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									Pressemeldung - press release

Everything under control from the TV – with Moeller's TVolutionX

Schrems, March 2008 – From now on, all lighting sources and
Xcomfort RF installation loads can be easily controlled at home
through the TV set while sitting on the couch. A collaboration between
Moeller and the companies TARA Systems GmbH and KATHREIN-
Werke KG have made this possible. This new benchmark in comfort
and ease will first be admired at this year's Light+Building Trade Show
in Frankfurt.

My home is my castle – there is hardly a single home that doesn't have at
least one television set as part of its basic equipment. Watching TV is
considered as one of the most popular forms of leisure entertainment and
an important source of information. Thanks to Moeller it can now be more
than this. All electrically-controlled home functions and RF installation loads
can now be operated from a menu on a receiver that has a so-called
eHome function. In this manner, the user can comfortably view and control
his entire surroundings from the couch at all times, without missing even a
second of his television programme.

The lightness of being
Moeller has made a firm commitment to offering its customers the highest
level of comfort in addition to exemplary safety and trend-setting energy
management. Moeller meets this demand with superbly structured, high-
performance products and solutions from the Xcomfort RF system for
building automation. As the central control unit for all components of a
Moeller comfort installation, the Room Manager is supported by the newest
software application, TVolutionX, from the home's TV set.
Everything that is shown and can be controlled from the Room Manager's
display can also be viewed on the TV screen in HD quality, thanks to
TVolutionX. Even with smaller television models, the screen's diameter is
significantly larger than the Room Manager's display, offering a large-
screen view of the building's functions. The overview of Moeller’s Xcomfort
RF installation is of panoramic proportions in the giant-screen TVs that are
currently finding their way into viewers' living rooms. Homeowners do not
Pressemeldung - press release

only obtain wonderful views, however. Now all RF components can be
visualised and controlled on the TV set. The new demand on comfort in
handling building automation is the future trend of modern living. This
system is characterised specially: it is the simple usability on the TV screen
in high definition quality. Both young techies and the elderly, who can enjoy
their Indian summer, benefit from the multimedia terminal.
The user gains full control over his dominions thanks to the remote control,
which also makes daily life much easier, particularly for older or even
bedridden persons.

Strong partners from the high-tech sector
Moeller searched for strong communications technology partners for the
purpose of visualisation and control of the RF components on the TV
screen, and found such partners in TARA Systems GmbH of Munich, and
KATHREIN Werke KG of Rosenheim.
The combination of the operator interface by TARA, the UFS-910 satellite
receiver by KATHREIN, upon which the operator interface can run, as well
as Moeller’s Xcomfort RF installation, has created the revolutionary
application TVolutionX.

TVolutionX – the next generation of building control by Xcomfort
The first step toward TVolutionX – should the homeowner not own one – is
procuring a Moeller Xcomfort RF installation, as well as the communication
interface. The second step is downloading the corresponding software
TVolutionX through Moeller’s internet portal which is installed in the
KATHREIN receiver, a software that enriches the receiver's menu program
with its "eHome" item. The connection between RF installation and the
receiver will be established with the communication interface, which is
connected via an USB port.
The main user features can be found, in turn, under eHome. Under the
menu item "Settings", all actuators and sensors that are to be displayed in
the "device overview" can be selected. Subsequently, the status of the
configured sensors (e.g. a temperature sensor) can be read here in actual
values (outside temperature). In terms of the defined actuators (e.g. the
dimmer), not only is their status displayed (ON / OFF / dimming
Pressemeldung - press release

percentage), but they can also be directly controlled - quite comfortably we
must say, with the receiver's remote control, while enjoying some relaxing
TV viewing.
But we are not stopping here. Under the "Profile" item, target values for
multiple actuators can be individually combined and put into execution at
any time by the user. In this manner, certain saved profiles such as "day",
"evening", "film" or "party", for which combinations in terms of lighting,
shading and heating have been predefined in advance, can be activated for
such occasions in a matter of seconds.
Should sensors and actuators reach a previously defined (limit) value,
corresponding information will be displayed over the running TV show,
letting the TV-viewing resident know, in a timely manner, of certain events
(e.g. "the motion sensor has detected movement"). You are thus warned of
danger even while watching TV.
Another future consideration is linking the whole energy management with a
scale of statistics of individual power consumers to TVolutionX using energy
software. All these analysis the Room Manager is doing by now. A special
feature is a screen alarm that will also go off when limit values are
exceeded. The simple counter reading like gas-, electricity- and water
counter can be shown on directly on TV screen by now.
All of these events (f.i. closing windows and blinds, dimming lights) will also
be recorded so that there is access at all times to the happenings of the
Xcomfort RF installation under "Record of events".

The lady / master of the house
TVolutionX does not mean, however, the maximisation of comfort and
safety just for TV and radio frequency enthusiasts. Should someone
become bedridden because of a cold, that person has firm control over the
home's access, lighting, heating, and much more, via the receiver’s remote
control. As a result, a person remains the lady / master of the house even
when    ill.   Dangers   can   be   discerned   with   a   single   view,   and
countermeasures can be taken immediately.

Caption: Viewing of the electrically-controlled home functions on the TV set.
Pressemeldung - press release

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Caption: Viewing of the electrically-controlled home functions on the TV set.
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Caption: All events will be reported on TV screen.
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Caption: All you need is the receiver and remote control

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