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									March 2011

Dear Applicant


Thank you for your interest in the above position.

This is an exciting time for Gingerbread – in a difficult financial climate we are
working towards reaching even more single parents, increasing the reach of our
support services, and campaigning to influence the issues that matter to single

We are a relatively small charity, but we enjoy an excellent reputation, thanks to our
highly committed and skilled staff. You can find out more about the charity at

I am pleased to enclose the following:
 Application form
 Job description and person specification
 Further information
 Terms and Conditions for this post
 Equal opportunities monitoring form

We welcome applications from candidates with a disability, and will make reasonable
adjustments necessary. Please note that we are located in first floor offices, which
are accessed by stairs.

Should you wish to apply for this position please email your completed application to stating your name and the post you are applying for
in the subject line. Alternatively, you may post your completed application to Jane
Stern, HR Manager, Gingerbread, 255 Kentish Town Road, London, NW5 2LX. In
order to minimise our administration costs, we can only respond to shortlisted

Closing date for applications is Friday 25 March 2011 at 5pm. Interviews will take
place on Friday 1 April.

Please do not hesitate to contact Tracey Royal, PA / Office Manager on 020 7428
5420 if you have any queries or would like to have a conversation with me about the

Yours sincerely

Fiona Weir
Chief Executive
Gingerbread Job Description

Job Title:             Director of Fundraising and Supporter Relations

Responsible To:        Chief Executive

Responsible For:       Fundraising team (which includes Major Donor Manager,
                       Fundraising Researcher, Trust Fundraiser and 1 vacant post)
                       Membership team (which includes the Membership
                       Development Manager and Membership Assistant)

Overall Purpose of the Post
The post holder is a member of the corporate Senior Management Team, and will
contribute to organisational leadership at a strategic level, attending meetings of the
Board of Trustees, and representing the organisation externally.

The post holder will work towards and champion Gingerbread’s vision of a society in
which single parent families are valued and where they and their children are treated
equally and fairly, and our mission of achieving change through championing the
voices and needs of single parents, and providing support services.

The Director of Fundraising and Supporter relations has overall responsibility for:

    -   Leading Gingerbread’s income generation and fundraising activity.

    -   Development and implementation of a robust fundraising strategy to generate
        adequate resources to deliver the charity’s strategic objectives.

    -   Building strong relationships with the charity’s supporters including corporate
        partners, major donors, trusts, and individual donors.

    -   Managing, motivating and developing staff within the department and
        supporting teams across the organisation to generate income.

    -   Responsibility for growing and building good relationships with Gingerbread’s
        membership and network of Gingerbread groups.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Organisational Leadership

    a. To champion the vision, mission and values of the charity, internally and

    b. To assist the Chief Executive in the formulation of organisational strategy and
       plans, as a member of Senior Management Team

    c. To contribute to the overall management of the organisation including
       development and implementation of processes, systems, and structures
       which contribute to achievement of the organisation’s aims.
     d. To actively promote the organisation internally and externally, and contribute
        to building the organisation’s profile in the media and with key supporter

2.      Planning

     a. To set strategic objectives for fundraising and develop and implement
        departmental plans that deliver the overall strategy

     b. To ensure that targets, ratios and KPIs are set and the work of the
        department is evaluated, monitored and reported effectively, working closely
        with the Finance Director to ensure detailed and accurate forecasting.

     c. To identify opportunities and risks relating to Gingerbread’s development

3.      Income Generation and supporter relations

     a. To build new relationships with corporate partners that generate significant
        increases in income particularly for the organisation’s advice and information

     b. To develop a successful major donor programme able to make an increased
        and sustained contribution to organisational income

     c. To maintain and grow the success of our institutional fundraising, in particular

     d. To build our potential to diversify our funding sources and bring in other
        sources of income.

     e. To grow the membership and ensure Gingerbread engages effectively with

4.      External representation, relationships and expertise

     a. To represent the organisation effectively, building profile, networking and
        maintaining good relationships with institutional and individual donors and

     b. To maintain an external focus, providing a source of expertise within the
        organisation on developments affecting fundraising, ensuring the organisation
        responds appropriately to these.

