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					                                                                  The St John and Red Cross
DMWS                                                          Defence Medical Welfare service

                  Administrative Assistant Job Description
Job Title:             Administrative Assistant (Part time)

Establishment:         Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS)

Responsible to:        Office Manager/Welfare Manager (UK)/Welfare Manager (Germany/Cyprus)

Annual Salary:      This is a part-time post working 13hrs per week. The hourly rate is £10.00
                    per hour. Days worked to be decided by manager.

Post Location:         Andover, Hampshire.

Key Relationships:

                   INTERNAL                                            EXTERNAL
 Chief Executive                                      External Stakeholders
 Director Corporate Services
 Welfare Managers
 Office Manager
 Senior Welfare Officers
 All other staff

Brief Description of Job:

The Administrative Assistant is part of a team responsible for helping to provide an
efficient and accessible administration service to support the smooth running and effective
management of the DMWS Headquarters. The Administrative Assistant will need to
maintain a clear picture of the service provided and the role of each department – by
carrying out all of the generic tasks listed below. The job role requires both efficiency and
well-developed personal skills.

Key Responsibilities

      To assist in the management and implementation of DMWS administration.

     To know where DMWS policies are kept and to be aware of and follow their
contents. This includes adhering to all DMWS practices, policies and processes.

      To be a representative of DMWS Ethos and Values to the outside world and act as
a role model to other staff.

      To contribute to making the admin team effective. This involves supporting other
members of the team and helping to build positive relationships. You must be willing to
give and receive constructive feedback aimed at developing the quality of relationships
and team performance.

      To plan, organise and carry out your work to meet the requirements of the
Office/Welfare Manager for whom you work. This will involve continually looking for ways

                                                            The St John and Red Cross
DMWS                                                    Defence Medical Welfare service

to improve systems and your own performance, identifying and addressing any training
which may help to achieve this.

      To assist in the coordination and despatch of returns, including word processing
and dispatching.

     To answer telephone enquiries and act as a focal point for DMWS matters in the
absence of managers.

    To deal with mail, both incoming and outgoing, as per the procedure set out for the
company, maintaining the appropriate levels of confidentiality.

     To maintain both electronic and hard copy files and emails as required.

      To be responsible for initiating, filing, photocopying and dispatching of all
authoritative letters to Units and other establishments with regard to DMWS matters.

     To compile and dispatch weekly location statistics.

     To coordinate, control and purchase of all stationery requirements for office.

     To compile, organise and maintain the electronic diary of the manager.

     To proof read annually and update MOU’s and protocols.

     To contribute to effective communications by:

      o   the use and update of diaries, notice boards, meetings and any other methods
          used within the office and by;

      o   actively providing/seeking information from managers and other staff, by
          checking notice boards, diaries and attending meetings as required, and by;

      o   keeping other admin staff informed, giving out information in a clear, legible,
          objective and professional manner, in a variety of ways, using the appropriate
          level of confidentiality.

      o   making best use of technology, IT, fax, telephones and video conferencing.

     To report if any office equipment is not in good working order.

     To attend welfare meetings and other meetings in the absence of the managers.

     To check and file personnel records and appraisals.

     To maintain DMWS nominal/postal rolls.

     To carry out, as and when required, any additional tasks and responsibilities as are
      reasonably compatible with this job description and its objectives.

                                                                  The St John and Red Cross
DMWS                                                          Defence Medical Welfare service


1.     Leadership

1.1   To be committed to creating a learning organisation culture committed to continuous

2.     People Management

2.1    To advise the Office/Welfare Manager of areas of reduced performance and to work
collaboratively to improve and restore efficiency.

3.     Accountability

3.1    To support the Office/Welfare Manager and deputise as required.

3.2   Liaise closely with Welfare Managers to ensure the effective delivery of the administrative
elements of the welfare service.

3.3    To recognise the limitations of personal knowledge, skills and experience and the
importance of working within the bounds of competence at all times.

3.4   To be accountable to the Chief Executive DMWS for all activities undertaken as an
Administrative Assistant.

3.5    To be responsible to Office/Welfare Manager and accountable to the CEO on a day-to-day

4.     Continuous Professional Development

4.1    To recognise the need for on-going education and training to fulfil the requirements of the
       Administrative Assistant role, in line with the DMWS policies.

