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									Sigmafine Future
 Development Plan
              The Plan
Immediate Value
 Add short-term high value components
 Build a toolset for future development
Full Integration
 Enhance toolset
 Tighter integration with other PI products
Continued Enhancements
 Additional applications
 Additional solvers
       Immediate Value
Bug fixing of existing components
Improved interfacing (PI & UDA)
SF-SDK (Existing Sigmafine Data)
Sigmafine Excel add in
Embedded reconciliation
          Existing Sigmafine3

                  Crystal Rpts       CompTrac

    PI             Reporting        Relational DB

PI Interface                          Migrate

 PI Interface     Yield Acctng        Migrate

  Scripting      Graphic Model       Reporting

Reconciliation    VCF     UOM        Strapping

                 Velocis Database
             Sigmafine & PI Systems

                          User Apps

   Modeling         Yield Acct.      Eng. Apps   Trans.Log

     Process Book                    Excel          VBA

          PI-SDK                    SF-SDK        Strapping
PI Systems      Reconciliation        CompTrac      VCF
     PI            PI-UDA         PI-Batch   PI-Module DB

   LIMS             PHD            ERP           Custom
 Sigmafine Software Developers Kit

SF-SDK version 1.0
 Provide standard interface to
 existing Sigmafine data model and
 PI Module DB
 Implement Sigmafine model
 Provide balance methods for
 Datafine and Composition Tracking
 Sigmafine Excel Add-in
PI-Datalink for Sigmafine
Object searching
Object attributes
Higher level queries
SF Excel Add-in – Object Attribute
SF Excel Add-in – Unit Balance Reports
   Embedded Sigmafine
Ability to do reconciliation from
Process Book
Online unit balancing
Rolling reconciliation period
Sigmafine & Process Book
Sigmafine & Process Book
       Full Integration
SF-SDK (PI Module DB)
Strapping Component
Unit of Measure Component
Integrated with PI Server Applications
New Modeling Tools (Graphic & Tree)
Transfer logging application
Industry Independence
      Strapping Component

An open component accessible from
 PI, PB, VBA, etc.
 Strapping Tables
 Polynomial Equations
 ASTM standard calculations
    Unit of Measure Component

An open component accessible from
 PI, PB, VBA, etc.
 API standard conversions
 Unit to Unit (lb to kg)
 Dimension to Dimension (Mass to
 Volume correction
 Customizable (table driven)
   Transfer logging application

Provide means of logging Transactions
and Movements in a process plant
Essential element in daily reconciliation
cycle (gross errors)
     Transfer logging application

Enables you:
  To improve your information flow
  To efficiently log the material transfer
     Accurately calculate the quantity
     Reduce paperwork
     Reduce entry errors
     Lesser chance of gross errors
  To create an accurate overview of plant
  transfers to feed you ERP
    Transfer logging application

• Transparently integrated in PI
• Operates with and without Sigmafine
• Connection with your DCS or
• Security features to control access
• Web interface
     Industry Independence

User Definable Attributes
Balance Any Attribute
New Balances
  Inequality (constraint)
Continued Enhancements
Additional applications
  Meter Maintenance
  Cost Analysis
New solvers
  Batch Balancing
  Automatic measurement adjustments
  New scientific methods
       The Execution
More Development Effort
Shared Development with other OSI
Beta Test Programs
Migration Paths
Sigmafine Future
   Begins Now

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