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Dear Supplier,
Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Whole Foods Market Canada supplier community. Please join us in our
mission to continuously satisfy and delight our customers! The partnership before us is one of shared values: we are both highly
selective about what we sell, dedicated to stringent quality standards, and passionate about pure and delicious food. The
documentation contained within our Supplier Application is designed to help us to collectively set expectations with regard to the
information necessary to ensure a successful business partnership.

Whole Foods knows how important your products are to you. A primary goal of this Supplier Application and related
communications is to ensure the freshness and quality of every product that arrives at a Whole Foods facility or store. The
standards articulated herein are designed to guide your product through the fulfillment cycle in a safe, timely, and efficient

Upon acceptance, you will become part of an elite distribution process- one that is committed to quality at all times and at every
level. Thank you in advance for providing the information requested and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.
Your compliance with the three areas noted below will help expedite the supplier review and set-up processes.

1) Please complete and sign both the Supplier Application and Supplier Agreement

2) All forms should be printed, manually signed and returned to the Whole Foods Team Member with whom you plan to conduct

      Instructions for signing documents:

      If Supplier is an individual, sign individual name as the proprietor and give trade name, if any.

      If Supplier is a partnership, one general partner must sign in the partnership name.

      If supplier is a corporation, an officer must sign and indicate title.

3) Please make sure to include all other requested forms & attachments with your Supplier Application:

          • Certificate of Liability Insurance

          • Sample invoice, inclusive of wiring instructions where appropriate

          • Organic certificate (for organic product)
          • Last inspection certificate of passing 3rd party food safety audit if conducted
          • Addresses and phone numbers for distribution facilities from which your product may be shipped
          • Completed Electronic Funds Transfer form

          • Completed Supplier Compliance Checklist


The Whole Foods Market Canada Team
Version 1.3

                                                                                                                                        Please mail, e-mail or fax this form
                                                                                                                                        along with all supporting paperwork to
                                                                                                                                        the Whole Foods Market Canada
                                                                                                                                        employee with whom you have been in

   Supplier / Company Information
       Supplier Status          New Supplier      Information Update       Updates are required whenever any supplier info. entered below changes

      Company                                                                  d/b/a or Other Business Names
        Address                                                              City                                Province              Post Code
         Phone                          Fax                                             Email
       Address to remit payment to (if different from above):
        Address                                                              City                                Province              Post Code

              Preferred Method of Purchase Order Receipt                         Fax        E-mail          Direct File Transmission

                      PO Fax                                             PO Email

       Producing Facility (if different from above):
        Address                                                              City                                Province              Post Code
              Phone                                Fax                                  Email
       Product Information:
                Please list product(s) intended to be sold to Whole Foods Market Canada

                   Do you use a co-packer to produce above noted product(s)? If yes, please provide name & address:

                   If your facility falls under CFIA, do you have regular CFIA inspections?                                   CFIA Regist. #
       Sales / Business Contact:                                                                                    Please complete even if same as above
              Name                                               Title
              Phone                                Fax                                  Email
       Accounting / Payment Contact:                                                                                Please complete even if same as above
              Name                                               Title
              Phone                                Fax                                  Email

                 Pref Payment Terms            2%10net30          Net45        Other Negotiated (specify)

       Whole Foods Market Contact: (WFM Team Member with whom supplier is working to establish partnership)
              Name                                               Title                                                Dept
       Do you have more than one cost base that would effect WFM?                          Yes        No
     If yes, please explain:

   Please Attach Copies of:                            IMPORTANT: This Request Cannot be Processed Without the Attachment of All Relevant Documents!
       1)     Certificate of Liability Insurance           5)   Supplier Compliance Checklist
       2)     Sample Invoice                               6)   Addresses/Phones of any Distribution Facilities from which your Product will be Distributed
       3)     EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) App          7)   3rd Party Food Safety Audit Inspection Certificate, if Available
       4)     Supplier Agreement                           8)   Organic Certificate (if product is Organic)

   Name & Title of Person FROM SUPPLIER Authorized to Complete this Form:
                      Name                                                               Title                                            Phone
                   Signature                                                                          Date
                           FOR WHOLE FOODS MARKET CANADA USE ONLY
Purchasing Team: Complete this Section and forward to Accounting
      Delivery Options      Stores         Warehouses        Commissaries      (Please check all that apply)
      Payment Terms                                                                                        Type of Product
             May differ from preferred terms noted by Supplier. Payment          COD Supplier
             terms defined are in accordance with Global Payment Term                                   Certificate of Insurance Received?    Yes      No
             Policy and any state/federal laws.                                  Local Supplier
                                                                                                        Supplier's Risk Level
        Team Name                                                     Date                                                              Regional
  Name (print or type)                                             Job Title                                                            Local
           Signature                                                                                                                                Low
 Signed Indemnification Agreement Received?                  Yes       No                                                                           High
 Product ingredients been reviewed against WFM Quality Standards?                           Yes    No
                                                                                                               IRMA Supplier Number
Accounting Team: Complete and Return Copy to Original Requestor
       PS Supplier #:                                     Approval Date                                           W-9 Received?       Yes     No
              Approver's Name
           Approver's Signature
 Completed and signed EFT            Yes        No      If no, reason
 Application Received?
1.                 Purchase and Sale. This agreement applies to any product (the “Product”) supplied to a direct or
indirect subsidiary of Whole Foods Market, Inc., a Texas corporation (“WFM”) from the undersigned supplier on
behalf of itself, its affiliates and their employees and agents (the “Supplier”).