4.2    To participate in the DMWS Performance Appraisal Review process.

4.3    To participate in training, according to the level of his/her own competence and experience.


5.     To work from other locations, if required according to the Service need.

6.    To undertake any other duties commensurate with the role, within the bounds of his/her
own competence.

7.     To be able to drive to a competent level including driving in rural and city environments.


8.     Adhere to the Code of Practice and Conduct policies for DMWS.

9.     To carry out other duties as may be required by the Office/Welfare Manager.

10.     The above list is not exhaustive and the post holder may be expected to undertake other
duties that can reasonably be expected of an Administrative Assistant of the DMWS.

                                                                     The St John and Red Cross
DMWS                                                             Defence Medical Welfare service


11.   This job description will be subject to review from time to time. Any amendments will be
made in consultation with the post holder.


12.      The company has adopted a Standards of Conduct Policy which reflects DMWS
Management Guidelines. It is the responsibility of staff to ensure that they do not abuse their
official position for personal gain or seek to advantage or further private business or other interests
in the course of their official duties.

13.    All staff must declare to their manager all private interests which could potentially result in
personal gain as a consequence of their position. Interests, which might appear to be in conflict,
should also be declared.


14.     All matters relating to clients’ health and personal affairs are strictly confidential. You must
not divulge or act in a way that is likely to cause such information to be divulged to any
unauthorised person.

15.     If in doubt, please refer to your manager for guidance. Breaches of confidentiality may lead
to disciplinary action, including dismissal. All staff are expected to respect the requirements under
the Data Protection Act 1998 and observe the DMWS policies on IT and email security.


16.     DMWS is committed to producing good quality data which it sees as an integral part of this
role. Commitment to producing good quality data is essential and responsibility lies with all who
record, manage and monitor the information whether their role in the Company is management,
technical or clerical.


17.     It is the general duty of every employee to take reasonable care for the health and safety of
himself/herself and others who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions at work, including the
use of necessary safety devices and protective clothing and co-operate with management in
meeting its responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work etc., Act 1974. Any failure to take
such care or any contravention of safety policy or managerial instructions may result in disciplinary
action being taken.

18.   All employees are required to participate in the Company’s accident/incident reporting
system and to comply with the DMWS procedures and techniques for managing risks.


19.    DMWS is committed to the identification of training needs through a system of appraisal and in-
house training in line with the DMWS standards to meet organisational, statutory and personal
development needs.


20.     You are required to comply with the DMWS policy on implementation of the Working Time
Regulations, including declaration of hours worked and breaks taken, completing written records if
required and reporting any instances where your pattern of working hours may constitute a health and
                                                                                          The St John and Red Cross
DMWS                                                                                  Defence Medical Welfare service

safety risk to yourself, patients, the public and other DMWS employees. You have the right not to be
subjected to any unlawful detriment by reporting any concerns under the Regulations.

21.      You are required to disclose any additional work you undertake or are planning to undertake for
another employer. The DMWS will permit you to undertake this additional work providing the Company
is satisfied that this does not conflict with the interests of the organisation, performance of your normal
duties or with the requirements of the Working Time Regulations. The DMWS also recognises that it
has a responsibility for your health and welfare.


22.      The DMWS operates a 'No Smoking Policy'. Employees are not permitted to smoke anywhere
within the DMWS' buildings or sites.

This organisation is committed to Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and
vulnerable adults and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Prepared by Director Corporate Services:                                                              Date: 12 March 2012

Jobholder: ...................................... Signed: ....................................... Date: .....................

Manager: ........................................ Signed: ...................................... Date: ....................

                                                                  The St John and Red Cross
DMWS                                                          Defence Medical Welfare service

                                    PERSON SPECIFICATION

                                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT

                       Essential Criteria                                       Measured by
                                                                     Application Form    Interview

    Minimum GCSE Maths and English (Grade C or above).                     

    An ability to prioritise, plan and organise work whilst in a           
     busy environment.
    Good problem solving skills.                                           
    Proven IT skills including Microsoft Office.                           
    An ability to deal appropriately with sensitive and difficult          
    Significant experience in filing systems, both paper and               

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
      Knowledge of key current issues within MOD.                                            
      Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills.                               
      Appropriate written communication skills.                            
      Self-motivated.                                                                       
      Adaptable/flexible approach to work.                                                   
      Team Player.                                                         
      To ensure all travel and accommodation arrangements                  
       are booked and information distributed effectively.

Special Aptitudes
    Personal energy and resilience.                                                          
    Ability to work to corporate aims without losing touch with                              
     day to day service delivery.
    Developing and maintaining effective office systems and                
    Current full driving licence.                                          
    Knowledge of Service life.                                                               
    Willingness to work flexibly in response to changing                   
     operational and organisational requirements.


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