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                                        JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title:    Therapeutic Foster Parent
Location:     Fayetteville Office
Report To:    Therapeutic Home Clinician

Summary: Provides in home care, supervision and treatment of children with emotional, psychiatric,
and/or learning disabilities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following: Other duties may be assigned.

   1. Therapeutic Parent(s) will provide basic care and supervision to the child:
      a.    Room and board and personal care items
      b.    Nurturance and acceptance in the family
      c.    Set clear and fair behavioral limits and basic rules
      d.    Adequate supervision as needed for the child.
      e.    Transportation to needed services for the child.
      f.    Discuss with therapeutic home supervisor in advance of plans to leave the area so proper
            authorization can be obtained for the child to accompany you.
      g.    Discuss with therapeutic home supervisor in advance of any changes in status (i.e.
            Moving, new phone number, new individuals living in your home, taking a new job
            etc.). to assess possible impact on family.
      h.    Notify therapeutic home supervisor immediately of any medical/behavioral or other

   2. Therapeutic Parent(s) will implement treatment plans in the therapeutic home:
      a.    Assisting other team members (i.e. Therapeutic home supervisor, case manager
            therapist, social worker, biological parent) to set realistic short and long-term treatment
            goals and objectives.
      b.    Making accurate, objectives observations of chart of child's appropriate and in-
            appropriate behaviors.
      c.    Making accurate descriptions of your responses in relation to the child's behavior.
      d.    Carry out treatment or educational program in your home while keeping the therapeutic
            home supervisor fully informed of any difficulties encountered, to include resistance to
            follow treatment program to address slow progress or lack of progress.
      e.    Complete assessments or tracking instruments required by treatment plan.
      f.    Spend at least 10 minutes alone with the child each day in a supporting and non-critical
      g.    Maintain a rate of praise, recognition, and support that exceeds your rate of criticisms
            and reminders.
      h.    Assist the child to maintain an appropriate amount of contact with his biological family
            and to be supportive of this family to the child when appropriate and approved by the
                               P.O. BOX 58424
                     FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA 28305
                                (910) 484-8869

          treatment plan.
   i.     Arrange activities and hobbies for the child which are appropriate for his/her age and
          level of development.
   j.     Attend treatment team meetings.

3. Therapeutic Parent(s) will support the child in programs outside the home:
   a.    Actively participate in the child's school program by keeping in close contact with
         his/her teacher and by attending functions concerning or involving the child at school.
   b.    Actively support the child's counseling program and provide transportation when
         counseling is part of the child's treatment program.
   c.    Advocate for the child when appropriate while interacting with the community agencies
         and programs.

4. Therapeutic Parent(s) will possess the following qualities/traits/attitudes:
   a.    Nurturance and enjoyment of children
   b.    High level of tolerance, patience, perseverance, and understanding of the child's way of
         looking and his/her circumstances.
   c.    Good communication and interpersonal skills with the child in the home and in the
   d.    Very healthy sense of humor.
   e.    Educating self regarding child's diagnosis and treatment issues.
   f.    Includes child in family; gives fair and equal treatment.
   g.    Avoids hurtful, sarcastic comments; does not criticize child in front of others.
   h.    Negotiates well in conflict, planning and problem-solving with child.

5. Legal Responsibilities:
   a.     Follow federal laws and state statutes regarding corporal punishment.
   b.     Follow federal laws and state statutes regarding religious freedoms.
   c.     Maintain licensing standards
   d.     Adhere to all relevent federal, state and local laws.

6. Therapeutic Parent(s) will complete documentation requirements:
                                    P.O. BOX 58424
                          FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA 28305
                                     (910) 484-8869

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