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									                                                      JACK STRAW PRODUCTIONS
                                                     2013 ARTIST SUPPORT PROGRAM
                                                Artist Residency Application & Guidelines
                               JACK STRAW PRODUCTIONS is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the creation,
                               production, and presentation of all forms of audio art. Jack Straw has been a community
                               resource since founding KRAB-FM in 1962, and now serves as the Northwest’s only non-profit
                               audio recording and production facility, dedicated to assisting in the creation of new works by
                               artists in all disciplines who use sound in their work. Jack Straw also offers a wide range of
                               audio-based educational programs for all ages, arts/heritage partnership projects, and
                               public events such as gallery exhibits, workshops, performances, lectures, readings, radio
                               programs, podcasts, and audio production and recording services.

                               JACK STRAW ARTIST RESIDENCY PROGRAMS
                               Our artist residency programs offer established and emerging artists in diverse disciplines an
                               opportunity to explore the creative use of sound in a professional atmosphere through
                               residencies in our recording studios and participation in our various presentation programs.
                               Artists may apply to only one program per year. Note: The Writers Program, Artist Support
                               Program, and New Media Gallery Programs have separate applications. You can download
                               those forms at our web site: www.jackstraw.org.
                               ARTIST SUPPORT PROGRAM
                               Up to eight artists/teams are awarded 20 hours of free recording and production time with
                               an engineer at Jack Straw Productions; an additional 10-12 artists/teams receive matching
                               awards. The Artist Support Program is open to artists of all disciplines whose project
                               proposals include sound as a major component. Such projects might include recording a music
                               CD, producing radio programs, oral histories, audio literature, sound for a gallery installation
                               or public art project, film, performance, digital media work, etc. Completed projects are
                               publicly presented at a Meet the Artist Night, Artist Showcase, or Composer Spotlight event.
                               NEW MEDIA GALLERY PROGRAM
                               The Jack Straw New Media Gallery is a unique venue in Seattle where artists from various
                               disciplines can present works in which sound is an integral or exclusive element. This program
                               enables artists to experiment with audio and to develop new skills and ideas in a supportive
                               setting. Up to three artists/teams are selected to receive 20 hours of free studio time with an
                               engineer to realize the sound component of their project, and to exhibit their completed
                               project in our gallery in the following year. Gallery exhibitions include an opening reception,
                               artist talk/workshop, podcast/interview posted on our web site, and other events.
                               WRITERS PROGRAM
                               Twelve writers create new work during the residency to be presented through live readings,
                               recorded interviews, a published anthology, and as podcasts on our web site. Participants also
                               receive professional training in voice and microphone technique, performance and delivery,
                               and studio interviews.

                               DEADLINE: Applications must be postmarked or delivered by
                               5:00 pm, Thursday, November 1, 2012.
                               If you have any questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on our website:
                               If your question is not answered there, please call (206) 634-0919 or e-mail
                               arts@jackstraw.org. Please call ahead if you are stopping by our office with questions.

From top: Jack Straw Artists
Greg Campbell & Bill Smith,
Urtaa Gantulga, Anzanga
Marimba Ensemble, Johnny
Moses, and Ruthie Dornfeld &
Kane Mathis

Established and emerging artists working in any discipline or genre may apply to any one of the residency programs
offered. Artists living outside of the Puget Sound region may apply, but should be aware that expenses for travel, lodging,
etc. are not included in the award. Artists may apply as individuals or in teams.
Current Jack Straw staff, interns, board members, or their immediate family members may not apply. Artists participating in
2012 programs may not apply again for the same program in 2013; however, they may apply for a program in which they
did not participate in the previous calendar year.
Artist Support Program applications are evaluated and awarded by a multidisciplinary selection panel. The panelists change
each year, and are all established artists and arts professionals invited by Jack Straw staff. The names of the panelists will
be made public after the selection process has been completed. All applicants will be notified of the results in writing. Please
allow at least twelve weeks after deadline dates for the review and notification process to be completed.
The process can be highly competitive depending on the number and range of applications. Panelists will base their
selections upon the excellence of the work represented in the support materials provided by the applicant; the artistic merit
of the proposed project; the feasibility of the proposed project; and the subjective response of the panelists to the
applicant’s proposal/work in comparison to the other submissions received.
DEADLINE: Applications must be postmarked or delivered by 5:00pm, Thursday, November 1,
QUESTIONS? Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on the website (www.jackstraw.org/programs/asp/2013/
2013_Programs_FAQs.shtml). If your question is not answered there, please call (206) 634-0919 or e-mail
arts@jackstraw.org. Please call ahead if you are stopping by our office with questions.

