Outline of CS 101 by M53A03n0


									                   Computer Training Course
    CS-101 Basic MS Word, MS Excel, Internet and E-mail

Overall objective of CS101
Training Outcomes
After completing CS101, trainees should be able to:

Part 1
Basic Operation, Connections & Maintenance.
Objective: to introduce trainees to the principles of computers;

At the end of this part- participant should be able to
        - Understand the difference between manual processing & electronically processing
        - Understand different the use of different Software & Hardware.
        - Windows Operating System

Day 1
Objective: To understand the Computer Processing System.

    Discussion manual process using a Calculator and then link with different computer
       processing tools.
    Function of Different Software & Hardware.
    Relate Manual Processing System Components & Computer Processing Components
    Output of different Software.

Day 2
Objective: To understand the Hardware Connection and Electrical components connections. And
making Folder in different Storage Devices.

    How all the Hardware Connected with CPU.
    Basic Connection of different electrical components
    Understand Folder/Directory.

    Connection with Stabilizer, UPS with different computer parts.
    Functions Menu items in Start Menu.
    Making Folder and rename.

Part 2
Objective of the MS Word
At the end of this part participant should be able to
        - Prepare letters in MS-Word.
        - Understand and Preparing Templates.
        - Table Making
        - Prepare Letter
        - Save Retrieve an existing File
        - Managing File.
        - Different Tools & usage.
Day 3
Objective: Understand what Word Processing Packages can give us and how to create a file.

    Link Film Editing and Word Processing facilities.
    How to run MS-Word.
    Different Editing tools facilities.

    Edit a unedited letter
    Sketched different editing tools
    Label Bars & Tools.

Day 4
Objective: Understand Format of a file. Printing a file and Page Setup and Template.

    Introducing Formatting tool bar and associate with its tools.
    Printing and margin setting.

    Format a Fax Letter Head and Save as Template for future uses.
    Rename a file and save in a certain folder.

Day 5
Objective: Participant will understand copying a file in different Storage devices and move a file
one place to another.

    Identify Folder and File.
    Copying a file in a Diskette.

    Open Windows Explorer
    Copy a file Drive C to Drive D.
    Make a Folder and transfer file into the new folder.

Part 3
Objective of the MS Excel
At the end of this part participant should be able to
        - Understand Columns, Rows Cells.
        - Text, Label, Calculation.
        - Preparing Salary Sheet
        - Editing & Formatting
        - Template
        - Chart
Day 6
Objective: The participant will understand the feature of MS Excel.

    Identify all Text/Labels, Numbers and Calculated Figures.
    Understand Row, Column & Cell.
    Creating Salary Sheet.

    Locate Cell, Row, and Column.
    Use function.
    Copy function.

Day 7
Objective: Format a table & create a Report.

Practical & Tasks
    Label Text, Number & Calculation.
    Format Report.
    Add related functions.
    Save as Template.

Day 8
Objective: Create chart & graphs.

Practical & Tasks
    Creating chart.
    Project.

Part 4
Objective of the Internet
At the end of this part the participants should be able to
        - Prepare letter for E-mail.
        - Sending & receiving e-mails & attachments.
        - Cataloguing letters and e-mails & attachments.
        - Browsing Internet for Information.
        - Opening an E-mail account.

Day 9
Objective: Browsing Internet, Internet facilities and E-mail.

Theory & practical

      Understanding Internet Technology.
      Introducing Internet based software.

Browsing a particular subject.

Day 10
Objective: Opening an e-mail account, sending & receiving e-mails, cataloguing letters and

Theory & Practical

      Dialing Software.
      Software for preparing letter.
      Understanding domain address.

Sending a mail, receiving mail, attachment, cataloguing letters and attachments.


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