
    To explain clearly the standards that we expect for our services and to support you
     to achieve and maintain them.
    To provide ongoing training to help you to continue to provide a service that meets
     our users’ needs.
    To do our best to help you develop your volunteering role with us.
    To provide you with regular support from a member of staff, enabling you to
     feedback to us any concerns or issues you may have.
    To reimburse any legitimate and agreed expenses incurred while acting on our
    To provide adequate training and support to ensure your health and safety
     while acting on our behalf.
    To provide appropriate insurance cover for you whilst undertaking voluntary work
     approved and authorised by us.
    To recognise your rights and other commitments.

I will commit:
     To help Victim Support Scotland fulfil its commitment to people affected by crime.
     To follow the organisation's policies, procedures and standards in all aspects of
      volunteering, including health and safety, equal opportunities and
     To meet agreed time commitments and to give reasonable notice of any change so
      that other arrangements can be made.

My agreed voluntary commitment is:

Signed (on behalf on VSS)                         Signed (volunteer)

Date:                                             Date:
This agreement is binding in honour only. It is not intended to be a legally binding
contract of
employment and may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of either party. Neither
of us intends an employment relationship to be established.

Victim Service - service delivery volunteer time commitment.
The time commitment that we ask from you in fulfilling this role is approximately four to
six hours per week.

You have the right to refuse a referral. If you are unable to take any referrals for a
period, we would ask that you advise your co-ordinator as soon as possible.

Witness Service volunteer time commitment
The time commitment that we ask from you in fulfilling this role is one day per week.

We are conscious that it is a volunteer position and you have the right to decline. We
have a daily commitment to courts and to witnesses who might need our support. We
ask therefore, if for any reason you will not be able to appear on a day that you are
scheduled, that you advise the co-ordinator before that day if possible or as soon as
possible on the day.

If you are unable to commit for a period, we would ask that you advise your co-ordinator
as soon as possible.

Area committee member – time commitment
As a committee member, you are asked to:
    Attend committee meetings (3/4 per year)
    Represent the organisation as agreed
    Take part in/lead fundraising initiatives
    Network to promote Victim Support in the local community
    Take part in ad hoc events as necessary (e.g. workshops, selection panels)

If you are elected Chair or Vice Chair, the time commitment could be increased.

National Committee member (Office Bearers, National Council, Executive Board,
Finance Committee etc)

      National Council member (usually 4 meetings per year, usually in Glasgow)
      Executive Board member (4/5 meetings per year in Edinburgh)
      Office Bearers (4/5 meetings per year in Edinburgh, timed to coincide with the
       Executive Board meetings).
      Finance Committee member (3/4 meetings per year in Edinburgh)
      Quality committee member (c. 3 meetings per year in Edinburgh)
      Possible, occasional involvement in working groups, interview panels
      Possibly representing Victim Support at internal and external events on

If you are an Office Bearer, the time commitment would increase.

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