5.      Managing Resources

     a. To maintain an overview of the organisation’s financial position, responding
        appropriately to developments and contributing to the development of the
        annual budget.

     b. To maintain an overview of income generation across the organisation,
        setting targets for fundraising, developing the departmental budget, tracking
        and managing performance against budget, and taking responsibility for
        meeting targets and ensuring resources are used effectively.
     c. To ensure the fundraising pipeline is up to date and that the organisation has
        quality information on likely timing and level of risk associated with planned
        fundraising initiatives.

     d. To ensure that fundraising databases are used effectively to ensure
        appropriate recording of information on supporters and contacts, and quality
        analysis of the effectiveness of initiatives.

6.      Managing People

     a. To recruit, motivate, and manage the performance and workload of staff,
        teams and volunteers in the department

     b. To work actively to support the development of staff within the department,
        providing support and opportunities from training, coaching, and by delegating

     c. To support an open management style, communicating management
        information well and encouraging staff to contribute to shaping the

7. Corporate Responsibilities

     a. To champion and promote equal opportunities and diversity both in your area
        of work and the wider organisation.

     b. To maintain awareness and ensure compliance with corporate policies
        including health and safety and data protection

     c. To actively contribute to organisational cohesion, encouraging cross-team
        working, and a problem solving approaches.

     d. To take personal responsibility for keeping up to date with issues affecting
        lone parents, and the work of the charity

     e. To take a flexible approach to work and duties and carry out other duties as
        directed by the CEO
Person Specification Director of Fundraising

A Track Record of Fundraising Success
   A proven track record of successful fundraising from a diverse range of sources,
   using a variety of methods, delivering income budgets on or above target.

   Excellent understanding and appropriate experience of a range of fundraising
   approaches. We would particularly value strong experience in working with major
   donors and companies.

   Significant experience of successful bids, funding applications, appeals, and
   pitches to secure funds.

   Excellent ability to think creatively, and identify new fundraising opportunities.

Communication skills
  Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with ability to produce high
  standard reports, grant proposals and to pitch for funds to a range of audiences
  including funding bodies, corporates, high profile supporters, politicians, staff,
  Trustees and lone parents.

   A passionate and persuasive fundraiser able to communicate the experience of
   single parent families, how Gingerbread improves their lives and to ask for funds.

Strategic and planning abilities
   Excellent ability to develop and implement a vision, strategies and plans, manage
   risk and monitor implementation, taking into account internal and external factors.

   Understanding of organisational and charity finance and fundraising environment
   and the external context affecting membership organisations.

   Excellent ability to set and meet growth and expenditure targets, produce quality
   management information and KPIs, and manage departmental budgets.

Managing People
  Substantial experience of managing teams, with the ability to lead change,
  motivate and support staff and managers, delegating and managing busy

   Understanding the issues faced by frontline staff working with single parents and
   staff working with VIPs and celebrities.

   Proven ability to build and develop strong relationships internally and externally,
   including with major institutional and individual donors.

   Well networked and in touch with developments that impact on the work of the
   A commitment to the work of Gingerbread and to improving the lives of 1.9 million
   single parent families.

   Ability to use IT systems and packages that will assist in your role.

   Highly developed understanding of equality and diversity and how it affects the
Director of Fundraising

Further Information for Candidates

Gingerbread is recruiting a Fundraising and Supporter Relations Director. The post
holder will have responsibility for Trusts, Corporate, Individuals, Major Donor and
Events fundraising. The post holder will also have responsibility for Gingerbread’s
membership and groups team.

Gingerbread has a Business Development Unit that has successfully generated high
levels of income mainly for training contracts with M&S, Barclaycard, welfare to work
providers and local authorities.

The post holder is a member of the Senior Management Team, reporting to the Chief
Executive and attending meetings of the Board of Trustees.

Given Gingerbread’s size and needs, while senior managers need to operate at a
strategic level, senior managers also need to deliver a significant amount of
operational work directly – meeting and pitching to potential funders, writing bids, etc.

