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					Welcome To Pink Papaya!

Welcome! I am so excited that you have picked pink papaya!
I have put together this file to help you get your business started. I will teach you how to
host a pink papaya spa party, give you a few tricks of the trade, and pointers on how to
grow your business and your team so that you get the best out of this fabulous opportunity!
I also want you to know that I am available for any questions you might have along the
way, so I will start out by giving you all of my contact information
Erin Keys
Executive Regional Vice President
Located in Good Ole Indianapolis, Indiana

So take a few minutes and read through the information that I am sharing with you and
most of all GOOD LUCK on your Pink Papaya venture! You are in the Right Place at the
Right Time!
Getting Started with Pink Papaya
So you have your kit, you have tested all the wonderful products…now what?
~Invite all of your friends and family over for a Pink Papaya open house! Friends and
family are usually very supportive and are willing to host shows for you so that you can
get your business off the ground.
~Get on the internet. The internet is an AMAZING place to share Pink Papaya! With
all of the social networking sites that are just full of women who are looking for a
career that will keep them at home and making money. These are my favorite sites to
Facebook, myspace, twitter, cafemom, linkedin, and of coarse blogging! Set up a blog,
people really do read blogs! Here is my Pink Papa blog
~Place a small ad. If you do any sort of advertising I would definitely do that online.
Why? When people google pink papaya you will come up in the google searches and that
is how a lot of people find pink papaya! Go ahead and google pink papaya! See what
comes up. There are a lot of sites that have monthly advertising for around 5.00 Or
yearly for around 70.00 Don’t spend a fortune.
~Word of mouth. Wherever you go, who ever you talk to try to bring up pink papaya 2
times during the conversation. That will open a wealth of opportunity for you to share
pink papaya!
What to do at your party
I am going to do a complete run down of exactly what I do at my pink
papaya parties, and give you some product tips along the way!

 For the foot soaks, I just went to the dollar store and bought the plastic dish
 tubs and they work great and are easy to clean with bleach. Fill the tubs
 with warm water and have your guests sit down and place their feet in the
 tub with just warm water.

 I like to start off simply by introducing myself and welcoming everyone! I
 give everyone a folder that contains a catalog, order form, monthly specials and a
 career opportunity flyer. I tell them what we have in the folder, and I tell them
 that the catalog is set up by product lines.

 Have your Himalayan Salt Soak and walk around to each of the guests and sprinkle
 some in their foot tub, while explaining that this is our Himalayan Salt Bath Soak
 which is in our aromatherapy line. It contains 18 minerals that are essential to
 human life and works through reverse osmosis right in your bath water while you
 are relaxing. It replenishes lost nutrients, and hydrates your body. All of the
 products in our aromatherapy line come in 3 100% pure essential oil blends of
 lavender sweet orange, grapefruit bergamot, and vanilla sandalwood. (at this time
 I pass around a body wash in each of our aromatherapy scents so they can
 experience all the smells. Body washes are the easiest to pass around)
Now it is time to scrub your feet!
Grab your Blackberry Fig Foot Scrub and a spatula and walk around and place a small
amount in their hands for their first foot. When they are done scrubbing their first one
then walk around and place another small amount for the opposite foot. You can explain
that this is made with organic brown sugar, and the sugar crystals in our foot scrub are
larger for those tougher areas on the feet. Once they are done scrubbing have them rinse
their feet and dry them with the towel that you have placed under their foot tub.

Now walk around and give them a small amount of our Blackberry Fig Hand and Foot Mask
and have them apply to each foot. They can place their feet on the towel to dry for about
5 minutes.

While they are drying, I pass around body wash in each of our body and bath line scents
and explain that our body and bath line consists of body butters, body lotion, body wash,
sugar scrubs, 100% soy candles, and come in our signature scents. By the time all the body
wash has been passed around it should be time to rinse the mask off their feet. Have
them rinse and dry, then place a small amount of our Foot Crème With Sweet Almond Oil
in their hand and have them apply that to their feet. They can choose from Sweet Amber
or Fig Leaves. That finishes the foot scrubs.

Now for the Skincare and this is where I spend most of my time, because this is the line
that you are really going to get your repeat customers. When you find skincare that you
like you keep using it.
I always offer our facial mask for everyone to try. A lot of times people come to the party
with makeup on and don’t want to take it off, so don’t be offended if they don’t want to try
the mask. If they do, have them apply it lightly, let it dry for 5-10 minutes, rinse with the
facial wash that goes with their skin type, and moisturize with the correct moisturizer.

I love our hydrate facial gel and it continues to be a best seller. Pass that around and have
them try it on the top of their hand so they can feel how amazing and lightweight it is. It
has a matte texture and because of this it works great as a makeup base as well! (great
selling point) It works wonders for oily skin, but is also great for all skin types.

The under eye treatment gel is also a great seller. You can pass this around and have them
try it for themselves either under their eye or on the skin that is in between your thumb
and pointer finger, this is the skin that is most comparable to the under eye skin. You can
also tell them that they can store it in the fridge for a nice cooling treatment and when ever
they need a boost they can apply, and it feels amazing!

I also pass around the Triple Defense Protection SPF 15 and let them try that as well. That
is also a wonderful moisturizer for all skin types, with the added benefit of SPF 15.

In the skincare line is also our hand and foot treatments, which includes the foot treatment
products that were just used, and the hand scrub and shea butter hand cream. (which will be
used at the kitchen or bath room sink at the end of the party)
Now we are done with all the products except the makeup, which you can tell
everyone that they are free to sample all of the color line (make sure and have q-
tips, and things for them to sample with) You can have everyone go to the sink
where the hand scrubs will be done.

Place a small amount of the Cranberry Orange on DRY hands and scrub for 30
seconds. Rinse off and dry. Place a TINY amount of the shea butter hand cream in
their hands to finish this treatment. Their hands will feel and smell refreshed!

You can tell everyone that they are free to sample any of your display products,
and that you are here to answer any questions. You can take their orders as they
are ready. Make sure and ask if they would be interested in hosting a show and
earning FREE products when you are taking their order!

                   Product Knowledge
                   In your kit is your product guide. This is a VERY important part of
                   learning your products so that you are able to answer questions that
                   people may have. Make sure and have your product guide at every
                   Take a few minutes each night and read through the product guide.
Closing your Pink papaya Party
I will start off by saying that when you do this make sure you have some time, and patience.
When closing your show make sure and use the January 08 presentation that is located in your
Virtual Office. If you follow the presentation Step By Step, you will do just fine. As always, I
am here if you get stuck or have any questions along the way. I promise the 2nd show you close
will be much easier!

Using your Virtual Office
This is where you log in with your password and ID number. It is your home base, and contains
all of your info on your personal sales, downline sales, and commissions. There are a lot of
great tools under marketing, that are free for you to download and print off. So make sure
and take a few minutes to check out each tab located at the top of the virtual office.

Once again, WELCOME! I hope this information will help you to excel at Pink Papaya! Good
Erin Keys
Executive Regional Vice President

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