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					                                 AP LATIN LITERATURE SYLLABUS
Advanced Placement Latin (Vergil) is a course which stresses and emphasizes reading, translating,
understanding, analyzing and interpreting Latin in the original language. Essentially, this course is
equivalent to Latin studies in the fourth through sixth semester at the college level.

AP students may receive credits and/or advanced placement in college for passing the AP test in high
school. Check, however, with your college/university to see what kind of credit you will receive, as not all
schools accept AP credits.

AP SYLLABUS: The course will cover the following lines from the Aeneid:

      Book 1: lines 1-519
      Book 2: lines 1-56, 199-297, 469-566, and 735-805
      Book 4: lines 1-448, 642-705
      Book 6: lines 1-211, 450-476, and 847-901
      Book 10: lines 420-509
      Book 12: lines 791-842, 887-952
      Total number of lines: 1,856
PLUS familiarity with the ENTIRE content of Books 1 through 12 in English.

The date of the 2010 AP Latin Test is Friday, May 14 (afternoon session).
    The Aeneid: A New Prose Translation by David West, Virgil
    Penguin Classics, 1991
    ISBN: 0-14-04457-2

There are other translations of the Aeneid available (Allen Mandelbaum, Richard Lattimore), but please
do not purchase them. Those English translations are in poetry form and do not reflect the true Vergilian

Please also buy a Cliff Notes/Sparks Notes copy of the Aeneid. Although this will NOT help you at all on
the actual AP test, it is a good supplement for the plot, characters and place names.

Tests (40%)
        a) Practice AP tests. Once every 3-4 weeks, you will have test covering approximately 250-300
           lines. These tests will be patterned after the AP test and will be taken over a 2-day period.
           These tests will cover grammar, translation, literary devices, scanning, and questions on the
           poem’s thematic and structural content.

       b) Sight Translation tests (2 = 1 test grade). Most are multiple choice over a passage of prose and
          a passage of poetry. Again, these are patterned after the AP test.

       c) Grammar Review/Vocabulary tests
Quizzes (25%)
Most quizzes will be pop quizzes, with no prior notice. They will cover material discussed in class,
vocabulary, scanning, grammar analysis and translations. You can expect 1-2 quizzes a week, with the
option of dropping your 3 lowest quiz scores at the end of the semester. Each quiz will be 10 points
and will cover grammar, translation, scanning, poetic devices, cultural and thematic content and
vocabulary. If you miss a pop quiz due to absence, then you are excused from it (it will count towards one
of your 3 drop quizzes). You may request to take the quiz in order to get a grade, but it will differ from
the quiz you missed and given to you on a day when a pop quiz is not being given.

Some quizzes may be announced (very few though).

Homework (15%)
Most homework will be completed ONLINE. Homework will consist of a mix of
activities/drills/exercises, in addition to responding to an online question in a blog format. At the
beginning of each stage, you will be given a calendar with suggested dates for homework completion, but
you will have until the day of the assigned test to have completed all online homework assignments.
Forthcoming information will be distributed, explaining the policy, web address for homework, etc.
Homework assignments should last no longer than 10 minutes per assignment.

Final Exam (20%)
Students may not exempt the final exam except for seniors who may exempt the 2nd semester exam.

In accordance with Gwinnett County Board of Education policy, 10 extra bonus points will be added to
your AP report card grade as an incentive for you to complete this challenging college level course.

ATTENDANCE: Consistent daily attendance is imperative to a student’s success in AP Latin. When
absent, it is the student’s responsibility to get any missed work or notes upon returning to school. In
accordance with school policy, students will have 5 school days to make up any work. Makeup
tests/quizzes will be done after school, as no work may be made up during class. Any student who does
not make up any work within that time period will receive a zero for that assignment/test.

MAKE-UP WORK: You will have 5 days from the day of return to make up any missed work. The
grade of zero will be averaged in the place of the grade until you make up the missed assignments. As
stated in the Gwinnett County Board of Education Policy concerning makeup work, “All pre-assigned
work will be due on the day of a student’s return from an absence.” If you are absent on the day of a quiz
or test, it is IMPERATIVE that you make this up within five days of return. IT IS YOUR
student agenda book for more information.

TUTORIALS: I will offer after school help on Tuesdays/Thursdays from 2:20 – 3:10. If you are unable
to attend, you can schedule another time with me.