This role would particularly suit candidates:

   committed to improving the lives of single parent families
   with middle management level fundraising experience across a range of funding
    sectors seeking their first senior management role
   a senior manager attracted by the challenge of developing new areas of
    fundraising from a low base and to the faster pace and relative speed of decision
    making in a smaller charity


Gingerbread is the lead charity working with and for single parent families. 1 in 4
children grow up in single parent families, experiencing unacceptable levels of
poverty, disadvantage and stigma.

Gingerbread provides expert information and advice to single parents, including a
national Helpline. Our single parent membership is currently about 25,000, and we
have about 60 Gingerbread peer support groups. We offer a range of training
opportunities to build confidence, skills and support single parents into work. We
provide a strong campaigning voice for single parents. Gingerbread’s name
recognition is high, and both the quality of our services and the influence of our policy
work are well respected.

Gingerbread will end this financial year in a strong financial position. Diversifying our
income base, which is highly dependent on statutory funding, is a priority, and a
challenge given how highly competitive the funding environment is for all charities at
the moment. The new Director of Fundraising will need to be creative and energetic,
and respond with innovation to the difficult economic climate.


Gingerbread has a small fundraising team – currently consisting of a Major donor
manager (full time), a Trust fundraiser (full time) and a Fundraising researcher (0.6).
There is budget provision for 1 additional post and a fixed term contract for a year.
The Membership team consists of a Membership Development Manager and one

The team has a CRM database, Progress, that requires development work so that it
is used more effectively and the quality of data improved.

Gingerbread has an effective Board of Trustees, a number reasonably well
connected, and a Development Board, which brings together some well-connected

Current income streams

Statutory - Grant                          822,749        26%
Statutory - Contract                       760,788        24%
Corporate funded training progs            717,965        23%
Corporate                                   90,091         3%
Trusts                                     196,328         6%
Individuals                                 34,839         1%
Membership                                  26,875         1%
Publications                                59,660         2%
Volant                                     400,000        13%
Interest                                    16,233         1%

Statutory – This is a high performing area for Gingerbread where we have a strong
track record.

Trusts - Our trust fundraising is performing well and meeting targets.

Major donors - We receive a sizeable grant each year from the Trust of our President
JK Rowling, and we are fortunate to have a good list of Vice Presidents and
Ambassadors. Recent activity has included successful cultivation events, and there
is good scope for development in this area.

Corporates – We receive contract income for specific projects with M&S and
Barclaycard, and have also received significant support from RBS. There is likely to
be scope for further growth in this area.

Individuals - Donations have been steady but very low over the past 5 years. We also
receive some income from membership donations. We have not focussed on this
area in recent years, and therefore building an individual donor base would require a
fresh start.

Additionally we have small income streams from Legal Friends of Gingerbread and
donations from Trade Unions.

Next steps

As an organisation we need to build on the areas of fundraising where we are
performing well, as well as turning around the areas of fundraising which are
currently not showing a return on investment, aware that we may need to focus
initially on one or two areas.
Director of Fundraising

Terms and Conditions

This information has been prepared to give you an overview of the terms and
conditions of employment that are relevant to this particular post. Every care has
been taken to ensure that the details are correct, but they are not to be regarded as
part of any contract of employment.

The salary for this post is from £51,000 - £55,000 per annum FTE. For part time
employees, the salary will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis. A cost of living review of
salaries will occur each year.

Hours of Work
This post is full time. We would consider appointing an excellent candidate on a part
time basis, for a minimum of 28 hours per week, and would also consider job share.
Staff may work their hours flexibly in accordance with our flexitime policy from
Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 6pm.

This post is based in our office on Kentish Town Road.

Annual leave
Full time staff are entitled to 28 days leave per year and all public holidays.
Entitlements are pro-rata for part time staff. In addition, our offices are closed
between Christmas and New Year, and staff are not required to work between these

Sick pay
Gingerbread sick pay is linked to length of service. Entitlement starts with 1 week’s
pay in your first three months of service, and rises to 6 weeks’ pay per 12 month
period during your first year of employment. This rises according to length of service
to a maximum of 26 weeks’ pay per 12 month period after two years’ service.

