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SASP Transaction Card Tool by 8nmAPV3


									      3         3                    1                     22                      15                  6

                    Transaction                                                         Ship to/
                    Code. P,F, N         NSN or MCN if no       Document number         Receipt from
                    shipments or R       NSN is available (13   specified in contract   DODAAC (6
DIC       RIC       receipts (1 digit)   digits)                section B (14 Digits)   Digits)
DSM       AGT       X                    XXXXXXXXXXXXX          XXXXXXXXXXXXXX          XXXXXX
                6             12               7                         5
                                                   Last 2 digits of
                                                   the calender year and
                  Weapon Serial    Owning          the julian day of the
Reporter          number (Max      DODAAC (6       year (5 Digits)
DODAAC (6 Digits) 11 Digits)       Digits)         Example 11021
XXXXXX            XXXXXXXXXXX      XXXXXX          XXXXX

                                                                             Export Data to Flat Text File (LOGSA
Data to Flat Text File (LOGSA Format)

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