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									                                CSANS AGM Meeting Minutes –
                                      October 16th and 17th, 2009
                                        Valley Regional Hospital
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                                   Conference held at the Old Orchard Inn

Executive Present:
Thelma Floyd (President),                                          Sherry Binns (Education),
Dale LeBlanc (Treasurer),                                         Ad-hoc Linda Jakeman (CSA rep),
Debbie Church (Secretary),                                        John Zareski (Vendor rep).

Call to order by Thelma Floyd

Introduction of executive by Thelma Floyd

Review minutes for AGM 2007
    Minutes approved by Marline and Joan

Vice President – report on website. Thank you Pam for all your work in the last few years

Secretary – 2007 - 2009
    99 members
    Over 100 attended 2007 conference with 9 vendors

Treasurer – 2007-2009

        Opening balance $12,998
        Closing balance $16,296
        Money spent= scholarship, CSA conference, and supplies for Association
        Money received= Conference(vendors and membership)


        Linda Jakeman requested for chair of education and membership to have vote on
         committee. Voted by member =chair of each committee will have a vote (add to bylaws)
        Carrie Rondeau – Who votes on scholarships=Never had to vote because of lack of
         applicants. Executive committee votes on scholarships
        Bylaws passed once amended

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                                CSANS AGM Meeting Minutes –
                                      October 16th and 17th, 2009
                                        Valley Regional Hospital
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        Thank the Valley for all their hard work they did a wonderful job
        Executive committee had 3 formal meeting, many emails, phone calls and 1 meeting was
         held in the Valley
        Final draft of bylaws completed
        Scholarship applications by members now has a date to be reviewed by the executive and
         will be awarded in the fall of each year
        New website www.csans.ca = Thank you to Joan Sinden and Pam Hunter
        Trialing separating the membership cost from conference cost =this year $20 for
         membership next year 2010 $40 for 2 years
        New education – Certified Medical Device Reprocessing Technician, validated for 5
         years cost $268
        Linda Jakeman informed member that the CMDRT program is waving the application fee
         until December 31, 2009 bring the cost to $195
        Interest to host the 2011 conference = Cape Breton accepted

Nominations and Elections
Scrutineers= 2 Nurses

Vice President:
Bonnie Clarke nominated Sue Maclean
Troy nominated Danny Leblanc

         New Vice President= Danny Leblanc
Kathy Lessard nominated Rebecca White
Thelma Floyd running for second term

         New President= Rebecca White

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