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					Wright Express Transaction Recode Template


Template Completion

Process Requirements

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ansaction Recode Template

           In order to more effeciently track and respond to request for transaction recodes and the contacting of stations
           that consistently miscode, WEX will only recode if the following template has been completed.

           For any transaction recodes that are to be submitted please complete the Transaction Data Template tab
           (included in this file) for each incident. The following fields should be submitted:

                  *        Transaction Date
                  *        Transaction Time
                  *        Account Number
                  *        Vehicle Card number
                  *        Driver ID#
                  *        Odometer
                  *        Transaction Ticket #
                  *        PPG
                  *        Dollar Amount
                  *        Merchant Site ID
                  *        Reported Gallons
                  *        Reported Product Name
                  *        Corrected Gallons
                  *        Corrected Product Name
                  *        Comments

                  Note:     A custom report can be built to pull back only the required fields through Wexonline
                  Reports>Custom Reports>Transaction Management.

           In order to streamline the process, please follow the requirements below:

                      1.     Attach only the receipts for transactions that you are requesting to be rerun.
                            o Image copies can be placed on the third tab or as a separate attachment.
                       2. Do not attach additional documentation as all information needed will be in the excel document.
                       3. Submit all requests within 60 days of posting to ensure proper processing.
                       4. Combine multiple requests (across accounts, multiple trans on a single account) into a single sheet
                       5. Verify the receipt has the following information:
                            o Gallons
                            o Dollars
                            o Product Code
                            o Transaction date and time
                            o Merchant name
           If a request is sent that does not meet the requirements above, it will be returned to the requestor without processing.
           Premium Fleet Services Account Manager
           Marty Howgate
           Phone: (207) 523-6018
           Toll free 877-WEX-CARD (939-2273), hit #1 and enter 6018
           Fax: (207) 253-1406
           Email: Martin_Howgate@wrightexpress.com
a single sheet

out processing.
Trans Date   Trans Time   Account #   Vehicle Card#   Driver id #   Odometer   Transaction Tix #   PPG   Dollar Amount
Merchant Site Id   Reported Gallons   Reported Product   Corrected Gallons   Corrected Product   Comments

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