2.              Products.

(a)              WFM Product Specifications. Supplier has reviewed WFM’s quality standards,
acceptable/unacceptable ingredient list and other specifications provided on the vendor pages of WFM’s website (“WFM’s Website”) (username: vendor, password: wholefoods) and any
other Product specifications WFM has provided to Supplier in writing (collectively, “WFM Requirements”).
Supplier acknowledges that any Product which includes an ingredient that is not identified as “acceptable” on the
acceptable/unacceptable ingredient list, does not meet WFM Requirements. Supplier represents that it has
provided and will continue to provide WFM with complete and accurate information regarding its production
processes and record keeping practices (“Supplier’s Standard Processing Specifications”) and that Supplier’s
Standard Processing Specifications comply with all Applicable Laws (hereinafter defined). Supplier’s Standard
Processing Specifications and WFM Requirements are referred to in this agreement as “Product Specifications”.
Supplier represents and warrants that all Products delivered to WFM will comply with all Product Specifications
and Product labeling claims and that all information provided by Supplier to WFM about Products is true and
correct. Supplier will maintain appropriate documentation evidencing compliance with this agreement and shall
grant WFM full access to this documentation. No proposed change will be deemed accepted by WFM unless
WFM has agreed to the change in writing. Supplier agrees to promptly notify WFM in writing if Supplier becomes
aware that any Product fails to comply with any Product Specification.

(b)                Representations and Warranties. Supplier represents and warrants that all Products (including
packaging and labels), at the time of delivery to the “Ship To” address in the Purchase Order (the “Delivery Point”)
(A) will be merchantable and otherwise free from impurities or defects; (B) will include packaging that is in
compliance with all reasonable safety standards; (C) will not pose a health or safety hazard when used for their
intended purpose; (D) will not be contaminated with a foreign substance or contain any rancid ingredient, (E) will
not include any ingredient that has not been disclosed to WFM; (F) will not include any Allergen or be processed
in a facility that uses an Allergen in production processes unless it has been disclosed on the label in accordance
with Applicable Laws; (G) will not include any illegal, misleading or untrue label claim during the designated shelf
life (assuming proper storage and handling after delivery), (H) will not be prepared, packed or held under
insanitary conditions; (I) will not be adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of Applicable Law; (J) will
comply with all Applicable Laws; (K) will be consistent with its original quality at all times during its designated
shelf life (assuming proper storage and handling after delivery); and (I) upon payment, the Authorized Purchaser
will own the Product shipment free of any security interest, lien, pledge or other encumbrance of any nature.
Supplier represents and warrants that all Product label claims will remain true and accurate and compliant with
Applicable Laws for the designated shelf life of the Product (assuming proper storage and handling after delivery).

(c)             Applicable Laws. The term “Applicable Laws” includes all material requirements of any applicable
domestic or foreign federal, state, provincial or local law, regulation or ordinance of the place where Products are
produced and packaged and the laws of the place where Products are sold.

(d)              Certifications. If a Product is labeled organic or kosher or includes any other certification mark on
its packaging, Supplier will provide WFM with a copy of the applicable certificates of compliance.

(e)              Purchase Orders. All agreements to purchase a specific quantity of Products will be documented
in a purchase order (a “Purchase Order”) issued by WFM or by third party distribution centres designated by WFM
(together, “Authorized Purchasers”). A Purchase Order may be placed by electronic transmission (e.g. web-based
ordering, email, electronic data interchange, etc.), by phone, by facsimile or by
other written means. If Supplier desires to make any changes to any Purchase Order, Supplier must obtain the
prior approval of an Authorized Purchaser. Supplier will comply with all reasonable policies and requirements of
Authorized Purchasers including policies relating to Purchase Orders, deliveries, appointments, invoices, bills of
lading and pallet requirements. If the Purchase Order, Supplier’s invoice or a shipping document conflicts with
this agreement, the provisions of this agreement shall prevail.

