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					                                      School Nutrition Association of South Dakota
                                           Executive Board Meeting Agenda
                                                 April 13 and 14, 2012
                                          Aberdeen Ramkota Hotel (Dakota A)

Pledge of Allegiance

Mission Statement To Advance Good Nutrition to all Children

Board Members Present: President Eric Kunzweiler, President-Elect Charlotte Pistulka, Secretary/Treasurer Della
Zimmerman, Membership/Certification Kathy VanWesten, Legislative Joni Davis, Newsletter/Website Eric Kunzweiler,
CANS Jean Schuurmans, Industry Rick Herland and Barb Gagnon, Chapter 3 Tammy Ripplinger, Chapter 4 Connie
Hlavac, Chapter 7 Brenda Peterson, Chapter 9 Amy Hartung, Chapter 12 Mary Jane Short

Approval of Minutes: Read and approved

Adoption or Additions to Agenda: None


President-Eric Kunzweiler:
    LAC Date: 3 SNASD representatives for South Dakota, Joni Davis, Eric Kunzweiler, Charlotte Pistulka, Other
       representation from South Dakota Gay Anderson, Jean Schuurmans, Dan Wallgren. Report was LAC was great
       Conference, Was a very educational experience for all who attended.
    Thank you notes: Received 3 one from Robin Thompson for memorial plant that was sent in passing of her
       Mother. Boys and Girls Club of Pierre, SD for food items donated to them after the Legislative Lunch, and Tori
       Wittrock for $250.00 given to her for all the additional help she provided for SNASD
    Conference 2012 in Aberdeen working on details. Charlotte Pistulka will have report.
    SNA Employee Appreciation week is May7-11,2012
    SNA giving away 3 registrations for ANC in Denver. Go to School Nutrition.org for details.
    ANC is in Denver Date are July 15-19, 2012
    New Meal Pattern guide available on SNA.org website.

President Elect- Charlotte Pistulka
    SNASD Annual Conference in Aberdeen July 31-Aug 3, 2012 hand out was passed to all Board member’s Time
       line discussed and conference details. Chapter 4 will be doing Center pieces for tables at conference in Aberdeen.

Vice President-Shelly Anderson: Absent Eric Kunzweiler reported:
    Conference gift ordered
    Raffle discussed.

Past President-Robin Thompson: Absent Eric Kunzweiler reported:
    Nomination was made for incoming Vice President and accepted by Tori Wittrock from West Central. Robin is
       going to search for one more nomination.

Secretary/Treasurer-Della Zimmerman:
    Treasurer Report passed out and reviewed by Board members. The Treasurer Report was approved by board.
       Motion was made by Charlotte Pistulka and 2nd by Amy Hartung.

Membership/Certification- Kathy Van Westen
   Current member status … 286 members goal is 293. Certified Members 131. Delinquent members 6.

Legislative-Joni Davis via SKYPE
    February 3, 2012 Legislative Action Event in Pierre. School Buses with lunch in them were passed out to
        Legislators along with information on Today’s School Lunch, The Healthier US Challenge along with a Brain
        Teaser on State Statistics. Evaluation passed out to board members for Pierre Event.. Please return back to Joni
    March 4-7, 2012 LAC in Washington DC. Seven members present to represent South Dakota
      Issues passing of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act and New Meal Pattern Standards.
      The 2012 Legislative Issue Paper was key part of conference. Issues you can relate to: Unpaid lunch bills, School
       Staff members asking for Free and Reduced information on students. Being able to use 10 cents worth of
       commodities in your breakfast program.
    Should there be one contract that all schools use when working with a for-profit management company.
    Concern about cost that is charged to your program from finance office.
    Meeting with SD Congressional delegation was informational Sen Johnson supportive of 10 cents commodities for
       breakfast program.
    April 2012 An indirect cost study is being completed from respondents from around the state to see what the issue
       is for us here in SD. The guidance on 6 cents additional reimbursement for meals is to be coming out soon.
    May2012 Discussion at the Annual Conference in Denver about competitive Foods Regulations.
    July/August State Conference in Aberdeen presentation no decided at this time.
CANS-Jean Schuurmans: Items shared
     Healthier US School Challenge
     SD Model Wellness Policy Revisions
     Salad Bar Training class to be offered at conference in Aberdeen
     Child Nutrition Institute Dates June 17-22, 2012
     Summer Feeding Information
     Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program information
     Harvest of the Month
     Training Opportunity for Hutterite Colony Schools.
     Phyllis Tomkiewicz replaces Cody Stoeser in CANS office.
     New meal pattern workshops have been at Chapter meeting throughout the State.
     Monthly Conference Calls have been helpful
     Computer systems upgrades going on at CANS
     Approving applications for F&RP meals. Infinite Campus has a free module to approve applications.
     Check your claim. Feb 29 may be missing. Check your system. You have until May 29 to file revised claim for
Directors Council-Scott Wahl
    Meeting planned for Tuesday April 17, 2012 at Aberdeen.

