THANK YOU S.E.E.D.
                     Source for Excellence in Education

I would like to thank our S.E.E.D. Foundation for supporting our educational programs
directly impacting our students. S.E.E.D. provides continuous support for existing
programs as well as “S.E.E.D.” money to provide exciting new learning opportunities.
Examples of programs that receive annual funding are: the first grade “Dino Dig,” where
first graders experience what it is like to be a paleontologist, the kindergarten
integrated learning experience, “Hogs Gone Wild,” based on the Three Little Pigs, and
the K-4 CROW Backpack exchange program which connects children and their families
to science in their own backyard.

S.E.E.D. has been a huge supporter of our middle school science and technology
programs. Thanks to the support from S.E.E.D., our middle school students participated
in the Technology Student Association’s National Conference where they competed
successfully with students from around the world. S.E.E.D. also supported our
enrichment Solar Trough/Farm Alarm project which allowed our students to collaborate
with a local farm and experts in the community to experience what it is like to be an

These are just a few of the hands-on experiences that the S.E.E.D. Foundation has made
possible. Through the efforts of a few, our teachers are able to request grant monies for
projects that go beyond the capacity of the school budget. I encourage you to get to
know the officers for the 2012-2013 school year and support their efforts. They will be
available to meet you and share their plans for the upcoming school year at our Open
House in September.

THANK YOU S.E.E.D. for ALL that you have done for our students in the past and for
your continued support of the Holland Township School Learning Community.

Nancy Yard, Ed.D.

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