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									          Course Name                         Department

         Title of Project                       Sponsor              Primary Contact Last Name   Primary Contact First Name

Dental Practice-Based Research
                                    National Institutes of Health   Gilbert                      Gregg H.
Network (DPBRN)

         Title of Project                       Sponsor

   International Student Exchange
               Program                      School of Dentistry                Filler                       Steve
     Hispanic Dental Association             School of Dentistry       Mazer     Raquel

 Enhancing Inter-professional Global
Health Learning Opportunities for UAB    Sparkman Center, and UAB
              Students                  School of Nursing, SOD, SOM   Childres    Noel
                                                                                            Course Name

                                                                                      Research Activities
                                                      Secondary Contact Last   Secondary Contact First
    Primary Contact Title    Primary Contact Degree           Name                     Name

Prof/Chairman Dentistry     DDS

                                                                                         Service Activities

Dir/Admissions Office       DDS
Associate Professor              DMD; MS; MPH    Aponte   Ruth

Chair, Department of Pediatric
                                 DDS; MS; Ph.D   Davis    Conan
Course Name
                                                                  Instructor(s)          Contact Information

earch Activities
        Secondary Contact Title   Secondary Contact Degree   Prinicipal Investigator     Contact Information


rvice Activities
                                                              Responsible Party          Contact Information

             DMD, MS, FACP   raponte@cs1.dental.uab.edu

Assoc Prof   DMD
                             nkc@uab.edu ,
    Course Description                                  Key Words

     Country/Location                              Project Description                                Key Words
                           DPBRN is a consortium of participating practices and dental
                           organizations committed to advancing knowledge of dental practice
Denmark; Sweden; Norway.   and ways to improve it. Essentially, it is "practical science" done about, Research Network
                           in, and for the benefit of "real world" daily clinical practice. Total
                           Funding: $2,286,769. Active.

Country/Location                                 Description of Project                               Key Words

                            The exchange program allows students and faculty from each school
                              to observe clinical techniques, research programs, and physical
                            facilities at their host institution. Close interaction between individual
                           students and faculty provides an excellent opportunity for learning and
                            cultural exchange. A group of approximately 5 dental students and 1
                           faculty member from each Japanese university is expected to visit the
                             School of Dentistry for ten days each year. The UASOD will also be Student and faculty
           Japan             sending a group of students to visit Meikai and/or Asahi each year.       exchange; Japan
  This organization is dedicated to promoting and improving the oral
health of the Hispanic community and providing advocacy for Hispanic
   oral health professionals across the United States. Comprised of
   members that include practicing dentists, dental educators, allied
 dental educators and allied dental professionals as well as students,
 the Association works with a wide spectrum of individuals to improve
  education, foster research and communicate to Hispanic and non-            Hispanic
 Hispanic dental professionals and the community at large about oral     community; oral
           health issues specific to the Hispanic community.             health; advocacy
This project is proposed to improve medical/dental education at UAB
by offering two innovative inter-professional global health learning
opportunities. These will involve global health case studies for
students and service learning opportunities for students both locally
and globally.

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