(f)               Delivery. Supplier will deliver Products in strict compliance with the terms of this agreement and
the Purchase Order appropriately packed for reshipment (unless delivered directly to a store). Supplier’s delivery
of Product shipments will occur and title and risk of loss will pass when a Product shipment is delivered to the
Delivery Point and an authorized representative of an Authorized Purchaser has signed the bill of lading or other
shipping document acknowledging its receipt. Supplier will comply with all reasonable policies and requirements
of Authorized Purchasers, including policies relating to purchase orders, deliveries, appointments, invoices, bills of
lading and pallet requirements. Supplier will promptly notify WFM of any Product shortages, decreased
availability or out of stocks.

3.              Quality Assurance.

(a)               Quality Assurance Program. WFM has a quality assurance program that evaluates a number of
factors relating to products such as production facility audit scores, quality issues, product testing, withdrawals
and recalls, consumer complaints and inherent risks associated with products, processes, facilities, ingredients
and equipment. Supplier’s compliance with WFM’s quality assurance program is a condition to WFM’s obligations
under this Agreement.

(b)              Facility Audits. As part of its quality assurance program, Supplier shall provide WFM with the
results of any audits of Product production facilities to WFM at least once a year. WFM may require additional
audits based upon WFM’s quality assurance evaluation. All audits will be at Supplier’s expense.

(c)             WFM Inspections. Supplier grants WFM and its agents the right to do the following at WFM’s
expense: (1) to inspect all production facilities during regular business hours; (2) to have a representative on-site
during the production of the Products; and (3) to randomly test Products. If any sample test results indicate that a
Product does not comply in any material respect with the requirements of this agreement, Supplier will perform
and pay for additional tests reasonably requested by WFM.

4.              Product Quality Issues; Withdrawals & Recalls.

(a)              Supplier will provide WFM with primary and secondary contact numbers where WFM may reach
Supplier outside of normal business hours with questions concerning time sensitive issues. Supplier has and will
maintain a reliable recall system including appropriate tracking, coding and accounting systems for all Products, as
well as securing necessary records for a minimum of one year beyond the expected shelf-life of the Product, or to
the extent required by Applicable Laws of the province in which the Product is designated for sale, whichever is
greater. Supplier will consult directly with WFM for instructions relating to quality or regulatory issues, including
consumer complaints and withdrawals and recalls.

(b)              Supplier agrees to pay all reasonable expenses associated with the withdrawal or recall of a
Product or Product safety notice if the withdrawal, recall or safety notice is based upon Product test samples or
other credible evidence indicating that all or part of one or more Product shipments, as a result of a condition that
existed at the time of delivery to WFM, fails to comply with any Applicable Law or any one or more of the
representations, warranties or covenants made by Supplier in this agreement, or could otherwise pose a health or
safety risk. At WFM’s request, Supplier will cooperate with and assist WFM with withdrawals, recalls and safety
notices. WFM may withdraw or recall any Product for any reason at WFM’s own expense without liability or
obligation to Supplier.

5.               Nonconforming Products. WFM may terminate any outstanding Purchase Order for a Product
and/or reject, revoke acceptance of and either hold or return Products at Supplier’s expense if (1) there is credible
evidence that a Product or all or part of any Product shipment fails to comply with Product Specifications or the
defective, (3) Product tests indicate that any part of the Product is contaminated or otherwise fails to comply with
this agreement or (4) the Product is produced in an unapproved facility. Payment of an invoice will not waive
these rights. If the non-conformance is due to labels, WFM will have the option of correcting the label at
Supplier’s expense. Supplier agrees to pay all reasonable expenses incurred by WFM as a result of the non-
conforming Product or Supplier’s breach of this agreement including but not limited to costs and expenses
relating to inspections, testing and Product analysis, labor (including store, distribution centre and administrative
personnel), publishing notices, storing, packaging, handling, transporting, re-labeling and/or destroying the
Product (and, where applicable, any products with which the Product has been packaged, consolidated or
commingled), taxes, tariffs, fees, fines or penalties imposed upon WFM, expedited shipping for replacement
product, refunds or settlement amounts paid to customers and WFM’s cost of unsold Products.

6.               Pricing and Payment. Prices of the Products will be set forth on the Purchase Order. Unless
otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, the payment terms shall be the terms set forth in the Supplier
Application and the due date of each payment shall be calculated from the date of delivery. The date of delivery
shall be the date Products are actually received at the “Ship To” address.

