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					                              University of New Brunswick
                                  Faculty of Business
                     BUSINESS DECISION ANALYSIS II (BA 2606 – 2B)
                                      Winter 2010
Instructor Information
Name               Rolyne Butler
Office location    253 Oland Hall
Office hours       Monday 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Phone              648-5537 (use email to contact me as this phone is not set up for voice mail)
Course Information
Course title       Business Decision Analysis II
Course number      BA 2606 (2B)
Course             Statistical techniques used in business situations: sampling theory, estimation, hypothesis
description        testing, inference, goodness-of-fit, analysis of variance, regression analysis.
Location           OH106
Meeting day(s)     Wednesday
Meeting time(s)    7:00 – 9:50 pm
Prerequisite(s)    BA 1605
                   Any student not having the stated course prerequisite(s) with a minimum grade of C will
                   be removed from this course after the last day to add classes.
                   All students are expected to be able to use a calculator, word processing (MS Word) and
                                                 spreadsheet software (MS Excel).
                   G. Keller, Statistics For Management And Economics (8th Edition), Thompson Publishing
Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct
                   University regulations applicable to all courses are described in the university calendar.
                   More specifically, please consult Section IX at pages B.44 of the 2005-2006 Undergraduate
                   Calendar. This information is also available in the online calendar at
                   A definition of academic misconduct includes:
                   Cheating (using unauthorized materials, information, or study aids in academic exercise)
                   plagiarism, falsification of records, unauthorized possession of examinations, intimidation
                   and any and all other actions that may improperly affect the evaluation of a student’s
                   academic performance or achievement, assisting others in any such act, or attempts to

Winter Term 2008
                   engage in such acts.

                   The regulations on plagiarism apply to all material submitted for a grade: essays, exams,
                   assignments, cases, presentations, quizzes, and practice set. Any case of suspected academic
                   misconduct will be reported to the campus registrar. If the student is found guilty of
                   academic misconduct there are both grade penalties and disciplinary penalties. Before there
                   is any intention (on your part) or suspicion (on my part or the part of your peers) of
                   wrongdoing, please see the instructor to discuss any problems of this nature. If your paper
                   closely resembles a paper from this class or any other class (either written by you or another
                   student, in this semester or any other), this will be considered an infraction of the academic
                   misconduct code.
Ethical Standards
                   The following behaviours are considered unethical:

                      1.   Telling the instructor that you “need” a certain grade
                      2.   Asking for extra assignments for the purpose of raising your grade
                      3.   Asking that the grade be raised because it is very close to the next higher grade
                      4.   Asking that the grade be raised because you did very well on one part of the course
                           or grading scheme
                      5.   Asking for a higher grade because you don’t like the grading scheme
                      6.   Asking to be allowed to turn in an assignment late - even a few minutes late -
                           because of computer or printer problems or any other reason
                      7.   Asking to be treated better than other students by making an exception to the rules
                      8.   Asking for any other unfair advantage in grading.


                      Multiple Attempts Limitation: UNB Saint John has recently changed its policy
                      concerning the number of times a student will be permitted to enroll in a course. In the
                      past, a withdrawal (W) was not counted as one of the three attempts permitted. Starting
                      with the Spring 2004 session, withdrawals are now included in the number of times a
                      student may enroll in a course. Therefore, students who have repeatedly withdrawn
                      from a course in the past may find that they are not able to register in the course again.
                      Students in this situation must complete and submit a permission and request form in
                      order to be considered for an additional attempt. The request must state in detail what
                      processes the student will implement to enhance his or her chances of success if
                      permitted to enroll in the course again. Submission of this request does not guarantee
                      admission to the course.
                      Attendance: A student must attend at least one class within the first six class hours,
                      unless arrangements have been made with the Faculty of Business. Failure to adhere to
                      this policy will result in removal from the class list. If a registered student has attended
                      class any time within the first six class hours and then decides to drop the course, it is
                      the student’s responsibility to have their name removed from the class list.

