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					Calls for Action – Frequently Asked Questions

The Calls for Action programme has been specifically developed to achieve the outcomes
within the Sport Wales Community Sport Strategy, including growing participation
particularly among underrepresented groups.

These FAQ’s were developed following an interactive session at our annual conference in
May 2012. Applications should focus on the key priorities and reference how the proposal
will support delivery of the Community Sport Strategy

Who can apply?
We want this to be a grant that not only attracts our traditional partners, but also encourages new thinking
and partnerships to be developed. To this end we would consider proposals from any organisation that
seeks to deliver a step change in participation among the Welsh population. Applications will be considered
on what they will deliver.

There will need to be a lead organisation for each application. Lead organisations will have to demonstrate

     they hold a bank account;
     they comply with our normal Terms and Conditions and financial regulations;
     sound governance procedures are in place to ensure the sustainability and financial credibility of
      the project in the long term.

Sport Wales can provide advice and support via our website, Here
you will find details of your local Regional Office, who will be happy to help.
What can be funded?
Our priority for this grant is clear – to make a significant impact against the Community Sport Strategy and
this should be the overarching theme of any application. The strategy, along with supporting information
can be downloaded via:

Funding can be provided to support those elements deemed necessary to deliver a successful and
significant project. This can include capital and / or revenue costs and applicants will be expected to
provide full details of the projects forecasted income and expenditure including any other partnership

Applications will be measured on the potential impact made upon the identified priority areas. In order to
stimulate ideas and encourage innovation, we have chosen not to provide an exhaustive list of what can or
cannot be funded. The priority is to understand what projects are seeking to deliver in the first instance.
There will be some basic principles which apply to our existing investment programmes, but “what can be
funded?” will largely depend on “what can be delivered?” and how this will create a long term lasting
Amount of funding
We will be looking to make awards of between £50,000 and £150,000 and this can be used in support of
both capital and revenue elements of a project. The funding can be spread over a maximum of 3 years. The
aim is that the project will become self-sustainable by the end of the funding period and applications will
need to reference how this will be achieved. It is not expected that the ‘Calls for Action’ funding will be the
only funding put into the project adding to the drive to encourage collaboration and partnership working.
What are the priorities?
In the first instance we want ‘Calls for Action’ projects to have a significant impact on the priority areas
identified within the Community Sport Strategy. However we do recognise that there are currently certain
groups that participate less in sport than others and that to get some of the changes we want to see off the
ground we will need to provide some initial support. In light of this we are keen to support projects that
can significantly impact on one or more of the following:

       Children and young people living in poverty;
       Women and girls, BME and disability;
       Multi-sport opportunities (for example, collaboration across sports);
       Key age groups – 14 to 24 year olds;
       Getting adults back into sport;
       Demonstrate a significant step change in provision – from the 100’s to the 1000’s.

Priority does not mean exclusivity and a key factor will be the overall impact the proposed project
will have.
What will you be looking for in an application?
We have deliberately tried not to be prescriptive as we do not want to stifle any potential innovative
approaches. There are however some core principles that we would expect to see included within
successful projects:

       Partnership working;
       Clear priorities and outcomes;
       A sound evidence base;
       Sustainability beyond the cycle of funding;
       Delivering against our identified priorities;
       Identified success measures;
       Robust evaluation proposals.

We would encourage applicants to ensure that proposals are succinct, simple and clearly demonstrate the
points listed above.
Other than the higher financial threshold, how is this different from a Development Grant?
The main difference with ‘Calls for Action’ is that we’re taking a pro-active approach and trying to inspire
people to think differently, work differently and deliver in a different way. This is a call to the sports sector
to really make a difference.

As well as providing financial support, we want to offer other support, such as business support up front to
help shape the project, together with the on-going support that an organisation sometimes needs when it
is trying to deliver on a project. We are looking to offer funding over a three year period to really help build
in sustainability to the project so that is strong and vibrant and able to stand on its own when the awarded
funding has been utilised.

To help you determine whether our traditional funding schemes will help you deliver your project or
whether applying to the ‘Calls for Action’ fund is appropriate, a flow chart has been developed, which can
be downloaded from
What will the application process be?
Applicants will be asked to complete an initial outline proposal which will be considered by Sport Wales.
Those applications that we believe best meet the criteria and our priorities will be invited to draw up a
more detailed business plan for further consideration.

Throughout the process we will be aiming to provide advice, support and feedback to applicants, directing
them to other grants if appropriate, or additional clarity if needed.
What is Sport Wales role?
Our role is to ensure that ‘Calls for Action’ projects have the greatest possible impact.

We will ultimately be responsible for making decisions on how and where the funding is awarded and we
want to ensure that applicants are supported whilst developing their projects. The term ‘critical friend’ is
apt as we will challenge projects, not in a negative way but to ensure all options have been considered and
opportunities maximised. We also have a wealth of data and technical information at our disposal to
support projects. So in short our role can be as little or as big as you want it to be.
How much of a risk are you prepared to take on a project?
This is a new approach for Sport Wales and our aspiration is that this additional investment will in turn
stimulate new approaches from both new and traditional partners to develop sport on a bigger and better
scale. No doubt in some cases this will require an element of risk but we welcome this as part of the
process in seeking new and exciting ways to grow community sport in Wales. Risk assessments will be
conducted as part of the overall assessment process, and this factor will be considered alongside the
overall confidence in an applicant’s ability to deliver success.

Part of the challenge back to applicants will be to explore the possible risks in a project and identify how
they will be managed, which in turn will act as a measure of the level of confidence in a project. This can be
demonstrated in a number of ways rather than simply a financial contribution.

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