7.              Indemnification.

(a)               Supplier will indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Indemnitee (defined below) and hereby
releases the Indemnitee from and against any and all Losses (defined below) caused in whole or in part by or
arising from (i) the negligence, recklessness or willful misconduct of Supplier or any of Supplier’s employees,
agents or third parties involved in the supply and/or production of the Supplier’s product; (ii) Supplier’s failure to
comply with any domestic or foreign federal, state, provincial or local law, regulation or ordinance; (iii) the
presence or activities of Supplier or any of its employees or agents at any premises owned or operated by WFM;
(iv) the failure of a Supplier product to comply with any claim or representation on its label or the failure of a
Supplier product label to disclose information about the product including but not limited to information about
allergens; (v) any third party claim or complaint about a Supplier product; (vi) any Supplier product recall,
withdrawal or safety notice; (vii) any claim that a Supplier product (or the use thereof whether alone or in
combination with any other product or service) infringes upon or constitutes an unauthorized use of any patent,
copyright, trademark, service mark, trade secret or other intellectual property right; or (viii) the termination by
any certifying agent of authorization to use their certifying mark. If the root cause of an adulteration discovered
after delivery of a Supplier product shipment to the Delivery Point is attributable to the production, processing or
packing of the products in the product shipment prior to delivery or the condition of the container at the time of
delivery, then the adulteration will be regarded as having existed prior to the time of the acceptance of the
product shipment.

(b)                The obligation to indemnify set forth in this agreement includes an obligation to indemnify Whole
Foods Market, Inc. and all its direct and indirect affiliates and each of their shareholders, members, managers,
general and limited partners and other owners, their officers, directors, employees, agents, consultants and other
representatives (in each case, an “Indemnitee”). The term “Losses” means losses suffered by an Indemnitee and
all claims against an Indemnitee for losses including but not limited to those relating to bodily injury, personal
injury, illness, death, property damage or loss (including real and personal property whether owned or leased, and
including loss of use), damages, liabilities, demands, liens, encumbrances, causes of action, obligations, costs and
expenses including those relating to inspections, testing and product analysis, labour, publishing notices, storing,
packaging, handling, transporting, re-labeling and/or destroying the product, refunds, WFM’s cost of unsold
products, judgments, fines, fees, interest, awards or settlement amounts, reasonable attorneys fees, court costs
and other costs of defense, and all claims that might be brought by (or losses suffered by) spouses, heirs, survivors
or legal representatives, successors and assigns.

(c)              WFM will have the option of investigating and negotiating a settlement of customer complaints
and, where appropriate, of selecting counsel and controlling the defense of third party claims unless Supplier
notifies WFM that its insurance provider has accepted the claim in which case WFM shall have a right to
participate in the investigation and settlement of complaints and to approve any choice of counsel and to
participate in the settlement or defense. Supplier agrees to reimburse WFM for reasonable expenses (including
reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs) associated with investigating and settling or
litigating claims as those expenses are incurred if the claim is subject to indemnification under this agreement.

8.               Insurance. Supplier shall obtain and maintain the insurance required by its WFM regional
representative (the “Insurance Coverage”). The Insurance Coverage will be written by insurers in good standing
that are licensed and admitted to do business in the locations where the Products are to be sold and the
Insurance Coverage will be written on an occurrence basis by an insurance company classified by A M Best as a
Class IV or larger with a Financial Strength Rating of at least A, A-. Supplier will supply WFM with a Certificate of
Insurance confirming that (i) Whole Foods Market, Inc., and its subsidiaries are listed as additional insureds on all
policies (other than Workers’ Compensation) on a primary and noncontributory basis and (ii) that the insurer will
endeavour to give WFM not less than 30 calendar days’ written notice prior to any cancellation, non-renewal or
restrictive modification of the Insurance Coverage, The Certificate of Insurance will identify all policy exclusions
applicable to the Insurance Coverage and any Self Insured Retention.

9.                Governing Law. The relationship of the parties hereto and all claims arising out of or related to
that relationship, including, but not limited to, the construction and interpretation of this agreement, will be
governed by the substantive laws of the State of Texas. The parties consent to venue in and the jurisdiction of
the courts located in Austin, Travis County, Texas and acknowledge that these courts are proper and convenient
forums. This is not an exclusive forum selection clause, however, to the fullest extent permitted by law, if an
action is filed in the appropriate court in Austin, Travis County, Texas the parties waive any right to object to
jurisdiction or venue in such court and waive any right to a jury trial.

10.              Miscellaneous. This agreement supersedes all prior oral and written agreements between
Supplier and WFM concerning the production and purchase of products. Any signature delivered by electronic
mail or facsimile will be treated as an original. This agreement shall be effective as of the date of execution by
Supplier and shall continue in effect with respect to all Products purchased or ordered by WFM from Supplier
prior to the receipt of written notice of its revocation by WFM. Notice of acceptance of this agreement is waived
by Supplier. The terms in this agreement may not be modified or waived except in writing. A waiver of any
provision of the agreement by a party will only apply to the occurrence involved and will not be construed as a
continuing waiver. Failure or delay by a party to enforce this agreement will not be construed as a waiver. If any
provision of this agreement is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it will be severed from the remainder of the
agreement, and the remainder of this agreement will be enforced. Headings will not affect the construction of
this agreement. Supplier is a sophisticated business with access to counsel and agrees that every provision of this
agreement will be construed simply according to its fair meaning and not strictly for or against Supplier.


