JOB DESCRIPTION
I.     Title of Position:      Administrative Assistant-Executive Director
II.    Job Classification: Full-time- Non-Exempt
III.   Accountability:       Is directly responsible to the Executive Director

IV.   Essential Function: The Administrative Assistant is responsible for performing all
administrative duties as assigned by the Executive Director

V.     Relevance to the Mission: The Administrative Assistant implements the Mission by
providing administrative service and support, enabling the YWCA to provide varied programs
and services to meet the needs people from all ethnic, racial and economic backgrounds.
VI.    Relationships:

       A. Works closely with the Executive Director to assist with all YWCA business as
       B. Relates to volunteers by supporting Board, committee activity, and YWCA
          community events.
       C. Relates professionally to all members, guests, volunteers and staff.
       D. Supports department activities as assigned by ED
       E. Provides back up to front desk area

VII.   Responsibilities:

        Records Keeping:

       A. Generates all materials needed for meetings, events, and programs including but
          not limited to mailing labels, name tags, etc.
       B. Maintains Personnel Policy handbook.
       C. Maintains Management handbook and management meeting record book
       D. Maintains Board(s) notebooks and minutes.
       E. Assures all appropriate thank you’s are sent by appropriate personnel

        Board(s) and Meeting Responsibilities

       A.   Manages all meeting preparations as assigned by ED
       B.   Prepares member notebooks
       C.   Supports committees and events as assigned
       D.   Attends meetings and takes minutes as assigned by the Executive Director

        Fundraising programs

       A. Assists the Executive Director with activities related to YWCA fundraising

VIII   Qualifications:

       A. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office
       B. Confidentiality required
       C. Strong organizational skills

                                                                                       May 2012
      D. A professional demeanor which promotes high quality public relations and
         implementation of the YWCA Mission
      E. Demonstrated ability to work individually or in groups
      F. Flexibility in accepting a wide variety of responsibilities

IX.   Condition of Employment:
      A. High School Diploma/GED and demonstrated administrative support duty experience
      B. Written acceptance of Personnel policies
      C. Regular attendance

Employee Signature                              Date

                                                                                    May 2012

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