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									University of Arizona Phi Beta Lambda                                           1
Meeting Minutes

Executive Board Meeting
11 August 2004- 5:30pm
Beyond Bread

Members Present: Trina Webb, President
                        Daniel Gust, Vice President- Activities
                        Peter Layshock, Vice President- Administration
                        Aaron McKenny, Webmaster
Not Present:            Ahmed Suria, Vice President- Membership
                        Kendy Thompson, FESO Representative

   I.      General discussion
           a. Initial funding info available 9 September
           b. Sponsorship opportunities?
                    i. Aaron will not wear Phillip-Morris logo
                   ii. Questions forwarded through Julie Miranda
   II.     Fall Conference
           a. Keep guest speakers in mind
           b. Admission will be $20
           c. Breakfast (bagels, etc.) will be at waterfall
           d. Electronic invitations will be done by Peter
           e. Peter can provide technology if necessary
   III.    Activities
           a. BBQ on 1 September @ 7:00
                    i. Daniel will pick up food and supplies at Costco
                   ii. Located at Himmel Park (Speedway and Tucson)
                  iii. Sodas will be provided, anything else is BYOB
           b. Social activities will not be in lieu of regular club meetings
   IV.     Membership
           a. 3-member recruitment challenge (10 for Aaron)
           b. Discussion of alumni info database to keep in touch with alumni
University of Arizona Phi Beta Lambda                                             2
Meeting Minutes

           c. Various involvement fairs:
                    i. 26 August (Thursday): CSIL Involvement Fair, 10:00-2:00
                           1. Attending: Trina (tentative)
                   ii. 27 August (Friday): Cohort Orientation, 9:45-10:45
                           1. Attending: Daniel, a little late
                  iii. 1 September (Wednesday): FESO Welcome, 11:00-1:00
                           1. Attending: Trina to pick up paperwork
                  iv. 8-9 September (Wed-Thurs): Professional Admissions Fair
                       on Mall 4:30-5:30
                           1. Attending: Trina/Daniel 8th, Peter 9th
                   v. 9 September (Thursday): Presidents’ Meeting
                           1. Attending: Trina
                  vi. 10 September (Friday): FESO Leadership Development
                       Retreat, all day
                           1. Attending: Trina and ?
                  vii. 1 Ocotober (Friday): President/Treasurer Summit
                           1. Attending: Trina and Daniel (tentative)
           d. High School Participation
                    i. Need to email advisors
                           1. Welcome
                           2. Talk to local chapter
                           3. Help with activities
                   ii. Follow up with phone call
                  iii. Local Tucson chapters: Benson HS, Cienega HS, Flowing
                       Wells HS, Marana HS, Mountain View HS, Sahuarita HS,
                       Vail HS
   V.      Funding
           a. NLC reimbursement: check is in the mail, Peter will distribute as
               soon as received
                    i. Aaron has scholarship checks
           b. Look into used cell phone fundraiser
University of Arizona Phi Beta Lambda                                         3
Meeting Minutes

           c. Honeybaked ham raffle: for winter season
           d. Tucson Mall Evening of Giving
                    i. Takes place Sunday before Thanksgiving
                   ii. Keep all proceeds!
           e. Percentage nights
                    i. 4 options discussed, need to set up date
                   ii. 22 September?
   VI.     General Administrative
           a. Dues: make due 29 September
           b. Does Peter owe Trina $9 for photo?
           c. Officers need to respond promptly to other officer email
           d. Check club interest in Member/Chapter recognition events
           e. Meeting room request for McClelland #127
                    i. Multi-tiered, has technology
                   ii. Meetings held at 7:00 every other Wednesday
           f. Icebreakers deemed not necessary if officers make new members
               feel welcome
           g. Website profiles need updating

Meeting Adjourned 6:30pm
Minutes submitted by Peter Layshock

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