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					Generic Post    KTP Associate                                 Job Title:        KTP Associate
Reporting to:   KTP Supervisor                                School/          School of Engineering and Built
                                                              Department:      Environment
Job Family:     Academic, Research and Enterprise             Grade:           NA

                                                              Directorate:     NA

Main purpose    To work on a specific project with a partner company which is core to the strategic development of
of the role     that business.

Summary of      Examples of role specific activity:
                To work with John Martin Partnership (Quantity Surveyors) Ltd to extend the functionality of their
                Stock Information Database (SID) system for storing and managing property and housing stock
                information to include new facilities: for planning and optimising capital works investment
                programmes; and for monitoring, modelling and forecasting energy consumption and CO2 emissions
                across housing stock.
                Duties include:
                • To work directly with all stakeholders, including clients from both John Martin Partnership and the
                owners of large portfolios of housing stock define to develop detailed requirements for the new
                functionalities and the manner in which they will be used.
                • To re-engineer and enhance the existing SID system to incorporate the new planning and
                modelling functionalities, including its integration with external data sources and third party housing
                and other information systems.
                •   To promote the enhanced SID system to existing and prospective clients.
                •   To document work undertaken on an ongoing basis.
                •   Any other tasks appropriate to the post and in line with School/Department business needs.

                Examples of generic activity:
                Research and Development
                    Contribute to the development of a system or product.
                    Contribute to the generation of original ideas based on outcomes.
                    Continually update knowledge in area of specialism.
                    Prepare reports and present findings to local Management Committee.
                    Attend and contribute to relevant meetings.
                    Liaise and network internally and externally to exchange information for effective working.

                Administration and Management
                    Plan personal day to day work profile to achieve the outcomes of the specified projects.
                    Use resources efficiently and effectively to achieve outcomes.
                    Plan, prioritise and organise own workload.
                    Solve day-to-day problems as they arise on a routine basis and recognise when a problem
                       should be referred to others.
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                 Outreach, knowledge transfer and income generation
                     Prepare reports and present findings to Local Management Committee.

                 Pastoral care and work environment
                      Demonstrate care and sensitivity towards the needs of staff.
                      Demonstrate awareness of risks in the work environment and potential impact on self and
                      Balance competing work priorities.

Person Specification
Criteria         Essential                                  Desirable                                  Evidence
Education,              Degree in Computing,                                                          Application form
Qualifications           Mathematics, Engineering or
                                   st                                                                  Qualifications
& Training               Physics (1 or 2:1)

Skills,                 The person should have             • It is desirable that the person has      Application form
Knowledge &              knowledge and experience of        some prior knowledge of algorithms for
Competencies             the Microsoft .NET platform        planning, scheduling and optimisation
                        The person should have             •    It is desirable that the person has
                         knowledge and experience of        knowledge of relational database
                         developing /adapting               systems, especially Microsoft SQL Server
                         applications developed in          • It is desirable that the person
                         ASP.NET                            should have an appreciation of object
                        The person to have knowledge       oriented programming and design
                         of technologies and tools for      • It is useful for the person to have
                         delivering mobile applications     some knowledge of technologies and
                        The person should have good        tools for delivering Rich Internet
                         levels of numeracy                 Applications and Cloud based computing
                        The person should have good
                         communication skills
                        The person should have good
                         interpersonal skills
                        The person should be goal
                         oriented and capable of
                         working on their own initiative

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