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      Siemens becomes Red Bull Racing’s partner for efficient
       Existing contract with F1 team extended to provide green building and
                            manufacturing solutions off the track

Siemens plc has signed an exclusive multi-year agreement with Red Bull Racing as its
green technology partner, working with the Formula 1 team to reduce its facilities’ overall
carbon footprint, energy and utility usage and ensure waste minimisation and process

The contract is an extension to an existing agreement with Siemens Product Lifecycle
Management (PLM) Software which provides the technology used by Red Bull Racing
designers and engineers to virtually model and manage every part of the race car in the
effort to shave critical hundredths of a second off lap times.

In light of the fact buildings account for 40% of global energy demand and about 30% of
this could be eliminated through improved industrial technology, lighting, insulation,
controlled air conditioning and efficient heating systems, Red Bull Racing is working with
Siemens to maximise its operational efficiency and significantly reduce energy usage
through the improvement of building equipment, systems and processes at its
manufacturing facilities.

Siemens is currently carrying out a series of audits on current manufacturing equipment
and processes, building management, heating, lighting and air conditioning systems at
the team’s head quarters in Milton Keynes and will subsequently provide technology and
solutions to implement significant energy and operational savings and improvements
across the site. The key to the Siemens approach is the Operational Efficiency Audit
which aims to understand the business and identify areas where efficiencies and new
technologies will have a direct impact on energy savings and financial performance.

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Juergen Maier, head of industry for Siemens plc, said: “We are delighted to extend our
work with Red Bull Racing. Using our expertise in energy efficient products and solutions
we hope to help Red Bull Racing set the pace in greener manufacturing in the Formula 1
industry. With Siemens PLM software helping the Red Bull Racing car to be as efficient
as possible on the track, the new partnership will now also enable greener, efficient
operations to be number one off the track!”

Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing Team Principal, added: “Energy Saving is currently an
important topic in F1. Teams have demonstrated their commitment to reducing carbon
emissions with the recent announcement of FOTA’s carbon calculation and reduction
programme. Our new agreement with Siemens plc demonstrates our desire to reduce
Red Bull Racing’s factory emissions and significantly cut our company’s carbon footprint
– we’re pleased to be able to do this with a company such as Siemens.”

Siemens products and solutions helped its customers reduce their CO2 emissions by
210 million tons in 2009. In the coming years Siemens intends to further increase the
contribution of its Environmental Portfolio toward reducing customer emissions – and
have set a goal of at least 300 million tons in 2011. In fiscal 2009, the Environmental
Portfolio generated revenue of around €23 billion. Siemens provides its customers with a
wider range of environmentally friendly technologies than any other company in the


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