Special thanks to our funders and individual contributors for their support of the Jack Straw Artist Residency Programs.

Please review all of the Application Guidelines before completing this application. We require 5 sets of all written
materials. Each set must be 3-hole-punched, collated and paper-clipped. Complete all information, printing neatly or typing
(10 point type or larger). In the case of artist teams or groups, a lead artist must be identified and the application must be
submitted under that person’s name. You also need to include the items listed on the Application Materials Checklist. You may
apply to only one artist program.
DEADLINE: Completed applications must be postmarked or delivered by 5:00pm, Thursday, November 1, 2012. Mail or
deliver application and supporting materials to:
Jack Straw Productions
Attn: Artist Support Program
4261 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
You may include a SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE (no metered postage!) – Include this only if you want your
materials returned to you; items with insufficient postage will NOT be returned.
Check any of the artistic disciplines listed below that best represent your work.

                               ARTIST SUPPORT PROGRAM
                                  Audio Arts (non-music)
                                  Interdisciplinary Arts
                                  Literary/Spoken Word
                                  Media (film, radio, web, etc.)
                                  Performance (dance, theater)
                                  Visual Arts
                                  Other: ___________________


First Name:                                                    Last Name:

Group/Ensemble name (if applicable):


City:                                                           State:                  Zip:

Daytime phone:     (      )                                     Alt. phone:   (     )

Email:                                                          Website:

Applicant’s contribution to work represented in samples
(author, composer, choreographer, performer, etc.):

SIGNATURE & ASSURANCES: I certify that all statements made on this application are true to the best of my
knowledge. I acknowledge that Jack Straw Productions is not liable for damage or loss of materials submitted.

Applicant/Lead Artist:                                                                  Date:
DEADLINE: Completed applications must be postmarked or delivered by 5:00pm, November 1, 2012.
We require 5 sets of all written materials. Each set must be 3-hole-punched, collated and paper-clipped on standard 8.5” X
11” white paper. No staples, folders, or other binding. All materials must be typed (10 point minimum), with the exception of
the Application Form, which may be handwritten. Incomplete or illegible applications will not be reviewed. Do not send any
additional items not specified, such as press kits, reviews, promotional photos, headshots, etc.
Each complete, collated application packet must include all of the following items, in this order:
    APPLICATION MATERIALS CHECKLIST – This page, with all items checked off. (5 copies)
    PROJECT DESCRIPTION (1 page max) – Describe your proposed project as specifically as possible, including any plans
for presenting the finished work; then discuss which aspects of the project you hope to accomplish in a Jack Straw residency.
Also include a brief (one sentence) summary of your description. (5 copies)
    ARTIST STATEMENT (250 words max) – Describe the nature of your work and/or art-making philosophy. (5 copies)
     ARTIST RESUME (2 pages max per person) – For collaborative projects, include separate resumes for each major
collaborator. Established groups can also include an additional resume as a single entity. If you have little professional
experience, a brief bio will suffice. (5 copies)
     WORK SAMPLE DESCRIPTION (1 page) –Provide info about the work samples you are submitting: artist names, titles
listed in order they are to be reviewed, year completed, materials and production credits. Indicate any samples that are
directly related to your proposed project. (5 copies)
    WORK SAMPLES – Panel will review up to 5 minutes maximum from all of the submitted audio or visual samples
combined. Samples submitted in formats other than those listed below will not be reviewed. For collaborative projects, you are
strongly encouraged to include samples from each artist involved and a collaborative sample if available. (1 copy)

                  ___ MP3s (10MB max) via e-mail or Audio CD containing ____ work samples. Limit 5 samples.
                  DVD containing ____ work samples. Limit 3 samples.
                  ____ Photographs or digital images via e-mail or on data CD-R (12 or fewer)
                  Text, script, or score related to project (3 pages maximum – optional)

