Analyzes the influence of mass media on body composition

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					                       9.2 Body Composition                                                         Name __________________

                        Fully meeting expectations, with    Fully meeting grade level       Mostly meeting grade level      Not yet meeting grade level
                        enriched understanding (EU)         expectations (FM)               expectations (MM)               expectations (NY)
Determines the          Provides insightful and             Provides thoughtful             With assistance, provides       Provides sketchy and
safety of a publicly    perceptive examples which           examples which                  relevant but general            ineffective examples which
promoted option for     demonstrate a deep                  demonstrate understanding       examples of understanding of    show a lack of understanding
managing weight         understanding of safety in          of safety in managing           safety in managing weight       of safety in managing weight
and body                managing weight and body            weight and body                 and body composition. More      and body composition. Much
composition             composition.                        composition.                    time needs to be spent          more time needs to be spent
                                                                                            seeking clarification about     clarifying limits for safety.
                                                                                            aspects of safety, weight and
                                                                                            body composition.
Analyzes the            Key points are insightful,          Key points are logical,         Key points are generally        Key points are vague. Much
influence of mass       memorable and clearly               credible, and well organized.   organized with assistance.      more time needs to be spent
media on body           organized. There is a deep          There is a solid                More time needs to be spent     clarifying what mass media is
composition             understanding of the influence of   understanding of the            reviewing mass media            and how it aims to impact its
                        mass media.                         influence of mass media.        examples and what they tell     audience.
                                                                                            people watching them.


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