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tutorial corel


									Step 08: Import & Resize Image

                              Go to File > Import.

This will open the Import Window.
Locate your file and select the Import Button on the bottom right of the window.

                     You will see the Image Name along with some more details about
the image next to your cursor.

Click anywhere on the screen to place the image.

              Once the image is placed, proceed to the Property Bar to set the Object

Set Width to 3.8" and Height to 6.6".

Step 09: Mirror Image
                                 Next we will mirror the image so that it faces the opposite

The reason for this is that we're able to get better use of the canvas in regards to the
layout of text for this Bridal flyer.

On the Property Bar you will see the Mirror Buttons.

Select the Top Mirror Button.

Make sure to move the image into to desired position on the flyer.

Step 10: Free Fonts

                  Next we can start adding text to the Flyer. For the Bridal Flyer Title,
the Font used is Advert by Richard Mueller, which was downloaded from

The Advert Font works well for the Title as it is a bold Font that stands out from the rest
of the text on the flyer. I stressed this in my blog post on Basic Flyer Design Principles.
This Bridal Pageant Boutique Flyer was originally created a few years ago as you can
see from the Microsoft Word version of the tutorial. At that time the Segoe Print Font
was free for download but this has since changed. You must purchase this Font to use it.

                    So the Font I've chosen to replace Segoe Print is Gabrielle which
was downloaded from and designed by Dieter Steffmann. So the lesson
here is always check a Font's License before using it.

(Note for a newly downloaded Font to be usable on your machine, you must first install
it. Any Font installed while Corel Draw is open, will not be visible in the Font List. To
correct this, you must first restart the Corel Draw program after Font(s) installation.) For
more information on Fonts and how to properly install visit the FlyerTutor Blog.

Step 11: Insert Text on Path

Select the Text Tool from the Tool Box located to the Left of the screen.

           Move the cursor over the edge of the Gradient Filled Oval. Notice that the
cursor will change from a plus sign that's next to an A above some sort of curve.

                                                           Click once and start typing the
Bridal Flyer Title.

It should follow the path on the oval.

You can immediately see that the text does not go where you want it to be.

Step 12: Format Text
                   Move the cursor over the title and quickly click 3 times to highlight
all. Highlighted Text has a Gray background.

Go up to the Property Bar: Text and click on the 2nd Down Arrow to the Right of the
Font List. Choose the Advert font.

Immediately to the Right of the Font List is the Font Size. Set it to 56.

Yes, this pushes the text even further down the oval.

To remedy this, click at the start of the text and press the space bar until the words are

moved to the top center of the oval.

Step 13: Adjust Path Settings

Now we need to create some space between the text and the oval. Go to the Toolbox and
choose the Pick Tool.

Move the Pick Tool over the text, then hit Ctrl and Click together.
The Property Bar will change to Text on Curve/Object.

Make adjustments to the last 2 boxes on the bar.

               Set Distance from Path to 0.3" either by typing this in or by clicking the
Up Arrow.

               Then set Horizontal Offset to 25".

Now you'll be able to see some whitespace between the Title and the Oval.

Step 14: Adjust Upside Down Text

                        To place text at the bottom of the oval, select the Text Tool again
and start typing "Create The Perfect Day". Notice that the text is not only heading in the
wrong direction, but it is also upside down.

Don't panic! Click on the Pick Tool to change the Property Bar.

Select the Place on Other Side Icon (the last on the Property Bar).
                         You will then be able to see the text correctly.

Remember to click 3 times with the Text Tool to select the Text.

Set the Font to Advert and Size to 24.

On the Property Bar, set Distance from Path to -0.4" and Horizontal Offset to 16.1".

                               There will now be a nich flow of whitespace between the
Oval and Text.

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