Include the lead applicant’s name on all work sample materials.
Panelists will review each applicant’s work samples for a maximum of 5 minutes – this is for all samples collectively, not per sample.
Therefore, submit samples that you feel represent your strongest work. If possible, include samples that are related to your project proposal.
You may submit samples in up to 3 different formats. Example: A dance company applying for Artist Support to record music for a new work
might submit a video documenting their choreography, slides of another performance, and a CD of the composer’s work.
AUDIO FORMAT REQUIREMENTS                                               are readable. Video media files will only be accepted in Windows
One CD/CD-R with a limit of 5 audio samples. Disk must be               Media Player or Quicktime.
labeled with applicant’s name, track titles, and times. The panel       VISUAL IMAGE FORMAT REQUIREMENTS
will listen to each sample from the beginning, and will not search
through longer works for a specified cue point. If submitting           Photographic Prints (12 or fewer) labeled with image number as it
excerpts from the middle of longer works, include only the segment      appears on the Work Sample Description, applicant’s name.
you wish to be reviewed, not the entire work. We advise that you        Digital images (12 or fewer) on one CD-R or DVD labeled with
test CD-Rs on several different CD players to make sure they are        image number as it appears on the Work Sample Description, and
readable.                                                               applicant’s name. Include lead applicant name and image number in
MP3s via e-mail. You may e-mail up to 5 audio samples in MP3            file name.
format (up to 10 MB total size) to applications@jackstraw.org. All      Digital images (12 or fewer, up to 10MB total size) e-mailed to
files must be labeled with applicant’s name and track titles.           applications@jackstraw.org. Include lead applicant name and
                                                                        image number in file name. Note: Slides, head shots, original
VIDEO FORMAT REQUIREMENTS                                               artworks, books, or magazines will NOT be accepted.
One CD-R/DVD/DVD-R labeled with a limit of 3 video samples.             RELATED TEXT OR SCORES (optional)
Disk must be labeled with applicant’s name, track titles, and times.
If submitting more than one video sample, they should appear in         You may include up to three pages of text, scripts, or musical scores
the order in which you wish them to be reviewed; do not submit a        related to your project proposal. For example, if an artist is
separate disk for each piece. Include a title before each selection.    collaborating with a writer on a project, we encourage you to submit
The panel will view each sample from the beginning, and will not        some of the text. Text and score samples should be printed on 8.5 X
search through longer works for a specified cue point. If submitting    11” white paper, 3-hole punched in left margin (no staples or
excerpts from the middle of longer works, include only the segment      folders). Note: Reviews, press kits, or other promotional materials will
you wish to be reviewed, not the entire work. Test DVD-Rs on            NOT be accepted.
several different DVD players and/or computers to make sure they
                                                               JACK STRAW ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE 1994-2012
ARTIST SUPPORT               Monktail Creative Music      Vicki Boeckman            Andrew Ewan McInnis          Laynie Browne             Susan Martinez              Devon Whyte
1994-2012                    Concern                      Nancy Bondurant           Miller McNay                 John Burgess              Angela Martinez Dy          Craig Williams
Obo Addy                     Dean Moore                   Samantha Boshnak          Robert Millis                Wendy Call                Maliha Masood               Carletta Carrington Wilson
Linda Allen                  Cynthia Mullis               Nate Brown                Jen Mills                    Marty Campbell            Claudio Mauro               George R. Wolfe
Kofi Anang                   Jovino Santos Neto           Martin Bucher             Sasa Mlakar                  Sharon Carter             Frances McCue               Nick Wong
Aono Jikken Ensemble         Eric Neumann & Grand         Monique Buzzarte          Jeffrey Moidel               Bill Carty                Anne McDuffie               Deborah Woodard
Phillip Arnautoff            Hallway                      Etienne Cakpo-Gbokou      Motherland Ensemble          Susan Casey               John McFarland              Corrina Wycoff
Brent Arnold                 KT Niehoff                   Greg Campbell             Bill Moyer                   Janna Cawrse              Brian McGuigan              Maritess Zurbano
