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             Legislative   Executive
Amendments                             Terms       Misc.
              Branch        Branch

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                                                Final Jeopardy
$100 Question Amendments

  What does the Second
  Amendment give us the
  right to do?
$100 Answer from Amendments

The Right to Bear Arms.
  $200 Question Amendments

From which experiences did the ideas
 of the Third Amendment originate?
$200 Answer Amendments

  The Quartering Act.
  $300 Question Amendments

Why can states make different laws
when it comes to gay marriage,
driving, and gun restrictions?
$300 Answer Amendments

The Tenth Amendment.
$400 Question Amendments

 What is the purpose
 of the Bill of Rights?
$400 Answer Amendments

The Bill of Rights
protects the rights and
freedoms of the people.
$100 Question from Legislative

What is another word for “two-houses?”
$100 Answer from Legislative

$200 Question from Legislative

Why does the House of
Representatives have
more people than the
  $200 Answer from Legislative

Proportional vs. Equal Representation
$300 Question from Legislative

Other than make the laws,
what else can the legislative
branch do?
  $300 Answer from Legislative

Powers of Congress include:
   - Collecting taxes
   - Establishing post offices
   - Declare war
  $400 Question from Legislative

Put the following words/numbers into a sentence:



 $400 Answer from Legislative

Representation in the Senate is
equal. Unlike the House where
there are 435 people, the
Senate has only 100 people.
$100 Question from Executive

How would we remove the
head of the executive
branch if we wanted them
out of office?
$100 Answer from Executive

$200 Question from Executive

Who was the head of the
executive branch in 2003?
 $200 Answer from Executive

George W. Bush
$300 Question from Executive

How is our president
different than a dictator
or a monarch?
$300 Answer from Executive

Checks and Balances
$400 Question from Executive

 How can the other
 branches check the
 president’s power?
  $400 Answer from Executive

Laws can be unconstitutional

Appointments can be rejected
Presidential veto can be overridden
$100 Question from Terms

What is federalism?
  $100 Answer from Terms

Federalism is a division of powers between
     central/federal government and
        regional/state government.
  $200 Question from Terms

What does freedom of
expression mean?
   $200 Answer from Terms

1 st   Amendment rights.
$300 Question from Terms

 Define proportional
     $300 Answer from Terms

Representation in Congress based on the
population density of a state.
$400 Question from Terms

What is a democratic
     $400 Answer from Terms

A society that lets the people have a
say through elected representatives.
 $100 Question from Misc.

What does the judicial
branch do?
   $100 Answer from Misc.

Interprets the law.
   $200 Question from Misc.

What roles/responsibilities
does a citizen have?
   $200 Answer from Misc.

Voting rights, education,
 $300 Question from Misc.

We clearly have 27
Amendments, yet some
people would argue we
really have 26. Why?
   $300 Answer from Misc.

The 21st  Amendment
repealed the 18th about
 $400 Question from Misc.

How is the issue of
slavery addressed in the
$400 Answer from H5

-3/5 Compromise
-Slave Trade
-13th Amendment
     Final Jeopardy

Why has the Constitution
been able to last so long?
Final Jeopardy Answer

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