Name of Business: ________________________

Address: _______________________________


Dated: _________________________________

By: ____________________________________

Printed Name: ___________________________

Title: __________________________________
Version 1.3

Endeavoring to serve our suppliers and help the environment via paperless processing, Whole Foods Market Canada
is pleased to offer electronic funds transfer (EFT) to our supplier community. It is our goal to make electronic payments
our primary method for generating payments. Please fill out and return the attached form at your earliest convenience
to ensure timely payment.

Among the benefits to participants in the EFT payment process:
 1. No charge from WFM to the supplier
 2. Payment transit directly to your bank account
 3. Improved security
 4. No lost cheques

EFT payments are processed daily (Mon-Fri and in accordance with related payment terms) for deposit to your bank
account the following day. The day prior to funding, we will submit an Excel spreadsheet to your preferred e-mail
address with detailed payment information.

Requirements for EFT enrollment:
 1. Valid Canadian bank account
 2. Single remit address per supplier
 3. Valid e-mail address (presently only one email acct is possible)
 4. Ability to accept Excel spreadsheets via email

Please complete the attached EFT vendor set-up form including signature and return to your WFM contact.
Attaching banking information on company letterhead will verify the request. This EFT form is also intended to
be used for related EFT payment information updates.

                             Supplier Name
                           Supplier Number
                          Supplier Address
                        Supplier Phone/Fax
                 Supplier AR Contact Name
            Supplier Contact E-Mail Address
         Bank Name (Processing "Institution")
                              Bank Address
                                Bank Phone
                            Bank Account #
                           Bank ID (4 digits)
                         Branch ID (5 digits)

                Account Type (Indicate with X)
                         Business Checking
                         Personal Checking
                          Personal Savings

In compliance with local laws and NACHA Operating Rules, Whole Foods Market may initiate an entry (referred to as a Reversing Entry) to
correct an erroneous credit or debit previously initiated to the account denoted above. Per NACHA Operating Rules, a reversing entry must be
transmitted to the Receiving ACH Operator in such a time as to be transmitted or made available to the RDFI by midnight of the fifth banking day
following the Settlement Date of the erroneous entry. An erroneous entry is defined per NACHA Operating Rules as an entry that (1) is a
duplicate of an entry previously initiated; (2) orders payment to or from a Receiver not intended to be credited or debited; or (3) orders payment in
a dollar amount different than was intended by Payer. Whole Foods Market will notify the Receiver of the reversing entry and the reason for the
reversing entry no later than the Settlement Date of the reversing entry. The relationship of the parties hereto and all claims arising out of or
related to that relationship, including, but not limited to, the construction and interpretation of any written agreements, including this ACH
Application Form, will be governed by the substantive laws of the State of Texas (without regard to conflicts of law principles).

This ACH Application Form is performable and enforceable in Travis County, Texas. The parties agree and consent to the jurisdiction of the state
and federal courts located in Austin, Travis County, Texas and acknowledge that such courts are proper and convenient forums for the resolution
of any actions between the parties and agree that, in such case, these courts will be the sole and exclusive forums for the resolution of any
actions between the parties. Any signature delivered by electronic mail or facsimile will be treated for all purposes as an original.

    Authorized Signature (Company Officer)
Version 1.3

Information for potential Suppliers regarding WFM's expectations for electronic
exchange of item catalogues, cost files, purchase orders, invoices and payments.

The following are WFM's expectations regarding electronic communication of information. WFM
is striving to reduce and where possible eliminate paper documentation and related exchanges.
To that end, we are continually enhancing our internal business systems to replace paper with
electronic documents. While this is still a work in progress, we believe the results will be mutually
beneficial to our suppliers and ourselves by streamlining the exchange of information between WFM
and our supplier community. If approved as a supplier, WFM will provide specific content and format
requirements and work with you to test and implement these communications.

Product Catalogues
WFM requires suppliers to upload product catalogues manually or via Excel spreadsheet through our
proprietary internet portal. Product catalogues must be maintained whenever changes occur and on a
regular schedule.

Cost Files
WFM requires suppliers to upload negotiated costs manually or via Excel spreadsheet through our
proprietary internet portal. Both regular and promotional costs must be provided. Costs must be
confirmed and/or updated through the internet portal on a regular schedule.

Purchase Orders
WFM prefers suppliers to be able to receive Purchase Orders sent electronically from WFM. WFM
has the ability to send PO's in a variety of ways including fax, email and direct files transmission.
WFM requires one invoice per PO and for WFM's PO number to be referenced on the supplier
invoice. WFM leverages various methods of communicating PO's including DVO and IRMA. Please
contact your WFM representative for additional information in these areas.

