Minutes BCCJA Board Meeting May 17 2007

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British Columbia Criminal Justice Association

                                                Affiliated with the Canadian Criminal Justice Association


                      Board of Directors Meeting
                  Thursday May 17, 2007 12:00 Noon
                  Justice Institute of British Columbia
                    Room A128 (Beside Cafeteria)
Sandra Thiessen              Jeff Christian                     Jim Phelps
Glenn Angus                  Joe Bailey                         Arthur Gordon
Mike White                   Sandra Manzardo                    Tim Veresh
Tim Stiles                   Jim White                          Jake McCullough
Michael Wilson

Larry Howett (LINC)     Glenn Flett (LINC)                 Sherry Edmunds Flett (LINC)

Robert Brown (out of town)   Judy Croft (on leave)              Mike Judd (Australia)
Bob Lusk                     Tracey Thompson                    Bill Foster (Rehabilitation)
Charlene Howe                John Braithwaite
NB: Program Committee met prior to the Board Meeting.

           1. Approval of Agenda
   Motion to Approve April 19, 2007 Agenda.
   Motion by:         Joe Bailey             Seconded by: Tim Veresh

          2. Approval of Minutes
   Motion to Approve Minutes of the April 19, 2007 Meeting of the Board Directors

   Moved by:         Jeff Christian               Seconded by: Mike White

          3. Committee Updates

Program Committee - Mike White
This year’s Forum on “Continuity of Care for Mentally Disordered Offenders” took place
on March 28, 2007 at the Justice Institute. Approximately 140 attended. Mike White
provided an update on the Action below, but the items will be retained as they are not

      A record of the proceedings will be posted on the Internet and emails will
       be sent to members to visit the website - Jeff Christian
      Invoices for approximately $1200 will be sent to the Treasurer
      The Program Committee will develop a “Work Plan for the Coming

BCCJA received an invitation from CSC to make project proposals before the deadlines:
June 1 and September 30, 2007. $10,000 is the maximum available. The Program
Committee will develop a proposal to meet the September 30, 2007 deadline.

      Sherry Edmunds Flett will send the Committee contact information on a
       potential Speaker: Phillip Zimbardo, who will address the Lucifer Effect

Board Development Committee

      The Committee will develop procedures to obtain information on
       proposed new Directors, which will be shared with Members

This motion was approved at a previous meeting of the Board.
Constitutional and Board Development Committees examine the nomination
process and present their results to the Board of Directors.

       Moved by:     Sandra Manzardo       Seconded by: Tim Veresh

            4. Business Arising from the Minutes

            5. Treasurer's Report – Judy Croft
Motion to approve Treasurer’s report.

Moved by:             Seconded:

The Treasurer’s Report was approved at the May 17, 2007 Annual General Meeting.
Therefore, the Board at this meeting required no further action.

            6. Correspondence
Glenn Angus noted that there was a problem with our mail box and some mail may have
been missed.

Correctional Service of Canada Request for Proposals

This invitation was referred to the Program Committee for action.

            7. Old Business

2008 Joint Conference with BC Crime Prevention Association –
Jeff Christian
Celine Lee, Coordinator - Marketing, Events, and Communications, British Columbia
Crime Prevention Association, will coordinate the 2007 and 2008 Symposiums. BCCPA
is interested in partnering with BCCJA for the 2008 Conference. The plan is to use
hotels in Richmond for this conference.

A meeting between BCCJA and BCCPA’s Executive Director, Valerie MacLean and
Sandra Thiessen was arranged. Jeff Christian and Sandra Thiessen met with Val
MacLean, Executive Director of BCCPA and discussed the 2008 Symposium planned by
the BCCPA. Jeff and Sandra indicated to BCCPA that we were interested in participating
with them as long as it was understood that we couldn’t take any financial responsibility
for any losses incurred.
Tentatively an expectation was agreed to that we would contribute 1 or 2 people to the
planning committee. We will not contribute any funding up front to the preparation for
the conference. A date has not been set for the conference but it will likely be September
2008. The title is tentatively “Crime Prevention through Community Involvement”. In
the meantime there is an offer open by BCCPA to have a BCCJA member on the
planning committee for their 2007 symposium.
Jeff’s report resulted in a discussion amongst Board members expressing some concerns
that joint sponsorship of the Conference would possibly lead to higher expectations for

our involvement in Conference planning and administration then we are prepared to
contribute. After discussion the following motion was tabled.

The BC Criminal Justice Association is in agreement on the Association’s
collaboration with the BC Crime Prevention Association in the presentation of their
2008 general conference by supporting the participation of two BCCJA members on
the Planning Committee for that Conference.

       Moved by:      Jeff Christian Seconded by: Tim Stiles

Jeff reported that there was a need for nominees to work with the BC Crime Prevention
Association on the planning committee for the 2008 Conference. Jeff noted that work for
the committee would probably begin in earnest in the fall of this year.
Art Gordon, Sandra Manzardo, and Jeff Christian volunteered to participate.

Staffing of John Howard Society Positions
Tim Veresh updated the Board with information about two important retirements and
new appointments in the organizations the individuals represented.

          The position of Executive Director, John Howard Campbell River became
           available with the retirement of Paul Barnet effective June ’07. A retirement
           celebration honoring Paul is planned for June 8/07. The new Executive
           Director is Wendy Richardson.
          Graham Stewart, Executive Director, John Howard Canada retires in May
           2007. Craig Jones has been hired as the new Executive Director.

           8. Annual General Meeting
The AGM took place in conjunction with our Board of Directors Meeting on Thursday
May 17, 2007 at 12:30PM

At a previous meeting, discussion of the AGM raised the question of what are we doing
with the moneys that we have accumulated?

It was agreed that we would table this item for a future Director’s meeting and try
to establish how, when, what we budget these funds for.

           9. New Business

 Mark Gosse Retirement
An event is planned for May 30, 2007 at 1:00PM at 3405 Willingdon.

Election of Executive

Sandra Thiessen was commended for the terrific work she performed as President

New Executive:
President                                   Jeff Christian
Past-President                              Sandra Thiessen
1st Vice-President                          Michael Judd
2nd Vice-President                          Sandra Manzardo
Treasurer                                   Judy Croft
Secretary                                   Jim Phelps

       Moved by:     Tim Stiles     Seconded by:          Michael Wilson

          10. Date of Next Meeting
Thursday June 21st, 2007 12:00 Noon at the
Justice Institute of BC Room A128

(Come at 11:30AM for Lunch at the Cafeteria. Tell Cashier that you are with BCCJA
and your lunch will be paid for by BCCJA)

          11. Adjournment
Motion to Adjourn
Motion by: Sandra Manzardo          Seconded by:          Tim Veresh

NB. Send Jeff Christian final Minutes to be posted on the website.

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