MARCH 2012



Samantha Bowers, Branch Coordinator of BWA PE, welcomed all members present for
attending. Samantha Bowers also read out the list of Apologies and handed over to
the Chairperson Michelle Brown, to start the proceedings.


There were 76 members present and we received 11 proxies
25% attendance was needed out of 328 members = 82 attendees(incl Proxies).
Quorum was achieved at 87
See attendee register attached


   Samantha Venter                            Ann du Toit
   Zoe Waters                                 Berenic Phillips
   Ilze Roth                                  Kenau Saddler
   Jana Rademeyer                             Leanne Bennett
   Carol Hall                                 Lesley Blom
   Carol Luck                                 Yolanda Vermuelen
   Phrosne’ Phillips                          Lisa Thomas
   Suzette Meyer                              Mandi Pullen
   Ellen Fischat                              Hanli Share
   Marcelle Simon                             Shara Cape
   Tove Kane


Minutes proposed by:        Jacqui Wilson
Seconded by:         Taz Zacharie

No matters arising.

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8 MARCH 2012

CHAIRMANS REPORT delivered by Michelle Brown
All have my report in your folder, we will take it as read. However I would just like to
mention a few things.
Our membership has grown a lot this past year, which we are very pleased about.
I would like to talk about our CSI/Youth Outreach projects.
These are strong viable initiatives and have the buy in of every single one of our
members of the Port Elizabeth branch.
     1. Matric Workshop - this year will take place on the 20th April and will be held at
        Linkside High School. 10 students from 12 disadvantaged schools will be
        taking part and through our MOU with the NMMU we will be utilising 12 of the
        Beyond the Classroom Students to assist with facilitation at the workshop.
        Meaning an impact on 132 young women of the future.
     2. Business Women of Tomorrow – the ex Cell C Take a girl child to work day. We
        are continuing this concept and in 2011 we placed 85 young ladies from
        Grade 11 with Businesswomen of their career choice (where possible) for the
     3. Our Flagship CSI project is the Sanitary Towel Project. Lucia Mtshake a teacher
        at Alexander Road High, who was then doing research while studying at
        NMMU, brought to our attention that young women were missing up to 65
        days of school per year due to lack of access to sanitary products and basic
        hygiene. We have taken up the baton and we have adopted two primary
        schools: Hankey Primary School and St Alban’s Primary School. We visit these
        schools once per month to ensure they have the basic necessities, we also
        take with us a Nurse and a Male policeman and they talk to the children(girls
        and boys separately) about basic hygiene and the changes their bodies are
        going through. Education is our future and it vital that these young people
        have the opportunities. We are very proud of this initiative and proud of you,
        our members, without whom we would not be able to support these two

My Official report below:

Dear Members,

Our BWA Year (2011/2012) has been an inspiring, motivating, awesome time of networking
between like-minded women, who espouse the vision of “empowering and growing women
in business” as closely as we, your Committee, does!

We have seen an incredible increase in Membership (for us – a vital cog in a well-oiled wheel
and so pertinent to our organisation running successfully!) and this has enabled PE, YOUR
Branch, to be among the top 3 Branches in the country – an accolade of which we are
extremely proud! This has taken place as a result of hard work from our Team as well as
support from YOU, our fabulous members – and, for this, we thank you!

Our Task Teams have outdone themselves, by providing regular inspiration, information and
motivation to all... with:

*Business Card Hour
*Conversations with Women

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8 MARCH 2012

*Virtual Board
*Youth Outreach and CSI
*Hurdles n Help

and, of course – our Finance Portfolio, who ensure that we run a healthy bank balance, as
our bottom line!

All of the women on our Task Teams and Committees are volunteers and, much like during
the 2010 FIFA World Cup, they are the very heart and soul of this successful organisation-
and, for their time and their passion – we thank them!(They all know who they are)

I cannot emphasise how important it is for us to nurture and assist one another and for
women, generally, to know their “worth” and not underestimate ourselves – and I firmly
believe that, as BWA Members, we add our call to a strong and united “voice of women in

Bring on 2012 – let us rise above the economic tightrope and prove our worth!

I thank you all!

Warm regards,
Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown called on Lise Claassen,


The 2011 year in the BWA was a great year. After the 2010 year of consolidation and taking
stock of our organisation, 2011 took us to new heights under the very capable leadership of
Michelle Brown.

In 2011 we moved into more suitable premises on Moffet-on-Main. Our bank balance is also
much more stable and we closed the 2011 year out on a healthy R101 469, compared to
R32 668 at 31 December 2010.

