Dear Pin Masters all over the world, by 0XJKdI


									Dear Pin Masters and Members all over the world,

we have some main error’s in the Pin Catalog,.
I hope you read this or your Lead Pin Master send an email to all Pin Masters.

It’s easier to understand when you can see it, Export CSV from last days:
If you have not Excel or another spreadsheet program they can open it,
there exist a free “Excel Reader” at

about Field “Title” or “Pin Name”

There is a limitation of chars for this field, here only a example
the “Title” ends with two dots, this is the sign for a too long Pin Name.
We have actual 1535 such entry’s in the Pin Catalog, please don’t use such long Pin Names.
I hope you understand that I not send 1535 User Request’s to you all.
You can easy filter the xls file, column D your Location and column B “contains” “..”
Normally a Pin Name is a short name, not a novel with a description,
therefore we have a extra field “Description” in the Pin Catalog.

space chars in “Title” or “Pin Name” at the end of the Title

"116991","17th Anniversary. Cowgirl on horse                      ","Blonde cowgirl on
brown horse jumping over a peach covered
fence.","Atlanta","Brown|Green|White|Yellow","Silver Appearance","Logo - Musical Theme
- Guitars Drums Logos etc","Painted ","Pin USA","Retail (Cafe and/or Online)","Anniversary
(Cafe)","","Nature - Animal|People - Female","5

You see the spaces after horse…, the problem is this is not direct visible on the website,
but after the Export CSV function, they many members use for own lists, it’s visible.
I think this is a interface error or else.
You can easy filter the xls file, column D your Location and column B “contains” “ ” (two
following space chars)
We have more than 1300 such Pin Names.

Using of the ENTER-Key (CR/LF) in “Pin Name” or “Description”

We have some Pin Master and Members they make a try to format the Description field
with the ENTER-key of your keyboard.
The main problem is, you see this line wrap when you enter a new pin into the Pin Catalog.
But, the Description field is –floating text-- in the Pin Catalog you never see this formatting,
when you have a look later direct to the pin in the Catalog.
Please make a :-) big red cross :-) on your ENTER-Key when you work with the Pin Catalog,
formating of Description in this manner is impossible! Please don’t use this key.
EVERY use of the ENTER-Key produces an Export CSV error!!!
We have some Pin Masters and Members they do this sometime and two Locations there is it
very often, they have got an extra email.
Using of the Location name or the word “pin” in the “Pin Name”

Please don’t do this, please…
For the Location we have an extra field in the Pin Catalog.
About the word “pin” in “Pin Name”…
I think we all know what this is for a club, the word pin in the “Pin Name”
is in the most cases NOT meaningful.

I know, some of you have all pins of your Location at home.
With this xls and the filter in D for your Location you can see with your eyes, very easy,
what for information we miss in the Pin Catalog, like “BaseMaterial”, “Manufacturer” or
“Print Type”.
This is easy visible with this xls and on the pin. Please give the Catalog more info’s.

I hope you understand this thread is for a better quality in the Pin Catalog for all Members,
not more. It’s not possible to send thousands of User Request for things they can changed
easy by using the Export CSV function from the website.

Thank you to the Pin Masters they I have sent in the last months the xls and they has changed
such errors or fill out all possible field for your location.
Thank you very much.


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