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Emotional Behavior Disorders Eligibility/Characteristics/Interventions by e51r8Xi


									Sandy DeMuth
Parent Training
 October, 2009
Student exhibits frequency, intensity, duration of any one of the
  following characteristics:

1.   Inability to learn which cannot be explained by intellectual,
     sensory, or health factors
2.   Inability to build or maintain satisfactory interpersonal
     relationships with others
3.   Inappropriate types of behavior or feelings under normal
4.   Displays general pervasive mood of unhappiness or depression
5.   Tendency to develop physical symptoms or unreasonable fears
     associated with personal or school problems
Eligibility: Exclusionary Factors
 No evidence that student’s behaviors are emotionally
 Intellectual disability is the primary cause for the
  child’s adverse educational performance
 Autism Spectrum Disorder is the primary cause for the
  child’s adverse educational performance
             Inability to Learn
 Does not attempt or does not complete assignments
 Does not work independently
 Difficulty remaining on task
 Reluctant to attempt new tasks or assignments
 Unmotivated
Interpersonal Relationships
 Verbal/Physical aggression
 Easily angered, annoyed or upset
 Withdraws from peers/adults
 Responds adversely to inadvertent peer behaviors or
  comments (bumped/touched/ friendly teasing
 Does not share
 Responds inappropriately to others’ attempts to be
  friendly, complimentary, sympathetic, etc.
Inappropriate Behavior/Feelings
 Does not take responsibility for behavior—blames others
 Behaves in a manner inappropriate for situation (shows no
    emotion or laughs in a situation where others are alarmed)
   Behavior is unpredictable
   Difficulty with transitions
   Difficulty following school rules/procedures
   Overly critical of self
   External locus of control
   Overly sensitive to criticism
 Does not participate
 Feels no one likes or cares about him/her
 Does not smile, laugh, or appear happy
 Is pessimistic
Physical Symptoms/ Unreasonable

 Preoccupied with problems unrelated to school
 Overly anxious
 Frequent nurse visits
 Avoids tasks
          Placement Options—
          Continuum of Services
 Consultative
 Collaboration
 Resource
 Self Contained
    Brooks Elementary
    Bennett’s Mill Middle School
    Whitewater High School
 Mainstay Academy
   Establish positive relationship with student
   Social Skills Instruction
   Teach Replacement Behaviors
   Positive reinforcement/praise/encouragement
   Set consistent limits
   Remain calm
   Break cards
   Self monitoring
   Consequences with Empathy
   Choices
   Problem solving skills/anger management/coping skills

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