Katie Arrants                Ko Nimo                      Amy Caron                 Kim Munoz                    Paul Cerda                Becka Mara McKay
Christian Asplund            Victor Noriega               Jose Carrillo             Musicians Accord             Kent Chadwick             Laura McKee                 NEW MEDIA GALLERY
Byron Au Yong                William Chapman Nyaho        Julie Cascioppo           Sierra Nelson and Typing     Kaia Chessen              Ted McMahon                 1999-2012
Tom Baker                    Heather Dew Oaksen           NF Chase                  Explosion                    Kathryn Christman         Rebecca Meredith            Iole Alessandrini
Andrea Baumgarten            Kevin O’Conner               Rob Clay                  KT Niehoff                   Don Mee Choi              Denise Calvetti Michaels    Byron Au Yong
Randal Bays                  Sean Osborne                 Jay Clayton               Victor Noriega               Lauri Connor              Lisa Michaels               Nari Baker
Michael Bisio                Jim Page                     Dawn Clement              Doug Nufer                   Martha Clarkson           John Misfud                 Brett Battey
William Blauvelt             Constantin Parvulescu        Brian Cobb                Carrie O’Donoghue            Kevin Craft               Kate Miller                 Matthew Bauer
Vicki Boeckman               Steve Peters & Steve         Jill Cohen                Marcus Oldham                Jeff Crandall             Kevin Miller                Vaughn Bell
David Brugman                Roden                        Amanda Cole               One World Taiko              Jennifer Culkin           Larissa Min                 Robert Blatt
Charlie Burks                Jane Ping                    Pamela Costes             Sean Osborn                  Sharon Cumberland         Donna Miscolta              Joe Colley
Gust Burns                   Jim Ragland & Nikki          Simon Cram                Michael Owcharuk             Jaime Curl                Ace Moore                   Amber Cortes
The Bushwick Book Club       Appino                       Paul de Barros            Jason Parker                 Richard Denner            Jeanne Morel                Stuart & Renko Dempster
Wendy Call                   Nathan Ramos                 August Denhard            Victoria Peterson            John Dillon               Stephen Morrissey           Heather Dew-Oaksen
Jesse Canterbury             Dennis Rea                   Carol DePelecyn           Mark Polishook               Rachel Dilworth           Charles Mudede              Joe Diebes
Marcos Carmona               Lee Redfield                 Gerald Diamond            Margi Pos                    Danika Dinsmore           Jennifer D. Munro           Dorsey Dunn
Lora Chiore-Dye              Robert Rees                  Sandy Diamond and         Printer’s Devil Theater      Pamela Moore Dionne       Paul Nelson                 Don Fels
Winston Choi                 Dmae Roberts                 Quasimodo & the           Nichole Rathburn             Steve Effingham           Sarah Neumann               David & Gisela Gamper
ChoroLoco                    Cynthia Rose                 Bellringers               Nancy Rawles                 Eben Eldridge             Nhien Nguyen                S. Lynn Goeringer
Circus Contraption           Jesikah Maria Ross           Robin Dicker              Jessica Raymond              Donald Fels               Doug Nufer                  Jim Haynes
City Meditation Crew         Amy Rubin                    Cynthia Dillard           Recess Monkey                Waverly Fitzgerald        John Olson                  Jim Hobbs & Kinski
Mykol Colton                 David Russo                  Cassidy Dimon             Nick Risinger                Amber Flame               Roberta Olson               Jason Kahn
Gordana Crnkovic             David Schmader               Pamela Moore Dionne       Christopher Roberts          Angela Jane Fountas       Madeline Ostrander          Stuart Keeler
Lesli Dalaba                 Andrew Schloss               Dunava                    Mark Roberts                 Joan Fiset                Kathryn Owen                Kichul Kim
Rosalynn De Roos             Seattle Improvised Music     Bob Edgerton              Tim Root                     Kathleen Flenniken        Eric Parsons                Joel S. Kollin
Gus Denhard                  Festival                     Chenoa Egawa & Alex       Amy Rubin                    Gabriela Denise Frank     Peter Pereira               Susie Kozawa & Jesse
Gus Denhard & Munir          Seattle Kokon Taiko          Turtle                    Eric Rynes                   Noel Franklin             Arne Pihl                   Minkert
