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									                              Lakeview Heights Tennis Club

Annual General Meeting held on Sunday October 4th, 2009 at 1.00 p.m.
Meeting was held at the Clubhouse on Anders Road.

Present:       Margaret Bradbury             President
               Shenah Mochenski              Past President
               Rob Askin                     Treasurer
               Margaret McGowan              Secretary
               Rosie Schaich                 Club Pro
               Mike Ward                     Tournament Director
               Judy Muchowski                Newsletter and Website

Regrets:       Jean Austen                   Vice President
               Betty Ann Ehasoo              Membership

Proposal was made to accept the minutes of the 2008 Annual General Meeting as read.
Wayne Harmon/Joe Schaich

President’s Report

Open Day April 4th started a good tennis season.
Although May and June were cool, the weather in July and August was hot.

Thanks to the following people for their organization;

Shenah for Monday night Ladies Doubles drop in
Bryan Lakusta for the Tuesday night Men’s and Thursday night Mixed Doubles events.
Judy, Diane and Yoko for the Wednesday morning Ladies Doubles
Rudy Hein for the Mon Wed and Fri Men’s Doubles mornings
Mike Ward for the Sunday morning tennis socials
Social convenors and volunteers for organizing the meals from the list with menus
Rosie for her tireless work for the tennis club – she has done wonders for the juniors
Joe for stocking the beer fridge

Executive meetings were productive – we had a successful year

Joe Moller of Lakeview Irrigation had planned to have some of the courts repaired, but this was postponed
due to the cold weather.
In late summer a children’s playground was installed right outside the door to the clubhouse.
It was requested to be moved to the area in front of the soccer field, but was moved only three feet further
into the parking lot.
In December 2010 the tennis facility may be taken over by the City of West Kelowna

Treasurer’s Report

Rob Askin read the Statement of Revenues and Expenditures.
Proposal was made to accept the treasurer’s report as read.
Tony Stewart/Shenah Mochenski
Memberships Report

The report was read by Sylvia Woolley in absence of Betty Ehasoo.
Adult members increased from 109 to 174. There were 65 new members.

86 single memberships
13 family memberships
32 couples

66 junior memberships. Of these 34 were new members

Tournament Directors Report

Mike Ward said the Fun Tournaments had excellent attendance.

Club Championship winners;

Mixed doubles - John and Rieko Webber
Men’s doubles - Jerry Cass and Mike Polvere
Men’s singles A and B events are yet to be played
Ladies singles and doubles were poorly signed up
Encouragement is needed for the ladies to enter club championship events

Tuesday night Men’s and Thursday night Mixed saw super turnouts thanks to Bryan for his organization –
these nights were thoroughly enjoyed.
Wednesday morning Ladies mostly had two courts

Club Pro Report

Rosie thanked everyone for making the club a success.
There was a slow start to the season due to a cold spring.

Two pros from Global Fitness were hired. Joachim held 4 clinics and Greg Marchuk held 2 clinics that
were free for members and well attended early in the season.

Lakeview Open Tournament was held on the May long weekend.
There were late entries as usual, but there were 50 participants.

Junior Tournament was held at the end of June and hosted 40 participants.
This is a successful turnout as other local clubs in Summerland, Penticton, Vernon and the Mission did not
have this many kids.
Thanks go to the many helpers namely Johnny Vesterinin, Joe Schaich, Jerry Cass and Joan Galley.
Rosie took kids to the Vernon Club
Junior Program had 34 kids in the spring and 20 kids in the summer
A progressive court system using a smaller court and lower net was used.
Junior Social evenings were held on Fridays from 5 – 7 pm. This continued until September 25th.

Shenah organized the Mavis Cup for ladies in July. It was well attended.
By Law changes

In consultation with Mike Ward and John Bassett Smith, Anthea Booth proposed changes to the bylaws.
The 1993 Bylaws were posted on the website and on the bulletin board in the clubhouse for a one month
period prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Article 7.3.
Executive Committee.
To add Past President and Membership Director to the list of directors

Article 7.5
Accountability of Executive Committee.
To increase amounts of cheque to be written with executive approval from $50 to $500.

A motion for the Bylaw changes to be accepted was made.
Bryan Lakusta/Joe Schaich

Motion carried

Elections of Executive 2009 – 2010

Marcia Thiessen headed the Nominations Committee and had recruited some new nominees.
She thanked the current executive and after asking for any nominations from the floor for each of the
positions the following executive was elected.

President                     Tony Stewart
Vice President                John Webber
Treasurer                     Rob Askin
Secretary                     Maggie McGowan
Membership                    Betty Ann Ehasoo
Tournament Director           Mike Ward
Social Convenors              Melinda Mezzo and Carla Hewitt

As resigning President, Margaret handed the chair to Tony Stewart and his report followed:

The City of West Kelowna has surveyed the building. It will be removed and replaced.
Items for new executive;

Meeting proposed for the new executive for the Master Plan of Parks with City of West Kelowna.

Lighting for the courts
Conduits are in place for courts 1 and 2 and 7 and 8.

As these are public courts is a lease needed for the courts? We have club rights at the moment.

Margaret added that the courts will be locked by Lakeview Irrigation in mid November. Courts will be
available to club members after that, and the key for the courts will hang on the bulletin board.

John Grass spoke about the Table Tennis available to club members during the winter. The clubhouse will
be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 pm and Saturday afternoons at 2 pm.

Motion was made by Tony that the meeting be adjourned at 1.50 pm.

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