Administrative Assistant by 3s0SZiA


									                                  Community Outreach Coordinator

Reports to:    Executive Director
Hours:         33-37 hours per week
Pay Range:     $16-$18 per hour based on experience
Benefits:      401(k) Retirement Plan, Paid Time Off (PTO), flexible schedule/work at home up to 20%
               of hours, long term disability, paid and unpaid holidays. Note that we don’t offer health
               care at this time.
Duties:        These duties should take up approximately 80% of this position. The other 20% of
               duties will be unexpected additions to the job description based on the needs of the

   1. Plan, develop and supervise a meaningful volunteer program
          a. Call new volunteers within 2 working days to interview, select and place qualified
              applicants working with each staff to determine where volunteers are needed
          b. Keep volunteers motivated and enthusiastic moving exceptional volunteers to the next
              level as they become more comfortable
          c. Oversee volunteer goals, outcomes, policies, database & budget
          d. Keep volunteers, and stakeholders informed by a variety of means including but not
              limited to volunteer job emails, volunteer e-newsletter, ds press articles, monthly
              calendar, DSAGC website, twitter, Facebook, linked in, etc.
          e. Manage Group Volunteer Projects
          f. Work with Event Manager to provide volunteers for fundraising and family events

   2. Oversee and support quality and quantity of satellite and pre-satellite groups
         a. Understand and support unique needs of each group
         b. Support leaders with training, encouragement, support and expertise
         c. Help group leaders and groups stay connected with the DSAGC and each other
         d. Create and promote leader training program and leader manual
         e. Oversee satellite group goals, outcomes, policy, budget and database
         f. Work with pre-satellite groups to help them grow and mature

   3. Manage Healthcare Connections Program.
         a. Create written materials to be distributed to area hospital personnel.
         b. Maintain regular communication with hospital contacts and physicians via personal
            visits and surveys.
         c. Create quarterly Enews, ds med press, for medical professionals

   4. Manage and support Teacher Education Program.
         a. Maintain email network for interactive communication among educators.
         b. Publish ds schoolpress Newsletter for educators 3 times per year.
         c. Collaborate with School Age Matters Coordinator on teacher training/workshop

   5. Other responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Director which include but are not limited to:
         a. Represent DSAGC on selective community committees
         b. Research and pursue funding as requested

                                       Revised: 9/14/2012
6. Adhere to and promote standards of professional behavior that support an effective working
   environment at the DSAGC including:
       a. Respect for others
       b. Commitment to quality
       c. Responsibility
       d. Personal integrity
       e. Ability to motivate themselves and others
       f. Ability to solve problems in a professional manner
       g. Honor
       h. Reputation
       i. Trustworthiness/Honesty
       j. Positive Attitude

1.   Minimum 3 years of experience in building and maintaining positive relationships, successful
     team building and/or community engagement-expertise in education, health care, or volunteer
     management preferred
2.   Excellent organizational skills including the ability to organize priorities and meet deadline
3.   Excellent people skills required including the ability to communicate in a variety of forms
4.   Ability to work independently, setting and following a flexible weekly schedule
5.   Knowledge of Microsoft Office required

                                    Revised: 9/14/2012

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