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									        Windows Backup
Windows Backup allows you to make
copies of data files and also create
a system image which includes your
system settings, programs and files.
In Windows 7, you can choose your
custom location for the data
backup and whether or not to
include the system image during
The Backup and Restore is located
under System and Security in your
Control Panel
Create a Backup
You can start creating a backup
from the Backup and Restore center
in the Control Panel
You can choose your preferred
location where you want to create
your backup
As you can see in the above
screenshot, you can also select a
network location to create your
backup. On clicking Add Network
Location, you can add your network
Once you have chosen your location,
you can now choose what to backup.
You can either leave it to Windows'
choice or you can choose your files
If you chose to select your own files
(which I think anyone would prefer),
you will be presented now to choose
the files for backup
If for some reason you want to go
with Windows' chosen files, here is
what you get
You can see that the system image is
included by default if Windows'
option is chosen whereas it is
available as a choice if we were to
select it.
Not to mention that you can
schedule your backups whenever
you want to
Now you can start your backup
process. The Backup and Restore
center notifies you that backup is in
On clicking View Progress, you an
have a look at the actual progress

Even Action Center notifies you
about the backup
Once your backup process is over,
your file is ready to be restored
The Backup and Restore center
gives you more information about
your backup
System Recovery Disc

It is worth to mention about
creating a system recovery disc in
Windows 7. You no longer need the
installation disc to create a
recovery disc.
Using the disc created above, you
can now repair your Windows 7

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