TEACHER WEB PAGE: I have created a teacher web page where you can find a copy of the syllabus
and calendar listing assignments, quizzes and tests -

HONOR CODE: This class will follow the school honor code as outlined in the Brookwood High School
agenda book. Please consult your agenda book for more information. Any infraction will be handled
accordingly by both teacher and administrators.
CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS: As much as I dislike writing a list of do’s and don’ts for the
classroom (I think that it is insulting – for both you and me – to have to list what is considered appropriate
and inappropriate behavior, since you should already know what type of behavior is considered
acceptable), for those of you who are uncertain about what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior, here
is a list:

       1) Get to class on time! You are tardy if you are not in the classroom when the bell rings. The
          Brookwood High School tardy policy will be enforced, i.e., TAP table.
          CALCULATOR, ETC.) WILL BE TOLERATED! When you are in this class, I expect you
          to be paying attention. Violation of this policy will result in a loss of sesterces (see Sesterces
       3) Come to class prepared! If you do not have your homework with you in class when it is
          supposed to be turned in, then it will count as a zero (even if it is done but in your locker, I
          will not let you go get it without a loss of sesterces).
       5) Follow policies in the student handbook.


       First offense                   verbal warning
       Second offense                  30-minute detention and parent notification
       Third offense                   60–minute detention and parent notification
       Fourth offense                  Administrative referral

Depending on the nature of the offense, I reserve the right to skip levels of discipline.

TEXTBOOKS: Each student will be assigned a textbook, which must be kept covered throughout the
school year (please do not use contact paper to cover your book). Students will turn in textbooks on the
day of the final exam; if a student does not have his/her textbook on the day of the exam, he/she will have
to take the exam on the designated makeup day (as per Brookwood High School final exam policy).
Students who have lost their textbook will have to pay for the book at the appropriate grade level office
and to show me their receipt in order to be reissued a new book. Here are the costs for the textbooks:

       A Song of War: Readings from Vergil’s Aeneid                   $31.47

PARENT/TEACHER COMMUNICATION: To facilitate effective communication, here is my email
address. Please email when you have concerns:

Mr. Toda (email)
                                  Tips for surviving AP Latin
1) Come to class prepared, i.e., having done your translations/readings for the day and ready to discuss.
   It is imperative that you are an active participant in the class! This is not a time to do homework in
   other classes!

2) Prepare your assignment twice, i.e., translate it the first time to look up vocabulary
   and to analyze the grammar and then re-translate/reread it again to see if you get the meaning. This
   practice is imperative if you are to develop your translation/reading skills and understanding Vergil’s
   style, syntax and content.

3) Get ahead in your translations/readings! You know what lines for which you will be responsible each
   day, so if you can, get a few days (if not a week) ahead, then all you have to do is review for that

4) Take copious notes during the class discussion of the assigned lines. Keep a 3-ring notebook for this
    purpose. As you prepare your daily assignment, keep a list of names, place names, epithets,
    mythological names and other titles to help you study for tests.

The Junior Classical League is for any student who is interested in classical language, history, culture, etc.
Outside of the Boy Scouts of America, it is the largest student organization in the nation and is comprised
mostly of Latin students. The dues will be $15.00 for the year (chapter t-shirt will be an additional
$10.00). Make checks payable to Brookwood High School. The fee is divided as follows:

       $11.00 for local chapter
       $2.00 for GA Junior Classical League
       $2.00 for National Junior Classical League
       $10.00 for t-shirt (optional)

If a student does not join JCL at the local level, he/she is not eligible to attend the Georgia JCL State
Convention at Rock Eagle, the National Convention or participate in local chapter outings/field trips. Our
chapter will be led by both the officers and sponsors Mr. Guarnella and Mr. Toda. It is a student-initiated

JCL is an academic opportunity. There are many contests in which students can participate at both the
state and national levels. These contests include grammar, vocabulary, mythology, graphic arts, oratory;
these competitions look great on college and scholarship applications. If there are any questions, please
contact Mr. G , Mr. Toda or Ms. Newman.
                                                                                 Parent/Guardian Information Sheet

Name of student: _______________________________________________
Primary guardian information: ___ parent, ___ other
      Work phone: __________________________________________________
      Email address:       __________________________________________________
Home phone:       __________________________________________________
Home address:     __________________________________________________

Secondary guardian information: ___ parent, ___ step-parent*, ___ other
     Work phone: __________________________________________________
     Email address:        __________________________________________________

* If the secondary guardian is a step-parent, I must have written permission in order to communicate
with him/her about your child. Please fill out the following if this is applicable:

As the parent/primary guardian of ________________________________, I give permission for Keith
Toda to communicate with my spouse about the progress of my child in his class.

                                                                                            _________________________________                                          _______________
                                                                                            parent/primary guardian signature                                          date

I have read the course syllabus and understand the rules listed in it.

________________________________                                                                           _____________________
                   student signature                                                                                             date

I have read the course syllabus and acknowledge that all information on the Parent/Guardian
Information Sheet is correct

_________________________________________________________________________________________                  _________________________________________________________

                   parent/primary guardian signature                                                                              date
      History of Parent Communication











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