How to complete the KS2 Science Gap Analysis Spreadsheet by e51r8Xi


									     How to complete the KS2 Science Gap Analysis
This Excel Spreadsheet will give you information about the questions which were
wrongly answered in the KS2 Science Tests.
The spreadsheet will need to be downloaded (right click, save as…) and completed

First arrange all the booklets into classes. Work with one class at a time.
Separate the girls from the boys, and A booklets from the B booklets.

For a Gap Analysis we are only interested in questions which scored a zero. Each
question appears on the spreadsheet in the order that they appear in the booklets.
Input the number of children in the class (cell J2), then the number of girls and boys
who scored zero in each question in turn. The percentage will be calculated

When the percentage of zeros for a particular question reaches 50%, the cell will
become red, thus highlighting problem areas.

When you have inputted all the information, you can print off the whole sheet, which
will give a visual overview for the class.
You can also print off the information by Attainment Target. If you look in the AT
column on the spreadsheet, you will see a small scroll-down arrow. Click this arrow
and you can choose any Attainment Target to sort by, and these can be printed off
To get back to the original spreadsheet, click (All).

The interesting job will now be to look through the booklets at the questions which
have been highlighted, and see what the childrens’ answers are. You may be able to
tell from their answers whether they have misunderstood the question (or not read it
properly), if they have tried to answer the question but are having difficulty with the
language required, if there are problems with Sc1, or if they do not have the science
knowledge. Then it will be a matter of looking at the planning and teaching of
particular areas, looking at resources, INSET requirements, etc.

Good Luck!
Briony Creasey, Consultant for Science and Design & Technology
020 8825 5249

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