Invoices must accompany all deliveries and must reference a PO number provided by WFM. Invoice
numbers must be numerical and unique. WFM encourages all suppliers to send invoices to us
electronically to streamline the cost validation and payment processes.

WFM offers Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to our suppliers at no charge. Suppliers who sign up for
this service will have payments made directly to their bank account and receive an email notification
of payment details preceding each electronic payment.
Version 1.3

In order to facilitate the process by which WFM collects information to prepare your items for ordering
and retail, we require each of our suppliers (vendors) to maintain item catalogs with complete and
accurate item information and timely cost information in our Vendor Internet Portal (VIP).
    Properly maintaining your item catalog in VIP is necessary for:
       ·     Communicating cost updates and margin management
       ·     Creating accurate Purchase Orders
       ·     Visibility of all available items

Before any item can be ordered, it must be presented and accepted by the appropriate buyer
and set up in our systems.

      To start the VIP enrollment process, please provide the names and associated information for the
      people in your company who will be responsible for providing and maintaining Cost Files for Whole
      Foods Market Canada through the VIP. Upon receipt, an onboard request for VIP will be initiated.

              Company Name

                                  First/Last Name                   Email Address                  Tel #
              Primary Contact
         Secondary Contact

The onboard request to VIP will be submitted to our national office and they will email the contacts
provided with instructions and information on how to create and maintain your VIP Cost File. They
will create an account for you in the VIP with usernames for the people you have listed above, and will
be available to answer any questions and guide you through the set up process.

Please note that cost file maintenance is a monthly requirement and the contact(s) provided
will be responsible for updating the cost file as needed every month or certifying that the cost
information has not changed. This will ensure accurate costs and also communicate to us that
the contact information for your company is still current.
Version 1.3

This documentation is used by Whole Foods Market Canada to review a new or existing local supplier.
Please provide a copy of ALL documentation including any plans to address any deficiencies.

                  Supplier Name
                  Phone Number
         Owner/Manager Name
              Hours of Operation
                    WFM Buyer
              WFM Region/Store

Section 1 – Quality Standards, Capabilities, Processes

1.01   Are all ingredients and sub-ingredients in the products to be sold
                                                                                          Yes        No
at WFM compliant with the WFM quality standards?

·       Access to Standards - Our ingredient standards are shared                       WFM Vendor Portal
confidentially with our suppliers via our online vendor portal.                Login: "vendor"   Password: "wholefoods"

·       Changes to Standards - Our ingredient standards may change, and
we will post a change log, which documents all changes to our ingredient
standards, on the vendor portal. It is each vendor’s responsibility to check
that list at least quarterly and ensure their products’ ongoing compliance
with our standards.
·      Unreviewed Ingredients and Additives - You may find that an
ingredient in your product is not listed, which indicates that it has not
been reviewed by our Quality Standards Team. Unreviewed ingredients
and additives are not acceptable in our products. To initiate the review of
an unreviewed ingredient and additives, you should work with your WFM
·     For More Information - Because of the large number of vendors
supplying our company, our Quality Standards Team is unable to accept
unsolicited inquiries from vendors. Instead, we ask that you work with
your WFM buyer to answer any questions you may have.

1.02     Do you have a shelf life analysis report done for each perishable
                                                                                          Yes        No
product sold?

·    A letter from an accredited lab with suggested shelf life is strongly
recommended for all perishable items with a shelf life longer than 7 days.
·      The shelf life assigned should be based on good scientific data.
1.03      Do you have finished product testing done? (Independent lab or
                                                                               Yes   No
state obtained samples)

·      Finish product testing is highly recommended for all high-risk
·      Some state agencies may pick up samples for regular testing such
as in fluid milk and dairy products.

1.04    If providing perishable food, do you have the necessary
                                                                               Yes   No
equipment to produce and hold at safe temperatures?

·      You must have the cooking, cooling and cold holding capacity for
the product that is being made.
·      If volume exceeds capacity, adjustments must be made more
equipment added.
·      All products must be handled safely from production to delivery
and merchandising.
·      Cold chain tracking (i.e. temperature logs in the facility and
transportation vehicles) should be used at all times.

1.05      How will the products be delivered to the stores: direct to the
stores, through the WFM distribution system or other? Please specify.

·     Please explain how the product will be delivered to the store.
·     If delivering cold product, it must be delivered under temperature
control through refrigeration or other effective method.
·     Please explain how traceability and cold chain integrity will be

1.06      How many stores will you be supplying?

·      Provide a list of stores you are or will be supplying.

1.07      Provide a list of products produced and production capabilities

·     Provide a list and the possible amount of product that you may
produce safely without exceeding your production capacity.

Section 2 – Food Safety and Legal Compliance

2.01      Do you produce your products in an owner-operated facility?          Yes   No

·     If this is an owner operated facility, the supplier must complete this
questionnaire and attach or provide all supporting documents.