Industry-Rick Herland and Barb Gagnon
    Updating Vendor Information as it comes in.
    Hand out regarding Children’s Nutrition and Local Food Sourcing are this year’s hottest topic.
    Working on getting information to vendors for Food Show in Aberdeen.
    Checked out room where Food Show will be held at Aberdeen.

Newsletter- Eric Kunzweiler:
    Deadline April 20, 2012

Chapter Presidents:
   1. Tammy Stanford: Winter meeting March 24, 2012. Members participated in New Meal Pattern Training presented
       by Mary Kirk and Sami Beilke from CANS office. Janelle P. will be new Chapter president. She will take the
       position over at Spring meeting. A motion was made by Kathy VanWesten and 2nd by Charlotte Pistulka to accept
       Janelle’s position as President of Chapter 1. Next meeting will be May 3, 2012.Topic will be Team Building
   2. OPEN
   3. Tammy Ripplinger: Will be meeting on April 24, 2012 at Watertown.
   4. Connie Hlavac: Chapter meeting is April 19, 2012. President Eric Kunzweiler will attend. Chapter Realignment
   5. Sean Moen: No Report
   6. Sherri Sand: No Report
   7. Brenda Peterson: Chapter meeting was March 22, 2012 CANS presentation on new Regulations. Promoting
       membership drive. Have prizes planned. 1st prize State Conference Registration, 2nd prize Hy-Vee gift card, 3rd
       prize SNASD Association Cookbook.
   8. Open
   9. Amy Hartung: New menu planning discussed. Jean Schuurmans presented.
   10. Robyn Pyner: Absent
   11. Karla Sawvell:Absent
   12. Mary Jane Short: Chapter meeting was March 26, 2012. President Eric Kunzweiler attended. Chapter Realignment
       was discussed. Talked about Healthier US School Challenge, State Conference in Aberdeen, and Certification
       Institute in Sioux Falls at Augusta College.
Old Business:
    SNASD Tax Status Update: Everything has been done. All back taxes paid. We are a new Corporation School
       Nutrition Association of South Dakota.
    Chapter Realignment Task Force Update: Lots of discussion at Chapter meetings. Interest in trying it. No final
       decisions have been made.
    Executive Director Task Force Update: This person would be hired by the SNASD. Salary would be $6,000. 00
       per year. Plan to interview after Conference 2012.
    Other Old Business: None
New Business:
    Policy and Procedure Manual: Executive Board members went through the manual and made changes.
    Conference 2012 Planning: Ex Board went through Conference details for Aberdeen Conference. Also toured
       Aberdeen facility.
    Fundraiser: Raffle planned for Conference for fundraiser. Will be detailed in newsletter.
    Chapter Tax Filing Procedures: Plan to have form for Chapters to follow to submit to accountant when taxes are
    Other New Business: None

   Good of the Order: By Charlotte Pistulka


   Respectfully Submitted,

   Della Zimmerman

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