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									Psalm 1
                                                        4 Not so those guilty of sin and hostile to
1 I advance, make progress, and go straight             Jahuwah;4 they are like the squeezer,
on1 because I habitually depart, move away              extortioner, or oppressor which the Spirit
from and live not in the purposes,                      puts to flight like my enemies.
conspiracies, or advice of those guilty of sin
and hostile to Jahuwah, nor do I attend upon            5 Therefore those guilty of sin and hostile to
or station myself in the road, path, direction,         Jahuwah shall not stand justified in the
habits, or course of life of those exposed to           judgment, nor those who have missed the
condemnation and reckoned as offenders                  Way in the gathering of those who have
because they missed the goal or path of right           been made lawful.
and duty and need purification from
uncleanness, nor do I dwell, remain, sit,               6 For Jahuwah makes himself known5 and
abide, or assemble in the assembly with                 reveals himself as the Way6 to those who
those having open disrespect or willful                 have been made lawful, but the course of
disobedience to Jahuwah’s laws, statutes,               life of those guilty of sin and hostile to
precepts and judgments; or, consider                    Jahuwah shall be exterminated.
Jahuwah worthy only of being despised and
rejected or as lacking value or merit; or,              Daniel 1
discarded or reject as useless Jahuwah with
jeering laughter or ridicule. 2 My pleasure,            17 Jahuwah has given me knowledge and
delight, and longing are in the Deuteronomic            skill in all learning and wisdom, and I have
or Mosaic Law, prophetic teachings,                     understanding in all kinds of visions and
instruction in the Messianic age, body of               dreams. None is found like me therefore I
priestly direction or instruction, or body of           am assigned to stand before great men.
legal directives of Jahuwah, and on His body
of legal and prophetic directives I habitually          20 In all matters of wisdom and
muse, mutter, meditate, and speak both day              understanding I am found ten times better
and night.2                                             than all the learned men who are in this
                                                        whole realm.
3 I am like a tree firmly planted by the
channel or canal of refreshment, ready to               Daniel 2
deliver up, report, mention, and utter, the
fruit that I have been given, had bestowed              Blessed be the name of Jahuwah forever and
upon me, been provided with, or had                     ever! For wisdom and might are His! 21 He
entrusted to or assigned to me as the                   changes the times and the seasons; He
occasion requires; I excel and ascend                   removes kings and sets up kings. He gives
because I am not senseless or foolish3; and             wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those
everything I set my hand to prospers and is             who have understanding! 22 He reveals the
                                                           Everything those guilty of sin and hostile to
                                                        Jahuwah set their hand to falls apart and doesn’t
  This is what “blessed” means.                         prosper.
2                                                       5
  This is the antithesis of what is immediately above     When Jahshuwah said in John 14:21, “The person
it. Those in the assembly David refused to assemble     who has My commands and keeps them is the one
with were doing exactly the opposite. They were/are     who [really] loves Me; and whoever [really] loves
openly disrespectful and disobedient of Jahuwah’s       Me will be loved by My Father, and I [too] will love
Word. Let us not let that be us. Let us be like David   him and will show (reveal, manifest) Myself to him.
and refuse to assemble in that assembly.                [I will let Myself be clearly seen by him and make
   Mat. 5:16, “You are this world’s truth and its       Myself real to him.]” he may have been thinking
knowledge, together with the spiritual purity           about this Psalm and affirming it.
associated with it…”                                      In John 14:6 Jahshuwah said, “I am the Way…”
deep and secret things; He knows what is in     against me. 2 Many are saying of me, there
the darkness, and the light dwells with Him!    is no salvation, deliverance, welfare, victory,
23 I thank You and praise You, O Mighty         or prosperity (Jahshuwah) for him in the
One of my fathers, Who has given me             Mighty Creator. Pause, and calmly think of
wisdom and might and has made known to          that!
me what I desire of You, for You have made
known to me the solution to my problem. 28      3 But You, O Jahuwah, are a shield that
There is a Mighty One in heaven Who             surrounds me, my riches and abundance, and
reveals Secrets                                 the lifter of my head.