Beken                        Christopher Sereque          Elizabeth Falconer        Olga Sanchez                 Jamal Gabobe              Marika Pineda               Tania Kupczak
Ruth Dornfeld                Sheree Seretse               Skiff Feldspar            Sankofa Sings                Laura Gamache             Charles Potts               David Kwan
Grey Eagle                   Michael Shannon              Marc Fendel               David Scully                 Alma García               Nu Quang                    Richard Lerman
Thomasa Eckert               Greg Sinibaldi               Waverly Fitzgerald        Seattle Baroque Soloists     Paula Gilovich            Nancy Rawles                Perri Lynch
Chenoa Egawa                 William O. Smith             Amber Flame               Seattle Jazz Composers       Brenda Givens             Trisha Ready                Perri Lynch, Lara Swimmer,
Elizabeth Falconer           Ellen Sollod                 Beth Fleenor              Ensemble                     Sonia Gomez               Nancy Redwine               & Robert Zimmer
Joann Farias                 Susan Starbuck               Adam Fong                 Seattle Percussion           Felicia Gonzalez          James Reed                  Stelios Manousakis
Fear No Music                Paige Stockley and Saint     Sheila Fox                Collective                   Allison Green             Susan Rich                  Jesse Paul Miller
Greg Filastine               Helens String Quartet        Foundation Ki             Stephen Silha                Cora Goss-Grubbs          Howard Robertson            Robert Millis
Don Fels                     Tom Swafford                 Ambrose Freeman-Toole     Alie Smaalders               James Gurley              Kip Robinson-Greenthal      Randy Moss
Greg Fields                  Christian Swenson            Christian French & Mark   William Smith                Daniel Gutierrez          Judith Roche                Melanie Noel & Gust Burns
Phyllis Fletcher             Nadia Tarnawsky              Johnson                   Ellen Sollod                 Paul Haas                 Riz Rollins                 Yann Novak
Craig Flory                  Paul Taub                    Sharad Gadre              Crispin Spaeth               Shalin Hai-Jew            Tara Roth                   Steve Peters
Andy Frankel                 Curtis Taylor                Andrew Galluccio          Cathy Spagnoli               Tracie Hall               Claudia Rowe                Andrew Peterson
Tamara Friedman              Three Dollar Bill Cinema     Robert Gallup             Dale Speicher                Amy Halloran              Mary Lou Sanelli            Mark Polishook & Lisa
Urtaa Gantulga               UMO Ensemble                 Rick Garcia               Matthew Sperry               David Halpern             John Sangster               Hutton
Mara Gearman                 Patricia Van Kirk            Jeff Gardner              TANEKO                       Sharon Hashimoto          David Schmader              Jim Pridgeon
Barrett Golding              Matthew Weiner               Knox Gardner              Curtis Taylor                Merna Ann Hecht           Tanmeet Sethi               Steve Roden
Lori Goldston (2x) &         & Del Rey                    Geoff Garza               John Teske                   Doug Heckman              Rosaia Shepard              Carlisle Roveto
Stacey Levine                Cristina Valdés              Kevin Goldsmith           Stokley Towles               Esther Altshul Helfgott   Kevin Simmonds              Paul Rucker
Brian Goedde                 Tom Varner                   Carolyn Graye             Jon Tulchin                  Lacey Jane Henson         Ghida Sinno                 Hugo Solis
Sonia Gomez                  Lynette Westendorf           Jeff Greinke              Akemi Uchida                 Laura Hirschfield         Judith Skillman             Ellen Sollod
Christos Govetas             Cathie Whitesides & Hank     Steve Griggs              Tom Varner                   Gregory Hischak           Alie Wiegersma-Smaalders    Kristen Tollefson
Jay Hamilton                 Bradley                      Harmonius Mundi           Marie Watt                   Anna Maria Hong           Willie Smith                Ruth Marie Tomlinson
Kyle Hanson                  Alie Wiegersma-Smaalders     Bern Herbolsheimer        Christa Wells                Rebecca Hoogs             Annette Spaulding-Convy     Trimpin
Gordon Hempton               Greg Williamson              Fred Hoadley              James Whetzel                Kathryn Hunt              Michael Spence              Brent Watanabe
Bill Horist                  Bert Wilson                  Tina Hoggatt              Reade Whitwell               Paul Hunter               Louise Spiegler             Maureen Whiting & Robert
Srivani Jade                 Young Composers              Ray Holman                Kendra Wight and Tiny        Michael Hureaux           Clemens Starck              Campbell