Winter Term 2008
                       Please refer to the University Calendar page B.37 section VI. (A) regarding other
                       attendance regulations or visit the online calendar at

                       Administrative removal due to not having met prerequisites: Students will be
                       administratively "dropped" from the course after the second week of the term, if they
                       have not fulfilled the prerequisite(s) for this course. "Students seeking advice or review
                       on this matter should complete a Permission and Request Form available outside the
                       Business Office for the Faculty of Business or online at
              " Online Advising".

                       Communication with students - In addition to the instructions regularly provided during
                       the class period, the instructor will make use of the UNB email system. Therefore, it is
                       your responsibility to activate your UNB email account. Mail from your university
                       account can be forwarded to another address. Also, at
                       this site you will find other numerous resources available to you. If you do not wish to
                       forward your email account then you can access your UNB account through the web.
                       Please visit the following location for web mail access

                       Unauthorized materials - Use of translation computers, programmable calculators or any
                       other form of programmable device is expressly forbidden in any quiz, test or
                       examination for this course. Use of and/or possession of such equipment during a quiz,
                       test or exam will be considered "Cheating" and a grade of "F" will be given for the
                       particular quiz, test or exam. Such cases will be assessed according to the procedures
                       outlined in Section IX page B.44 of the Undergraduate Calendar or visit the online
                       version at
                       Unauthorized photocopying of texts and published materials is an infringement of
                       copyright. No unauthorized photocopied texts or materials are permitted to be used in
                       the classroom or during open book examination.

                       Language - In accordance with the University Calendar, the language used during this
                       course is English. Only assignments, quizzes, test and exams recorded in English will be
                       graded. See the calendar for regulations concerning the use of French in special
Course Requirements
                   Assignments             20 % (late assignments will not be accepted)
                   Midterm Exam            30 % Wednesday February 17
                   Final Exam              50 % to be determined by the Registrar’s Office
Grading System
   HOW     Letter Grades: According to the University Calendar page B.41 or online at
GRADES ARE letter grades are
                   to be used for assigning the course grade. According to a Faculty of Business resolution (binding on all

Winter Term 2008
DETERMINED professors teaching within the Faculty of Business), all grades assigned during the course should be in terms
                    of letter grades, too. For your convenience, the letter grading system is also provided below. (THIS MEANS
                    ANYWHERE IN THIS COURSE.)
                    Course Grade: Your grade for the course consists of three items: midterm (30%), final (50%), and
                    homework (20%). The final grade is a weighted average of these three items.
                         Example: Imagine you get a B- (that is, 2.7 grade points) on the midterm, a C+ (that is, 2.3 grade
                         points) on the final, and a C (that is, 2.0 grade points) on homework. Your course grade would
                         therefore be:
                                 (2.7)(.3) + (2.3)(.5) + (2.0)(.2) = 2.33 = C+
                    Note, too, that an F counts for 0.0 grade points in the UNBSJ system.

                     A+ 4.3 excellent performance
                     A   4.0 excellent performance
                     A- 3.7 excellent performance
                     B+ 3.3 good performance
                     B   3.0 good performance
                     B- 2.7 good performance
                     C+ 2.3 Satisfactory performance
                     C   2.0 Satisfactory performance
                     D   1.0 less than satisfactory performance
                     F   0.0 Failure
                    Note: If you miss the midterm exam for an excused absence, the weight of your final exam will increase by
                    the weight of the missed exam. The instructor must be notified prior to your exam to discuss the acceptability
                    of your absence.

                                                     Class Schedule
Date                The following schedule is tentative and subject to change.
January 6           Chapter 10
January 13          Chapter 10 & 11
January 20          Chapter 11 & 12
January 27          Chapter 12 & 13
February 3          Chapter 13
February 10         Chapter 14
February 17         Midterm
February 24         Chapter 14
March 10            Chapter 15
March 17            Chapter 16
March 24            Chapter 16
March 31            Chapter 16 & 17
April 7             Chapter 17

Winter Term 2008

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