2.02     Do you use an off-site facility or co-packer to produce, store or
                                                                               Yes   No
hold product? If yes, provide information.

·     The supplier must provide information on any facility being used to
process, package, or store the product for WFM.
·     The supplier and/or facility must assume responsibility for
compliance with all requirements set forth including liability and
insurance indemnification.

2.03     Do you have a recall system/procedure in place including mock
                                                                                       Yes      No

·      Please provide the date of last mock recall:
·      Any supplier producing items for sale at WFM must be able to
recall any item that may have been adulterated, mislabeled, misbranded or          CFIA Recall Information
otherwise affected. For more information, please visit:
·      Have the supplier or operator demonstrate or share their history of
mock recall test.
·      Have the supplier or operator demonstrate compliance with
traceability requirements.

2.04     Do you have Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) or Good
                                                                                       Yes      No
Agricultural Practices (GAPs) implemented in the facility or field?

·     A supplier should take every precaution along the way to ensure
they have a safe product in the end. Good Manufacturing Practices and
Good Agricultural Practices are an industry standard to follow.

·      Canadian Food Inspection Agency Good Agricultural Practices:            CFIA Agricultural Best Practices

2.05     Do you provide food safety training for all food employees?                   Yes      No

·    It is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure that all food
employees are properly trained in the safe handling of food, Good
Manufacturing Practices and HACCP where appropriate.

2.06     Do you have a written employee illness policy?                                Yes      No

·      It is the responsibility of the supplier to have a written employee
illness policy.
·      Employee illness is the number one cause of food borne illness.

2.07     Do you participate in third party auditing?                                   Yes      No

·      A supplier that participates in a third party audit system is a lower
risk than one that doesn’t.
·      All suppliers participating in third party audits should make the
reports available for review by authorized WFM Team Members.

2.08     Do you have all required regulatory permits?                                  Yes      No

·    All permits must be current and in good standing or the product will
become misbranded and detainable. If a supplier goes out of business, the
product also becomes misbranded and cannot be offered for sale.

2.09     Do you have all official audits/inspections available for review?             Yes      No
·      It is important to be able to verify that the products being produced
in the facility are safe and the facility or operation are in good standing
with regulatory agencies.

2.10      Do you have the required insurance for your products?                            Yes        No

·      We request all WFM supplier partners to carry insurance. The type
of coverage and amount depends on a product's risk level. Please check
with your WFM contact to get specific insurance requirements. Whole
Foods Market, Inc. and its subsidiaries must be named as an additional
insured by endorsement to your insurance policy. We will request a copy
of the endorsement with your certificate of insurance on an annual basis.

2.11       If providing organic product, do you have the necessary
                                                                                     Yes         No        N/A

·      Visit the CFIA site for more information:                               CFIA Organic Certification Information

Section 3 – Labeling Compliance

3.01    Are labels in compliance with ingredient and nutrition
                                                                                           Yes        No

·       Visit the CFIA Packaging & Labeling site for more information:         CFIA Packaging & Labeling Guidelines

·     If you are disclosing nutritional information, you must have an
accredited lab or use other industry standards to generate the information.

·      If you make any health claims (“low fat”, “fat free” etc.), they must
be in compliance with the Canada Law.

3.02    Are all allergens disclosed on the labels in accordance with
                                                                                     Yes         No        N/A
Canada Law?

·      Canada regulations require that ALL major food allergens be
clearly identified on the label.
·       For CFIA allergen risk management information:                                  CFIA Allergen Site

3.03      Are all ingredients and sub-ingredients clearly identified in
                                                                                           Yes        No
English / French on the label?

·      All product sold in Canada must have all information at minimum
in the English and French languages. This also includes the name and              CFIA Language Requirements
address of distributor or manufacturer.

3.04     Are any naturally occurring or potential physical hazards present
                                                                                           Yes        No
that should be disclosed to the consumer? (pits, husk, stones, etc.)

·      Disclosing hazards such as pits, seeds, bones, or other common
items found in the product may reduce liability and insurance claims.

3.05       Are any organic label claims made or icons used?                          Yes         No        N/A
·     Supplier must be in compliance with the National Standards of
                                                                                     CFIA Organic Standards
Canada for Organic Agriculture. Please visit:
·     Products which only identify organic ingredients in the
“ingredients:_____” listing, but do not use the word “organic” elsewhere
on the label, are not subject to this requirement.

3.06      If the products are un-pasteurized juices, do they prominently
                                                                                     Yes         No        N/A
display the consumer advisory statement on the label?

·      CFIA unpasteurized juice labeling requirements:                         CFIA Unpasteurized Juice Information

3.07      If your products are perishable or temperature sensitive, does the
                                                                                     Yes         No        N/A
label state “Keep Refrigerated” or “Keep Frozen”?