Eyvind Kang                  Collective                   Dave Hollinden            Manhood                      Ann Hursey                Ron Starr                   Rene Yung & Janice Giteck
Stuart Keeler                Joseph Zajonc & Janet        Anna Homler               Carletta Carrington Wilson   Fredda Jaffe              Johanna Stoberock
Player King                  Wallace                      Bill Horist               Mark Wilson                  Debra Jarvis              Cheryl Strayed              TRADITIONAL ARTIST
James Knapp                  Ziying Wu                    Wayne Horvitz             Nicholas Wong                Alma Johnson              Samantha Storey             Obo Addy
Susie Kozawa & Erin Shie                                  Paul Hoskin               Rik Wright                   Stephanie Kallos          Joannie Kervran             Kofi Anang
Palmer                       ARTIST ASSISTANCE            Chérie Hughes             Y York                       Anne Liu Kellor           Strangeland                 Juan Barco
Bun Ching Lam                1997-2012                    Billy Jarcho              John Zoltek                  Don Kentop                Peggy Sturdivant            Wawali Bonane & Yoka
Ela Lamblin                  33 Fainting Spells           Chris Jeffries                                         Jourdan Imani Keith       Mitsu Sundvall              Enzenze
Eric Lanzilotta              Aegean View                  Kevin Joyce               WRITERS PROGRAM              Bharti Kirchner           Joan Swift                  Lora Chiorah Dye & Sukutai
Ben Larson                   Malachite Amalya             Karin Kajita              1997-2012                    Michael Kloss             Harold Taw                  Marimba
Sandra Layman                Eze Anamelechi               Cheryl Kalinowski         Kelli Russell Agodon         Robert Lamirande          Molly Tenenbaum             Chang Hye-Jin &
Susie Lee                    Paul Anastasio               Laura Kaminsky &          Kathleen Alcalá              Larry Laurence            Ann Teplick                 Maria K. Seo
Amii Legendre & Sandi        Jason E. Anderson            Michael Katell            Elizabeth Aoki               Mercedes Lawry            Barbara Earl Thomas         Nisha Joshi
Cioffi                       Robert Antone                Alex Keller               Roberto Ascalon              Jared Leising             Stephen Thomas              Trinidad Marquez
Helen Lessick                Christian Asplund            Shulamit Keinerman        Nassim Assefi                Erin Leonard              Stokley Towles              Los Paisanos
Annie Lewandowski            Byron Au Yong                James Knodle              Elizabeth Austen             Kim-An Lieberman          Kathryn Trueblood           Neftali Rivera & Grupo
Mark Lilly                   Ron Averill                  David Knott               Lana Ayers                   Carol Light               Suzanne A. Villegas         Boriken
Tiffany Li-Chin Lin & Paul   Tom Baker                    Batholomew Komoah         Anna Bálint                  Eula Little               Vis-à-Vis Society (Sierra   Grupo Sueno
Kikuchi                      Steve Ball                   Brian Lawlor              Brian James Barr             Cynthia Liu               Nelson & Rachel Kessler)    Frank Ulwenya
Greg Loughridge              Eric Barber                  Michael Leavitt           Janée J. Baugher             Priscilla Long            Cody Walker                 Candelario Zamudio
Vela Luka & Ruze             Ellie Belew                  Nathan Levine             Stacey Bennetts              Rebecca Loudon            Irene Wanner
Dalmatinke Orchestra         Matthew Bennett              Elspeth Macdonald         Laurie Blauner               Kimball MacKay-Brook      Storme Webber               RESIDENT COMPOSERS
Perri Lynch                  Benevolent Order for Music   Tendai Maraire            Katherine Grace Bond         Michael Magee             Michael Dylan Welch         Obo Addy & Julian Priester
Jeffrey Mandel               of the Baroque               Tucker Martine            Suzanne Bottelli             Marjorie Manwaring        Nora Wendl                  Janice Giteck
Joy Mills                    Amir Beso                    Justin Mata               Matt Briggs                  Ezra Mark                 Diane Westergaard           Rand Steigner
Donna Miscolta               Robert Blatt                 Rachel Matthews           Elliott Bronstein            Martin Marriott           Katharine Whitcomb          Jovino Santos Neto
Doreen Mitchum               Dan Blunck                   Adam McCollom             Rebecca Brown                Carlos Martinez           Laurel Anne White

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