As many other non-profit organisations, the BWA records its transactions on a cash basis.
This means that we do not accrue for expenditure or income until we have paid or received
the cash. The R99 727 profit for the 2011 year includes subscriptions that had been received
in the 2011 year, but that relate to the 2012 year. This adjustment will still have to be
processed by the auditors, who are currently auditing our results. From history, it would
appear that the adjustment may be as high as R40 000. Other adjustments relating to the
2011 year and prior years, should also be cleared off the balance sheet, having a favourable
effect of our profit of R41 137, which will leave us with a profit of approximately R100 000 for
the 2011 year.

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8 MARCH 2012

In 2011 we offered our members a large number of very valuable and relevant functions. We
would like to thank our members and our sponsors again for their attendance and incredible
contributions to these events. Our main events in 2011 were the RBAA and Women’s Day.

Our membership base has increased from 2010 to 2011 and we now have approximately 348
paid-up members.

Our main income sources were:
    Membership income
    Function income
    Sponsorships (in cash and in kind)

The money raised through these means was expended as follows:

   Office running costs (such a rentals, telephone/fax costs, staff costs, etc )
   Function expenses
   Outreach Projects
   Cover the costs of Who is BWA functions – which are free to the public
   BWA Calendars – sponsored by us as a gift to members
   Our Virtual Board Programme

We look forward to continuing in a healthy manner ... and being able to bring you more value
added programmes in the 2012 year. As economic times are still though, we will strive to
make functions as affordable as possible to ensure that you receive the value you deserve.

I thank you for your support and contributions.


Jacqui Wilson, Vice Chair, confirmed the following Committee Portfolios and
Champions who had been co-opted onto the committee during 2011.

PR/Events:       Mimi Rupp
Proposed:        Michelle Brown                    Seconded:        Marilyn de Vos

RBAA:            Raylene Derman
Proposed:        Antonette Hamman                  Seconded:        Susan Potgieter

Virtual Board: Belita von Steiger
Proposed:      Mimi Rupp                           Seconded:        Raylene Derman

CSI/Youth Outreach: Charmaine Hayes
Proposed:     Ronel Gouws                          Seconded:        Betsy Ings

Proposed:        Salma Munshi                      Seconded:        Jenna Jefferies

Noted that the Chair and Vice Chair, Michelle Brown and Jacqui Wilson were elected
by the elected committee of the 2011 AGM to these positions respectively from within
the committee as per the constitution.

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8 MARCH 2012

Jacqui Wilson thanked Salma Munshi, previous committee member and portfolio
head of the Virtual Board, for her commitment and for taking the Virtual Board
mentoring programme to new heights.

Thank you to Antonette Hamman who was head of the Youth Outreach and a
committee member for her commitment and passion for this portfolio.

Michelle Brown took the opportunity to congratulate Dr Marietjie van der Merwe and
Elzabe Boshoff on the launch of their book. The Heart of an Ironman. Well Done.

Michelle Brown also introduced the new intern for BWA, Nandie Fazzie who is currently
undergoing some theoretical training but will start on the 14 th May 2012. Welcome.

Michelle Brown introduced the guest speaker, one of the most powerful women in SA.
In 1984 she launched Associated Magazines and is the largest publishing house in
South Africa. They publish magazines such as Marie Claire and House and Leisure to
name but a few. These reach over 2 million women every month.
It is our privilege and honour to ask Jane Raphaely to address you.

ADDRESS BY GUEST SPEAKER, Jane Raphaely CEO of Associated Magazines.

In her address, Jane Raphaely urged women to Grab Power if they wanted it.
She also said that we should use the power we have to make a difference in others’
lives and we should continue with the good work the PE branch is doing in regards to
the Sanitary towel project.

Jane commented on Social Networks and stressed the importance of being visible on

Jane spoke about the journey she undertook when starting to write her book. Her
book will be published in June 2012 all going well.

Jane challenged all to use their Power, think of Oprah and what she has done.

Samantha Bowers, BWA PE Branch Coordinator gave the vote of thanks to Claire
Mathonsi, the Executive Director of Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa for
joining us in Port Elizabeth for the AGM.
Samantha thanked Jane Raphaely, the guest speaker.
The committee, task teams, chair and vice chairman were thanked for a fabulous
year and that she was looking forward to a great 2012 together.

Samantha then thanked all the members without who there would be no association.

The meeting was then declared closed at 7:10pm

SIGNED________________________AS AT THIS DATE OF_____________________.
Port Elizabeth Branch, P.O. Box 40041, Walmer, 6065, Port ElizabethBranch Co-ordinator Samantha Bowers: Tel: (041) 3671104 Fax: 086 612 5778
Email: pe@bwasa.co.za Web : www.bwasa.co.za
VAT Registration Number: 4470208705

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