Asian Workshop on Pump Sump Model Test by 2yrZJ3


									    Announcement of 3rd Asian Workshop on Pump Sump Model Test

1. Purpose & Scope
  The Korea-Japan joint workshop on pump sump model test was first held on November 2005 in Korea
and great results were obtained by exchanging the information in this field each other. The second Asian
workshop was followed before 23rd IAHR symposium on October 2006 in Yokohama, Japan. This Asian
workshop aims at the information exchange of standard, research and design for sump model test.
2. Participants
  Pump and civil engineers, researchers and CEOs who are engaged or interested in sump model test and
  who will participate in the AICFM-9 during October 16-19, 2007, Jeju Island, Korea are welcomed.
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3. Agenda
  20th (Sat) October, 2007

4. Venue
  Korea Maritime University

5. Program
  About 10 topics will be presented. Details will be announced later
6. Presentation
  Language : English.
  Workshop presentation: PowerPoint (20 minutes presentation per speaker, 10 minutes discussion)
7. Deadline : 31st September , 2007
8. Registration Fee

  On-sight Registration
  Regular:100,000Won(Student 50,000Won)

9. Hotel Information
  Informed later

10. Organization
  Pump & Hydro Division of Korea Fluid Machinery Association (KFMA)
  Chair person: Prof. Young-Ho LEE, Korea Maritime University
  Secretary       : Dr. Young-Do CHOI, Korea Maritime University

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