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									                            The Guidance Charter School
                              Regular Board Meeting
                            Wednesday June 4, 2008

                                    5:00 Pm

      Board members Workshop training about Open meeting rules and
       regulations Brown Act presented by Attorney from Burke, Williams and
       Soreuseu, LLP.

      All public comments on Agenda and Non-Agenda are limited to three (3)

      Please turn off all cell phones and pagers.

      Any disruptive activities that substantially interfere with the ability of the
       School Board to carry out its meeting will not be permitted and offenders
       will be requested to leave the meeting.

Board Meeting

The Guidance Charter School
Administration Building/Cafeteria
1125-B East Palmdale Blvd.
Palmdale, CA 93550

Call to Order        :       6:00 p.m.                        Mr. Al-Khatib

Pledge of Allegiance :                                        Mr. Preston

Roll Call            :                                        Ms. Keene

Approve the Minutes for May 7, 2008 Board Meeting.




       1. Update on Enrollment

       2. Staffing

       3. Talent Show

       4. Parent University fundraisers activities

       5. School site council

Executive Director:

       1. Cash Flow

       2. Pre-Audit

       3. Brown Act Workshop

       4. Graduation

       5. Meeting at City of Planning Commission regarding Classroom conversions

       6. School office hours during summer

       7. Thursday night at the Square.

Board Action Items
                I.      Motion to approve payments of goods and services owned for
                        the month of May as printed on the checking Journals.

                 II.    Discussion and possible actions regarding parent participation
                        requirements for 2008-2009.
                                                                    Mr. Del Preston

                 III.   Motion to adopt a Retention Policy for grades K-8, beginning
                        school year 2008-2009, Policy to read:.
      “ The governing board shall adopt policies regarding pupil
      promotion and retention. A pupil shall be promoted or retained
      only as provided in the policy adopted pursuant to Ed Code #
      48070. Policy to read: Based on teacher assessment and
      determination, and approval by administration; any pupil who has
      not mastered grade level proficiency in Reading, Language Arts,
      and Mathematics, based on California Curriculum Standards, said
      pupil shall be retained in his/her current grade for the following
      school year. If an appeal is made by parent/guardian, the burden
      shall be on the appealing party to show why the decision of the
      school should be overruled”.
                                                             Ms. Keene

IV.     Motion to approve continued coverage for liability insurance
        coverage with SIRMA II for the 2008-2009 school year.
                                                      Mr. Al-Khatib
V.      Motion to approve continued coverage for Workers
        compensation for school year 2008-2009 with California
        Charter School Association.
VI.     Motion to approve consent calendar:
            A. Contract with Pennies A/C and heating to replace
                twoA/C copressors for building 5 and building 10 at
                cost not to exceed $ 4,500.
            B. Contract with Landscaper Arturo Bravo to replace
                existing SOD in the Playground area at cost not to
                exceed $.50 cent per square foot.
            C. Approve the following teachers and staff for the school
                year 2008-2008 under the new contracts and salaries
                increases approved by administration:

                 Full time
                 Debriana Jones            Kinder
                 Julie Newman              1st
                 Danielle O’Brien          2nd
                 Ron Haile                 3rd
                 Nenita Tamargo            4th
                 Jameelah Abdul-Khabir     5th
                 Marilyn Houston           6th
                 Dorothy Wood              6th
                 Kristine Al-Najjar        7th
                 Ruth Mejia                8th
                 Corinthia Smith           8th
                 Gamila Habib              Arabic Teacher
                 Hiam Ibrahim              Arabic Teacher
                 Daniel St. Andrew         P.E. Teacher
                 Ron Shephard              Info Tech
                            Sandra Racine          Custodian
                            Alicia Maya            Cafeteria/Attendance Clerk

                            Part time
                            Ethel Wineberg         Yard Duty
                            Rosa Gonzales          Yard Duty
                            Fidelia Rentaria       Yard Duty
                            Maria Marquis          Yard Duty
                            Hanan Hafez            Yard Duty

Closed Session Items:

This closed session is being held pursuant to the authority of California Government
Code Section 54956.9.

Closed session is recommended because the School Board will discuss personnel
issues and real property acquisition, including price and term negotiations.

              I.     Executive Director’s report on personnel issues: New hires,
                     resignations, terminations and credentialing of teachers.

              II.    Evaluation and possible action of school Principal in regards to
                     contract extension for school year 2008-20098.

Adjournment to Spetember 3, 2008

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