Power MOSFET Packaging Reliability For Extreme Environments by 0XJKdI


									                                    Power MOSFET Packaging Reliability                                                                      PCK-15
                               For Extreme Environments (Continuation of ’06)

                                                                                 FY07 Plans:
Electronic components implemented in space borne and military                    At the completion of the DirectFet evaluation following is the plan
applications are often required to operate in extreme temperatures and           1) Select the top candidate Directfet MOSFET’s for reliability
hostile radiation environments and are therefore subject to the                      at extreme temperature.
degradation and failure mechanisms associated with such environments.            2) Include the radiation qualified MOSFET’s in the evaluation.
Thus, choosing the right package for Aerospace Applications can be a             3) Include any new generation parts by the supplier.
challenge.                                                                       4) Procure all parts.
1) Select top candidate DirectFet package (from FY06 evaluation).                5) Select Industry partner for assembly and test.
                                                                                 6) Test DirectFET MOSFET performance for
2) Selected MOSFETs will also include those chosen for radiation
                                                                                             RdsOn and RdsOn Power Dissipation
    requirements by parts engineer.                                                          Ids (leakage current)
3) In FY06 DirectFet MOSFET Packaging was evaluated and compared to                          Vth (Threshold Voltage)
    SO-8 Packaging. Some new generation parts (made for military use)                        Stability of Parameters through sequence of heat soak (150*C) and
    from the vendor, may be included in this evaluation and compared to the                            temperature cycle tests +150*C t0 -120*C)
    selected DirectFet’s.                                                                    Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient
                                                                                             Thermal Resistance Junction to Lead
                                                                                 7) Evaluate & Compare data with SO-8 Packaging and present DirectFet MOSFET

Schedule/Costs:                                                                  Deliverables:
                                                                                 Final Report of the evaluation
                                2006                     2006                    Test Samples
                           O   N    D   J   F   M   A   M    J   J   A   S   O

 Select the MosFets
 Electrical /Enviro Test
 Publish/Present data                                                            NASA and Non-NASA
Lead Center/PI: JPL/A. Mottiwala                                                 Packaged parts and electrical/environmental testing -- $50K
Co-Is: Stellar Microelectronics

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