Rotary Youth Exchange Program by ujGaCD8E


									                        Rotary Youth Exchange Program
                               2006-7 Student Interviews
                          Student Information and Instructions

1.    Please read the Central States Rotary Youth Exchange Program, Inc. Rule’s sheet
      carefully and make sure you understand and qualify for the program.

2.    Discuss your interest in the program with your parents. Your birth date must be on or
      after April 15, 1988 or on or before February 1, 1992. Academically you must rank in the
      top half of your class.

3.    Attend the student meeting to be held in your school. See Guidance for time and place.

4.    Have your parents read the Youth Exchange Cost Information Sheet and attend the
      Parents Information Meeting to be held at 7:30 PM on Tuesday October 4th in the Doc
      Brown Lounge At Algoma University College.

5.    Complete the Preliminary Application Form and forward it no later than October, 11,
      2006 to:

                     The Rotary Club Office
                     224 Queen Street E
                     Sault Ste Marie, Ontario P6A 1Z4

      *** Preliminary applications can be hand delivered, mailed or faxed (945-5228) ***
                    *** Late applications will not be accepted ***

6.    Interviews will be held on Saturday, October 14th beginning at 9:30 AM at Algoma
      University College

7.    We will contact you, October 12th to give you the time of your interview.

8.    Both parents, if at all possible should plan to attend the interview. Parents will be
      interviewed separately and then with the student. At least one Parent shall attend.

9.    The successful candidates will be required to go to the Fall Interview Conference at
      Kettunen Centre, Tustin Michigan for the District interviews during the weekend of
      November 3-5. Parents will be required to attend on November 5th.

10.   MOST IMPORTANT - Schedule a Doctor and Dentist appointment ASAP. You will
      need these appointments before October 19th, 2006 if you are accepted into the program!
      Further details will be provided at the information meeting on October 3rdt at Algoma

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