Work life balance policies
Gingerbread understands the demands on working parents, and staff balancing
personal commitments with work. We are proud of our range of policies to support
staff, which include dependent care leave, flexitime, enhanced maternity and
paternity provisions, working at home, flexible working and sabbatical leave.

Gingerbread contributes 5% of gross salary per employee to its own employers’
pension scheme. This is open to all staff after three months’ employment. Staff are
expected to make a minimum contribution of 1.25%.

All appointments are subject to receipt of satisfactory references.

Probationary Period
The first 6 months of your employment will be a probationary period, during which
you will be expected to demonstrate your suitability for the post. During the
probationary period your work and role will be reviewed with your line manager, and
if you meet the required standard you will be confirmed in post.
Further Information
If candidates have any queries relating to the above terms and conditions, please
contact Jane Stern, HR Manager on 020 7428 5785.
                                                               255 Kentish Town Road
                                                                     London NW5 2LX
                                                                    Tel: 020 7428 5400
Please type this form or write clearly in black ink. This form is available on our
website to download in MS Word format.

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By signing this application you give consent for Gingerbread to process sensitive and
other personal data for the purposes of recruitment and selection, including the
taking up of references.

I declare I have completed this application truthfully and I understand I will be liable
for disciplinary action should any information later be found to be false following

Signed                                                Date
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                                                              Job Title, Hours and Salary

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Previous Employment
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of employer                                                   Reason for leaving
Please provide details of your education and list of any qualifications gained, starting
with the most recent.

  Date            School or College                 Qualifications                 Grade
Training Courses Attended

Why are you interested in this job? What aspects of the job description and the work
of Gingerbread attract you particularly?
Relevant experience and knowledge
The job description and person specification list key areas of knowledge, skills and
experience essential for this post, which will be used to shortlist applications. Please
tell us in this section how your knowledge, skills and experience match each item in
the person specification. Where possible, give actual examples to demonstrate your
experience. You may use experience gained in voluntary work or other activities as
well as paid work. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary.
Is there anything else you wish to tell us about you or your suitability for this post?

Please give the names of two people who will give references for you. One must be
your current or most recent employer or an academic reference if this is your first job.
The other reference should be from someone who knows you in a professional
capacity not a friend or relative. References will not be taken up prior to a job offer.
                1.   Present or most recent
                                                           2.    Second Referee


                     Can we approach this referee               Can we approach this referee
                      immediately after interview?               immediately after interview?
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Have you ever been convicted of If yes, please provide details on a separate sheet.
            a criminal offence?

                                          Yes         No
      Eligibility to work in the UK?
                                       Please provide details:

        How much notice are you
   required to give to your current
Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

We strive to provide equality of opportunity in employment. It would help us to assess
our progress in implementing our Diversity and Equality policy if you would provide
the following information.

Completion of this form is optional, and it will not be seen by the sifting or interview

How would you describe your ethnic origin?
Please highlight appropriate group.

Asian or Asian British
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Chinese or other ethnic group
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Mixed Heritage
 White and Black Caribbean
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 Any other mixed background

 British
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 Other white

Age ……………… years

Are you?
 Male
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Please tell us about any illness or disability

If you do not answer these questions, it will not affect your application. Any
information you provide will be treated in confidence.
Have you decided not to apply?

Gingerbread is keen to ensure that our recruitment is as effective and as fair as

If you have decided not to apply for the job after receiving the application pack it
would be very helpful for us to know why.

Possible reasons why you decided not to apply might be:

   You do not think the person specification matches the description of the job given
    in the original advert.
   You do not think the person specification is appropriate for you.
   You have already been appointed to another post.
   You think that your application would not be treated fairly – please explain why if
    you think this is the case.

Please tell us why you decided not to apply in the box below or email Please send to Jane Stern, HR Manager,
Gingerbread, 255 Kentish Town Road, London, NW5 2LX.

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