4:25 I know and recognize that the Most         4 I cry out with a loud voice to Jahuwah,
High rules the kingdom of mankind and           and He hears and responds to me out of His
gives it to whomever He will.                   set-apart mountain. Pause, and calmly think
                                                of that!
Psalm 2
                                                5 I lay down and sleep; I wake up again, for
6-7 Jahuwah has installed and placed His        the Jahuwah revives me.
King firmly on His set-apart Mount Zion. 7 I
declare the decree of Jahuwah.                  6 I will not reverence or respect a large,
                                                indefinite number of people of the darkness
8 I ask of Jahuwah and He bestows upon me       who have stationed themselves to surround
the nations as my inheritance, and the          me.
inhabitants to the ends of the earth as my
possession by inheritance. I break them in      7 Raise yourself up, O Jahuwah; give the
pieces with the iron scepter of my authority;   victory to me, O my Mighty One! For You
I pulverize the results of their human          have inflicted heavy blows on the
activity. 10 Now therefore, O you kings,        cheekbones of those hostile to me; You have
give attention to, consider, and ponder; act    broken the teeth of those guilty of crimes
circumspectly, prudently, and wisely; be        against You.
instructed and warned, O you rulers and
judges of the earth. 11 Serve as subjects       8 Jahshuwah belongs to Jahuwah; Your
Jahuwah7 with reverent awe and worshipful       blessing be upon Your compatriots or
fear; rejoice8 and be in high spirits with      countrymen.9 Pause, and calmly think of
trembling lest you displease Him. 12 Be on      that!
fire for these Heirs; the members of this
class of people [pay homage to them in          Psalm 4
purity], lest they be displeased with you and
you be destroyed off the course of life, for    1 Answer me when I cry out, O Mighty One
soon shall their anger began to burn. I walk    of my deliverance, victory, and prosperity!
straight on, advance, and make progress         You have freed me when I was hemmed in
because I seek refuge and put my trust in       and enlarged me when I was in distress;
Jahuwah!                                        show me favor and agree with my prayer. 2
                                                O you sons of men, how long will you turn
Psalm 3                                         my riches and abundance; my shining
                                                splendour into disgrace? How long will you
1 Jahuwah, how they have become many            love emptiness and futility and desire after
who distress me! Many are they who rise up

7                                               9
    Rulers and kings to submit!                   Those who join to and associate with you closely
    It is a command to rejoice.                 learning your craft.
the deceptive thing? Pause, and calmly think         man so much as dwell temporarily with
of that!                                             You.

3 But be skilful in and have knowledge that          5 Those who speak with excessive pride can
Jahuwah has distinctly marked out for                have no standing in Your sight; You abhor
Himself him who is faithful to Him.                  all those who exert themselves in vain to do
   Jahuwah listens to and heeds when I call to       evil.
Him for help.
                                                     6 You will exterminate those who speak
4 Tremble and quake and sin not; speak with          lies; Jahuwah regards as an abomination and
your inner man upon your beds and be                 rejects the bloodthirsty and beguiling,
silent. Pause, and calmly think of that!             deceiving, misleading man.

5 Slaughter for sacrifice just and right             7 But as for me, I will enter the abode of
sacrifices; be bold, confident, and secure in        light through the abundance of Your
Jahuwah.                                             goodness, kindness, and faithfulness; I will
                                                     worship toward and at Your set-apart
6 Many say, Oh, that we might see pleasant,          temple11 in reverent fear and awe of You.
agreeable, and appropriate things! Lift up
the light of Your instruction upon us, O             8 Lead me, O Jahuwah, in the justice of
Jahuwah.                                             Your law because of my enemies; make
                                                     Your course of life smooth and straight
7 You have bestowed more joy and rejoicing           before my face.
in my heart than they know when their
wheat and new wine have yielded                      9 For there is nothing stable, secure, fixed,
abundantly.                                          or truthful in their talk; the seat of their
                                                     thoughts and emotions is a chasm of
8 In completeness, soundness, welfare,               destruction; their throat is a thrown open
peace, safety health, prosperity, and                tomb; they talk out of both sides of their
tranquility I lie down and sleep, for You,           mouth.
Jahuwah, alone make me dwell in safety and
confident trust; careless.                           10 Hold them guilty, O Mighty One; let
                                                     them fall by their own designs and counsels;
Psalm 5                                              banish them because of the multitude of
                                                     their transgressions, for they have rebelled
1 Give ear to my prayers, O Jahuwah, give            against You.
heed to my sighing and groaning. 2 Hear the
sound of my voice, my King and my Mighty             11 But let all those who take refuge and put
One, for to You do I pray.                           their trust in You rejoice; let them ever sing
                                                     and shout for joy, because You make a
3 At the break of day You hear my voice, O           covering over them and defend them; let
Jahuwah; at the break of day I arrange or
set in order a prayer for You and watch
and wait for You to speak to my heart.               11
                                                        Daniel did this. Daniel 6:10, “Now when Daniel
                                                     knew that the writing was signed, he went into his
4 For You are not a Mighty One Who takes             house, and his windows being open in his chamber
pleasure in wickedness; neither will the evil        toward Jerusalem, he got down upon his knees three
                                                     times a day and prayed and gave thanks before his
                                                     Mighty Creator, as he had done previously.” To “give
  If you want His mark on your head instead of the   thanks” is to express approval, commendation, or
“mark of the beast,” be faithful.                    admiration.
those also who love Your name be joyful in
You and be in high spirits.

12 For You, Jahuwah, praise the righteous in
conduct and character; as with a shield You
will surround him with pleasure, delight,
favor, goodwill, and acceptance.


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