Editing Test Study Handout by eFTvs7


									                                Editing Test Study Handout

Fragments (FR):

Because we are the best, coolest people I know!

Whenever she comes into town.

Just whatever you want to do.

Subject/Verb Disagreement (SVD):

I was the only child in my family who were able to write well.

One of the soufflés were terrible tasting!

Whenever I go to town, I are happy to buy something sweet to eat.

Comma Splice (CSP):

I like to walk in Seoul, it makes me feel healthy.

Koreans are lovely people, they are always helpful.

Don’t look at me like that, go get your beer yourself!

Run-On Sentence (ROS):

If you go to school, you should study people who don’t study don’t learn much.

She went to the game she liked it a lot.

I love watermelon I eat it all the time.

Is the following a sentence or a fragment?


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