·    It is important to have clear instructions for the retailer and

3.08     Do any of the products require Country of Origin claims?                    Yes         No        N/A

·      For more information visit the CFIA COOL site:                                      CFIA COOL Site

3.09     Does the product label have a clear code date and/or other recall
                                                                                           Yes        No
information applied? Provide an example.

·       All items must have easily identifiable information on each
individual retail package or bulk container to ensure that if a recall is
initiated, the product can be identified and pulled.
· The identification system used on the package must be permanent in
nature and have the required information to trace back the item to a
production lot or batch.

Section 4 - Elevated Risk Level

4.01     All meat and poultry products must go through the WFM
National Meat Purchasing Office in addition to the WFM Regional

4.02     All seafood products must go through the WFM Global Seafood
Purchasing Team in addition to the WFM Regional Coordinator.

4.03    All wild mushrooms products must go through the WFM
Produce Team in addition to the Regional Coordinator.

4.04     * Does the facility use a reduced oxygen or vacuum type
                                                                                           Yes        No
package for its product?

·     Reduced oxygen packaging has been implicated in many food
borne illness outbreaks including some caused by Clostridium Botulinum .
·      Facility must have a HACCP plan to control the hazards associated
                                                                                CFIA Food Safety Information
with this type of packaging. For more information:

4.05     *Is this a low acid canned food? (pH > 4.6 and water activity >
                                                                                      Yes      No

·     Low acid can foods (LACF) have been implicated in many food
borne illness outbreaks including some caused by Clostridium Botulinum .

·      For information pertaining to LACF, go to:                              CFIA Low Acid Food Guidelines

4.06     *Is this an un-pasteurized juice?                                            Yes      No

·      Un-pasteurized juices have been implicated in many foodborne
illness outbreaks including some caused by E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella

·      For more information pertaining to juice, go to:                     CFIA Unpasteurized Juice Information

4.07     *Does the product have an extended shelf life? (especially
                                                                                      Yes      No
perishable items)

·      Different processes such as high pressure pasteurization and heat
pasteurization require a rigorous program in place in order to ensure
·      Provide a lab analysis report to back up the date.

4.08     * Are these products sprouts? (see WFM sprout standards)                     Yes      No

·     Spouts have been implicated in many food borne illness outbreaks
including some caused by E. coli . and Listeria Monocytogenes

·     Sprout production require a program of constant surveillance by
·      For more information on Sprout Safety, go to:                           CFIA Sprout Safety Information

4.09     *Is this a baby food product?                                                Yes      No

·      Baby foods and formulas can be a very high-risk area. Third party
auditing and consultation is necessary to ensure quality systems and safe
guards are in place.
·      Ingredients must be source verified to ensure safety.

4.10     *Is this a dairy or cheese product?                                          Yes      No

·    Dairy and cheese products must comply with regulatory standards.
They must have the proper license and food safety practices.

·     We only accept raw milk cheeses aged 60 days or more.
·     We need a copy of finished products testing or state samples to
ensure safety.
· Dairy / cheese product regulatory documents:                                                    CFIA Dairy Regulations

4.11     *Are you declaring that the product is free from a specific
                                                                                                      Yes        No
allergen (gluten, dairy, soy, egg, etc.)?

·      The facility must have an allergen control plan in place.
·      The facility should conduct initial allergen screening on all
products and random allergen testing after that to ensure adherence to
tolerance levels.
·      The employees must have been well trained on allergen control in
their facility.

4.12     *Are these perishable ready-to-eat products (bulk or pre-
                                                                                                      Yes        No

·     Ensure that the facility has a strong HACCP plan and verification
documents for cooking temperatures, cooling temperatures, holding and
·     Ensure the package is labeled accordingly and has lot information
included on both bulk and pre-packed.

4.13   Are any of the products being provided sold or re-packed in
                                                                                                      Yes        No
WFM brand containers or out of an in-store bulk display?

·      These should be screened carefully and additional precautions
taken. These would pose a greater liability to WFM.
·      Ensure that there is shelf life verification and finished product

4.14     Have your products ever been implicated in a food borne illness
                                                                                                      Yes        No

·     A history of food borne illness outbreak could be caused by a poor
food safety management structure. Ensure that all corrective actions have
been made and no pending investigations are in operation.

4.15      Have your products ever been the subjects of a Class 1 Recall?                              Yes        No

·      A History of recall should be studied and corrective actions
verified for compliance prior to allowing product into the WFM product

4.16      Are these Minimally Processed Ready-to-Eat Vegetables?                                      Yes        No

·      Please see CFIA guidelines:                                                        CFIA Minimally Processed Vegetables

*Note: These high-risk areas require a supplier to have a very detailed HACCP plan (in some cases an allergen control plan) and a
history of compliance. It is required that such suppliers be carefully reviewed including a third party audit prior to approval for sale
within WFM

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