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									Greensburg Community High School
2009-2010 Course Syllabus
Introduction to Computer Applications
Mr. Miller

Course Description-This course is designed to familiarize students with some of the
programs available with Microsoft Office. Students will learn and work with features in
Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Students will also learn computer basics and be exposed to
different operating systems and some of their features. Many of the different internet
features associated with these programs will be explored.

Course Objective-students will demonstrate mastery of all of the skills mentioned in the
objective list at the beginning of each project.

Grading-students will demonstrate their mastery of skills through daily work, written
tests and quizzes, and production tests. Daily work will be worth 10 to 20 points per
assignment. Written tests will be worth 50 or 100 points. Production tests will be worth
50 or 100 points. Each student will also have a participation grade worth 5 points per
class period. This is based on items such as care of the computer and effort in staying on
task. Students will have their daily work graded nearly every day and will have written
and production tests at a rate of approximately one every two weeks. The school grading
scale will be used to determine all letter grades.

Class Schedule
Day 1                 Introduction to class, keyboarding review, intro to computers
Day 2                 Buying and setting up computers, general tasks, vocabulary
Day 3                 Operating systems, Windows 98 exercises
Day 4                 Office 2000 general information and exercises
Day 5                 File management
Day 6                 Written test
Day 7                 Begin Project 1 in Word-intro, vocab, operations
Day 8                 Continue Project 1-tutorial, exercises
Day 9                 Project 1
Day 10                Finish Project 1 and review
Day 11                Project 1 written test and production test
Day 12                Library research for Project 2
Day 13                Project 2-discussion and exercises
Day 14                Project 2-working on actual research paper
Day 15                Finish Project 2
Day 16                Project 2 written test and production test
Day 17                Word-Internet activities-web pages, etc.
Day 18                Introduction to Excel, begin Project 1
Day 19                Excel Project 1
Day 20                Finish Excel Project 1
Day 21               Project 1 written test and production test
Day 22               Intro Excel Project 2-vocab
Day 23               Excel Project 2
Day 24               Excel Project 2
Day 25               Finish Project 2, review
Day 26               Project 2 written test and production test
Day 27               Special project-Excel and the internet
Day 28               Intro PowerPoint-vocab and demo
Day 29               PowerPoint Project 1
Day 30               PP Project 1
Day 31               Finish PP Project 1, review
Day 32               Project 1 written test and production test
Day 33               Intro PowerPoint Project 2
Day 34               PP Project 2
Day 35               PP Project 2
Day 36               Finish Project 2 and review
Day 37               Project 2 written test and production test
Day 38               Remainder of semester-PowerPoint projects, certification, review
                     For semester exam.

Computer Lab Rules and Expectations

   1. You will treat the computer equipment with great care at all times. You will be
      liable for any intentional damage to any equipment.
   2. There will be no food, candy, or soft drinks.
   3. If you are in the lab 7th or 8th period, you need to shut your computer down.
   4. You will not print anything other than class assignments without permission.
   5. The chairs are not to be used as a mode of transportation. Your chair should stay
      at your desk. Push your chair in when you leave.

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