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Marketing and Public Relations Professional with a significant background in Estate Management and Event
Management. Recognized as a strategic thinker that effectively garners resources, leads teams and raises
efficiency to meet and exceed goals. The intersection of ideal strategy and real-world implementation. Key
strengths include:

 Team Builder                     Creative Direction               Process Optimization
 Detail Oriented                  Project Management               Change Management
 Proactive / Self-Directed        Image / Brand Management         Website Creation and Deployment


CELEBRITY CRUISES, Miami, FL                                                                          2009 - 2012
Account Executive, Marketing
Creative direction and execution of $3M+ in printed materials (destination brochures, travel agent guides, five
100+ page books per year). Managed multiple agency relationships as well as successful marketing campaigns
   • National and regional advertising management ($1M+ annually)
   • Nurtured agency and internal international relationships to promote unity and optimize messaging
   • Streamlined printing process that saved company $100k in direct expenses, and more than 1,000 man-
        hours each year, resulting in increased satisfaction and ROI
   • Designed new inventory management process, saving the company $45k
   • Implemented backorder process, which saves the company $30k / year moving forward
Consultant, Marketing                                                                               2007 - 2009
Assessed processes throughout marketing channels creating a more efficient and effective way of handling
information, resulting in saved man-hours and higher satisfaction
    • Created easier and faster process for co-op marketing payments resulting in saved man-hours and client
       and sales force satisfaction
    • Worked with agencies on national advertising and internal marketing campaigns
    • Assisted with new ship launch (marketing materials and coordination)

WEEGO GLOBAL, Miami, FL                                                                             2004 - 2007
Director of Marketing - Branding, Website Design & PR Highlights
    • Full branding and website / social media implementation for champion horse facility that tripled industry
        recognition in one year
    • Earned repeat national press and doubled the booking rate of Life Coach through total re-branding,
        design, image consulting, self-published book production, etc.
    • Built and enabled branded email, website and e-commerce solution that is administered by non-technical,
        high-turn-over volunteer staff, opening a new line of revenue
    • Re-branded struggling non-profit (tagline, website, PR campaign) in less than 3 months that legitimized
        their standing and increased sponsorships and donations significantly
Event Planning Highlights
      Helped orchestrate educational events in conjunction with the American Red Cross, The University of
       Miami, Miami-Dade College, and Fairchild Tropical Gardens

SV MANAGEMENT OF SOUTH FLORIDA, Miami, FL                                                            2002 - 2004
Estate Manager / Executive Personal Assistant
Managed the operations of a high profile family with a rapidly expanding $500M estate consisting of three
properties in Miami, Key Largo and Vermont; oversaw daily activities of 15 direct reports
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    •    Financial reporting / management including check writing, approvals, signing capabilities for wire
         transfers and handling of petty cash amount of $4,000 +
    •    Spearheaded the design and organization of multiple $1M+ events
    •    Represented the company in a public capacity; numerous press and PR interactions
    •    Event planning and management of employer’s personal and professional requirements including the
         overseeing of private parties given on properties (working with volunteers, various charitable
         organizations, caterers, valet services, police and security officers)
    •    Purchasing management for employer’s personal and professional requirements which included gifts,
         hunting licenses, antique shipments, technology, supplies
    •    Coordination of outside vendors' activities for all properties consisting of landscapers, florists, architects,
         private jets, tradesman and construction crews
    •    Time management of employer’s personal, professional and property calendars; scheduling appointments,
         travels, events, etc.
    •    Animal maintenance for family's pets which included health care management, sitting and shipping from
         one property to another when requested
    •    General functions including domestic / international shipping and PBX phone system
    •    Writing, drafting, proofreading of personal and professional correspondence

MIDWEST ARGENTINE SOCIETY, Kansas City, MO                                                             1997 – 2002
Founder, Executive Director
Founded and ran a non-profit organization promoting Argentine art and culture in part of the Midwest that not
only far exceeded expectations, but created fresh approaches to philanthropic outreach, public relations and
marketing which served as models for other organizations
    • Created a nationally recognized organization that in less than 4 months had over 200 local, paid members
    • Represented the company in a public capacity; numerous press and PR interactions
    • Generated print, web, radio and television exposure
    • Formed alliances with other recognized organizations, such as the Kansas City Ballet and Kansas City Art
    • Received a Mayoral appointment as Ambassador for Argentina on the Ethnic Enrichment Council

PRIOR TO 1997:
Director of Special Events
Coordinated multiple White House Presidential, Vice-Presidential and Cabinet Member visits; developed and
executed a cohesive event strategy consisting of new donor programs and events on a national scale resulting in
significantly higher ROI’s, higher donor retention levels and revenues, and higher level of consistency with
quality volunteers

                                    University of New Mexico, Language classes
                                          Columbia College, Law Classes

                                          COMPUTER SKILLS
        Microsoft Office Suite: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, Exchange; Lotus Notes

                                        COMMUNITY ACTIVITY
                  Skyline Therapy Services, equine therapeutic center that works with disabled
           Chameleon Theater Company, cutting-edge arts group working with disadvantaged children
         Broward Navy Days • American Red Cross • Shriners’ Hospitals for children • MO Writers’ Guild

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