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					Job Description and Person Specification
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Job Description

Academic                Temp Bank Placement

Post Title:             Postgraduate Admissions Assistant (temporary cover)

Please enter Level         ERE           TAE            MSA           CAO           R.Nurse       Clinical
under appropriate                                           2b
Career Pathway

                                     Academic Posts                         Non-Academic Posts
ERE Category            Academic       Research       Teaching
                                                                  Enterprise      Education Development
                         (mixed)         only           Only

Posts Responsible to (and Level):      Postgraduate Co-Ordinator

Posts Responsible for (and Level):     None

Job Purpose: To provide administrative support for postgraduate admissions.

Key Accountabilities/Primary Responsibilities                                                 % Time

       To follow established admissions procedures to process applications correctly
        and efficiently.

       To resolve questions and problems both from students and staff, using
        judgement as to when to seek guidance from a more senior colleague.

       To maintain accurate and up to date records and statistics in relation to
        admission applications.

       To support the initial academic screening of applications using comparison
        websites for review of international qualifications, raising issues with senior
        staff and passing successful applications to the programme secretaries.

       To chase up missing information e.g. outstanding references and transcripts
        of results, liaison with applicants and agents both in the UK and abroad.

       To prepare summary reports and information on all aspects of the admissions
        system covered by this role.

       Any other duties that fall within the scope of the post as allocated by the line
        manager following consolation with the postholder.

Internal & External Relationships: (nature & purpose of relationships)

      Postgraduate Education team in the Academic Unit
      Applicants, referees and other institutions both in the UK and around the world.

Special Requirements: May be required to work non-standard hours at times depending on deadlines.

Person Specification

                                                                                          How to be
Criteria                                  Essential                 Desirable
Qualifications, Knowledge and             Numeracy skills,          Knowledge of            Application
Experience:                               including the use of      the University’s         Form and
                                          percentages.              admissions               Interview
                                          Ability to produce
                                          clear, accurate and       Knowledge of
                                          concise written           the University’s
                                          documentation.            Banner system

                                          Successful work
                                          experience within an
                                          ial support role.         RSA II word-
                                                                    processing /
                                          Ability to make           Excel -
                                          effective and efficient   intermediate
                                          use of standard office    level (or
                                          computer systems          equivalent
                                          including word-           qualification or
                                          processing and            level of skill)

                                          Experience of analysing
                                          data and presenting
                                          summary information
                                          in a clear and concise
Planning and Organising:                  Ability to effectively                            Application
                                          organise and prioritise                            Form and
                                          own work and follow                                Interview
                                          procedures in order to
                                          produce work to a high
                                          standard to required

                                          Attention to detail.

Problem Solving and Initiative:   Ability to work                              Application
                                  independently to solve                        Form and
                                  a range of problems                           Interview
                                  relating to

                                  Proven organisation

                                  Ability to use work well
                                  with minimum
Management and Teamwork:          Ability to work well as                      Application
                                  part of a team.                               Form and

Communicating and Influencing:    Excellent                   Awareness of     Application
                                  communication and          the key issues     Form and
                                  interpersonal skills       concerning UK      Interview
                                                              and overseas
                                  Proven experience of        customers in
                                  providing clear advice     relation to the
                                  on administrative            admissions
                                  procedures to                 process.
                                  colleagues and/or
                                  external customers.

Other Skills and Behaviours:

Special Requirements:

        Job Hazard Analysis Form - Appendix to Job and Person Specification

Please tick one of the following statements:

 This post is an office-based job with routine office hazards e.g. use of VDU (if ticked,   √
 no further information needs to be supplied)
 This post has some hazards other than routine office e.g. more than use of VDU

Please tick all those that apply, and put N/A if not applicable

 Environmental Exposures                                                     O*      F      C
 Outside work                                                                n/a
 Extremes of temperature (eg fridge/ furnace)                                n/a
 Potential for exposure to body fluids
 Noise (greater than 80 dba - 8 hrs twa)
 Exposure to hazardous substances (eg solvents, liquids, dust, fumes,
 biohazards). Specify ………………………………………………………….                   ##
 Frequent hand washing                                                       n/a
 Ionising radiation.                                                         n/a
Equipment/Tools/Machines used
 Food Handling
 Driving university vehicles(e.g. car/van/LGV/PCV)
 Use of latex gloves (note: prohibited unless specific clinical necessity)
 Vibrating tools ( e.g. strimmers, hammer drill, lawnmowers)
 Physical Abilities

 Load manual handling.                                                       n/a

 Repetitive Crouching/Kneeling/Stooping                                      n/a
 Repetitive Pulling/Pushing                                                  n/a
 Repetitive Lifting                                                          n/a
 Standing for prolonged periods                                              n/a
 Repetitive Climbing i.e. steps, stools, ladders                             n/a
 Fine motor grips (e.g. pipetting)                                           n/a
 Gross motor grips                                                           n/a

 Repetitive reaching below shoulder height                                   n/a

 Repetitive reaching at shoulder height                                      n/a
 Repetitive reaching above shoulder height                                   n/a
 Psychosocial Issues
 Face to face contact with public                                            n/a
 Lone working                                                                n/a

Shift work/night work/on call duties

     O – Occasionally (up to 1/3 of time); F –   Frequently (up to 2/3 of time); C – Constantly
     (more than 2/3 of time) ## denotes to HR    the need for a full PEHQ to be sent to all applicants for
     this position.
FOR ACADEMIC UNIT/SERVICE USE                    ResourceLink Post Number
Which post does this job report to               Postgraduate Co-Ordinator
Is this post a Line Manager?                     Yes                            No           √
If yes, which posts directly report into it?     ResourceLink Post Number
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