The Priory C of EP rimary School by os8lO1GE


									                                     JOB DESCRIPTION

POST TITLE:                             TLR 2 Lower Key Stage 2

The post holder is required to:

   Carry out the duties of a schoolteacher as set out in paragraphs 71-76 (inclusive)
    of the schoolteacher Pay and Conditions Document 2007.

   Carry out such particular duties which form part of Section 3 Paragraph 75 of the
    Document as the Head teacher may reasonably direct from time to time.

Role and Responsibility
Key Stage

   To be responsible for the administration of Key Stage 2 SATs.

   To be a member of the Management Team.

   To be a Performance Management Team Leader.

   To ensure high standards of teaching and learning and behaviour throughout
    Lower Key Stage 2.

   Monitoring the achievement of pupils in the Key Stage ensuring consistency,
    progression and continuity.

   To ensure that staff understand and are actively implementing the school’s Equal
    Opportunities and Behaviour Policy.

   To monitor planning and assessment in KS2.

Maths Co-ordinator

        Member of the Management Team.

        Review and monitor Maths Policy annually.

        Establish a scheme of work for Maths that is relevant to the needs and abilities
         of all pupils including those with Special Needs.

        Motivate pupils and staff by personal influence, enthusiasm and examples of
         good practice.

        Organise in-service training and development for staff in Maths and meet
         colleagues with similar responsibilities in other schools.

        Carry out subject audits and feedback to staff and SLT.

        Monitor stands across the school in this subject area through observations,
         audits of planning, assessment and target setting.

        Monitor continuity and progression between the year groups and Key Stage 1
         and Key Stage 2.

        Contribute to the development of methods of assessment for children in Maths
         throughout the school.

        Analyse teacher assessment; set targets and manage maths support for
         highlighted groups of children.

        Keep up to date with current information and research by attending courses,
         workshops and through personal reading.

        Establish a yearly action plan which specifies Maths targets for the School
         Improvement Plan.

        Manage a budget for the curriculum area and prioritise the expenditure of this
         budget according to need within the school.

        Plan special events to support Maths in school eg. Maths Week

        Inform parents of curriculum initiatives and practice throughout the school by
         means of letter, curriculum meetings and workshops.

        Update Governors of developments by contributing to the School
         Improvement Plan, speaking at governors meetings and involving Governors
         in working parties.

        Liaise with the Borough advisers and outside agencies that can offer support to
         the curriculum area.


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