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     Microsoft Excel 95 Exercise: Pivot Table
 1   Save this file into your folder (click the File menu, select Save As, open your folder, click Save).
 2   Click the Data tab and select all the data.
 3   Click the Data menu and select Pivot Table.
 4   Click Next two times to get to Step 3 of the Pivot Table wizard.
 5   Drag Sales to Data, Type to Column, Month to Row and Sales Person to Page.
 6   Click Finish.
 7   Choose different people from the Sales Person menu and view the changes.
 8   Double-click Type, Month or Sales Person and change to Row, Column or Page.
 9   Repeat several times to see several different views of the data.
10   Select Sum of Sales.
11   Click the Pivot Table Field button and select Average (or Max or Min).
12   Click Number, click Currency and click OK two times to format sales numbers as currencies.
13   Change one of the sales figures on the Data sheet and click the Refresh Data (!) button.
14   Double-click the Sheet1 tab and rename it to Pivot Table.
15   Make sure one field is a Page field and click the Show Pages button.
16   Save your changes using Ctrl-S and close the workbook.

                                                      Page 1

Month      Type        Sales Person   Sales
January    Dairy       Evans               4356
January    Dairy       Smith               4503
January    Produce     Jones               5021
January    Beverages   Barker              2340
January    Produce     Evans               2097
February   Dairy       Barker              1120
February   Beverages   Smith               5032
February   Produce     Jones               6032
February   Dairy       Evans               1203
March      Produce     Jones               2045
March      Beverages   Smith               4501
March      Dairy       White               1204
March      Produce     Barker              3494
March      Dairy       Peterson            5032

                                              Page 2

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